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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
This is the kind of evil that can ruin houses and castles. They can prevent the people from getting the fruits of their hard work and cause a lot of damage. This devil has a very horrifying appearance and its teeth are as big as an elephant’s tusks. Its hair resembles the coconut coir, its eyes are like a fire ball, it emanates smoke from its mouth and nose and its voice is alike to thunder.
These witches devastate houses; they make human dwellings desolate, they kill kids; they try to mislead people by evil thoughts; they cause miscarriage; they create misunderstandings between married couples; they cause hurdles in the work of businessmen; they try to spoil the righteous people; they ruin flowers and crops; they contaminate water and eat the bone marrow of human beings, thereby making them physically weak.
They get inside human bodies and run about like the blood in the veins. They can camouflage to deceive people in numerous ways. They like donkeys; they like camels; they like wolves; they bark like dog; they cry like cats; they hiss like snakes and they roar like lions. They are known to harm kids frequently


1 The victim gets thinner and thinner by each passing day.
2 The victim experiences pain in the bones as these witches are known to eat up the bone marrow.
3 The victim feels a bad smell coming from his body because this witch is a smelly creature.
4 There is a warm sensation in the hands and the feet.
5 The pupils go downwards in the eyes.
6 A death like yellowish tinge in the eyes.
7 Hands and feet become cold.
8 The victim tends to faint often
9 At times these witches appear before its victim and talk rubbish.


1 Read surah rehman verse no 33.daily 500 times after fajar.
2 surah jinn verse no 1 should be read 500 times after zohar namaz
3 Read this verse 1000 times after Isha namaz
4 Before going to sleep at night, read Ayatal kursi 150 times daily.

Inshallah the victim may get riddance from these witches very soon

Amel soname contact

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Abdulah. said...


asalaama alaykum brother.

i have a problem since about two years i am hearing a womens voice wich i strongly think i know the person and it is getting worse each day she is all over me when i am sleeping she is controlling my dreams and some times my privete body parts are controled by her until i fully wake up and sit down.

i dont see any ane but i feel and hear her presence at this stage she is going with me every where i go even she is in the car when i am driving .
i am 40 years old man married with two children 10 years old boy and 8 years old girl.

Alhamdulilah i pray AND RECITE quran all time in home ALBAQARA continouesly . when recite quran i hear her voice distance like she crying but in a minute she inside the walls of the house.

i can not figure out whether i am affected by a black magic ,or sihr or witchcraft or i am hearing a jinn it self as i strongly believe i know this women , please HELP me with some instructions .

i live U.K birmingham.

thank u


fayaz said...

Aslam o Alaikum,

Hope that you will be fine...... May ALLAH bless you...

dear i am very happy to see the site .it is islamic help to muslims.....

dear, a matter regarding 'Jiin' trying to prevell or its in possess the body of a lady, what ever so,,,,,,,,, her chest, her head ache & some time legs ache.... & asthoma.......

then what have to do, as i can rid of her from jin or tawezzaat with the help of quran but immediatly.... i myself recite the Sorah Fateh, Sorah Baqar, 3 َQul Paak (Qul Ho Allah, Qul Aaoz Birabil Falik, Qul Aaoz Birabib Naas, Aautulkursi, and some other surah with the help of a book regarding Azkaar Nabi, Dua's & Wazaif..

Threrefore, it is requested you to kindly make me easy to ridd of Jinn so called...................... i will be thankful to you......... & pray for you as much as i can..............

early reply can be save a humain from jiinaaat & Sheetaaan -e- tawizaat.

your early reply is needed at my end.......................................

Unknown said...

Abdulah! i know! i got the exact same issues you have! a womans voice! She all the time is touching my privates, i've been in the mental ward because of her, and i have a letter stating i
'm perfectley sane.! she's talking even right now as im typing this. I'm not Islamic, I'm Apostalic, she was going 2 attack me 1 night and my Jesus appeared and pushed her back though. I'm not trying 2 convert any1, just telling what happend. have u come across any thing yet? I have found some things that help though. u can email me at if u need any help.

Anonymous said...

its all head and mind games use her name and tell her your going to come over and get her if she dosnt stop it she must be jelouse of you and your family or she wants you herself once you work out who it is then you can get her but tell your imam at mosque he can help you with this 99% of the time its a woman channeled in to you and pretending she is a dead person the fact your privite parts are beening subject to abuse means they are living and it is sihr go to your imam now this witch should be delt with quickly

Anonymous said...

can u give me your contact number, i am having a very serious problem

Unknown said...

Peace & Blessings of Allah(SWT) be on You Amel Soname
Peace & Blessings of Allah(SWT) be on You Amel Soname
Peace & Blessings of Allah(SWT) be on You Amel Soname
Peace & Blessings of Allah(SWT) be on You Amel Soname
Peace & Blessings of Allah(SWT) be on You Amel Soname

Munazzam said...

As'salamu Alaikum!

I have come across your website: alhamduliillah!

My problem is that I watched a video on YouTube on binaural beats I have no idea what it was until I did more research on it! The biggest mistake in my life! Please brother help me! I have been getting raped by jinns and I keep on getting weak! Even if I don't get erotic dreams I still get raped. Brother I beg you please help! I pray 5x a day. gladly I don't work so I can pray. However I am still possessed I feel like something is moving in my body and get severe itching on my body especially my privates and on occasions get spots. I get hijama done every few months and feel relief but its starts all over again.

I can just beg and ask for forgiveness from ALLAH swt and my family think I am mental and laugh at me. I am literally dying inside and they wont notice until I do drop dead.

Unknown said...

Hi im very serious about this because it was happening to my ex husband before and its happen again to my present husband and i dont know what to do.please please please help me.all signs was exactly happening to my family specially to my husband