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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Assalamu alaiqum,
One of the types of devils resembles an owl. Magicians take help from this type of devil too with their blasphemous mantras. Mostly, these owl devils can be brought under control by performing magic by killing owls or by using their blood. They can also be brought under control by the magicians by doing some owl tantras. When the magician performs black magic on owl’s blood etc, these devil owls accept his foremanship. These devil owls are very dangerous as they are adept in casting such harmful and powerful spells that even the amils become helpless. These devil owls perform barriers on the victim’s amal to protect himself and also on his sustenance, health etc


1 The victim may dream of owls.
2 If the victim ponders over an issue, an owl’s image may appear in his thoughts out of nowhere.
3 Headache.
4 The victim worries a lot and new problems arise every now and then.
5 Every kind of progress and growth gets blocked.


1 Read surah Baqara once after fajar namaz.
2 Read surah Fatiha 101 times after zohar namaz.
3 Read surah Naas 301 times after Asar namaz.
4 Read surah Falaq 211 times after maghrib namaz
5 Read ayatak kursi 150 times after isha namaz.
(Do this amal till 11 days.)

NOTE: These owl devils casts very dangerous type of magic spell and gets off one’s back after a lot of trouble, so if in spite of doing this amal the devil is not defeated, so in such an extreme case, a good amil should be hired because this type of devil belongs to the category of learned devils and uses all his knowledge of black magic in a negative and potentially dangerous way.

Amel soname contact

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danish said...

What happens if the person casting spells on someone dies, does the magic persists after the death of magician?

Anonymous said...

Isnt magic against islam?

sumaira said...

my name is sumaira
i am told that my problem is because of a spirit
i remember it went into my left ear like an injection
that time of my life i was very frustrated and i read quran and was cursing
my enemies, even god and myself
my enemies were friends of a boy who wanted to marry me against my wish
they did their best to spoil my reputation and career, i was alone and helpless
and crying, so read quran but cursed in such a way that ALLAH became angry with me
my enemies won as they made me alone, i could feel the effect of their witchcraft
i tried reading quran but messed all up i think
the problem is that whatever thought comes to my mind
especially against my enemies and whatever i do is no secret
my enemies come to know about it and cause me harm
even what i am thinking is known to them and they use this information to harm me
i can feel the presence of this spirit and i know it is providing this information about me
i went to a saint/religious person for help, he told me to wear black clothes and i
could feel something go to my right ear but it did not help
there is a spirit in my left ear and a jinn in right ear
i sought help by someone claiming to help by ruqya , he took money for taweez told me to do readings
water to drink , i did as instructed for months but it was no use
i have lost money and peace
i was very alone and found someone in life who wanted me for visa
i signed the legal marriage papers thinking he would help me
in life get out of trouble but he got visa and did not bother about my problem
He proved to be a selfish coward, he did not dare to talk about my enemies and
in fact helped them by making a fool of me
i have not had nikaah am in the process of getting anulment from court from him
so that i find a good person in life to marry
i am 35 and still not married due to the plots of enemies
can you help me?
i dont want to do readings and taweez again as i feel it was useless
can you read for me, i need help to get rid of this please
i cant spend loads of money again
i can afford some if needed however as no one can work free
i just want to get out of trouble
thank you

Anonymous said...

Sumaira aunty please get an appointment wit a good psychiatrist i guess u need it very badly.ap koie miss india to ne hai na ke log apke peche pdhe ho Allah pe tawakal rakho zikar karo to sab thek hoga apki prob shaitani nai doctori hai

adnan said...


I have come across your website.

Last year I got check and I hate 8 Jinns in me. 5 in my head and 3 in my body through magic.

I have since struggled with my self esteem and have gone into depression to the point I have panic attacks because my life has completely been ruined. I was on my way to a top university achieving top grades and without knowing I got possessed. This was in 2012 and 13 and I didn't know who had done it and got them removed. It was only last year I found out who is behind this when I had the 8 in me.

I need to get my life on track again, I had a very good job, was achieving top grades and I have lost my memory of important things, lost every job since in weird circumstances and now I am stuck.

I need your help and to see if you can do something.

Alhumdullilah I do my bit, I pray and do other acts of worship. I just feel that I got a block around me and I can't let it go on for longer otherwise I will continue in my depression. The only time I'm happy is when I'm praying or doing Zikr or reading salawaats.

After that everything is getting bad. I stumble on words, I can't write or speak in the same manner I did, I have zero confidence, I have not had a job in 12 months, I have not studied in 2 years.

Jazakallah khair

Anonymous said...


I recently read your blog and wanted to seek your advice immediately. Maybe you will have the answer to my problem. Please spend a minute to read my story. I am a young Muslim sister in late 20's. And there's two separate issues that I need to share. First, since 10+ years, I have experienced a jin-like creature entering my subconcious mind while I sleep. It began happening randomly, whether I was taking a nap at any time or at night. Basically, in the past during my young days, I experienced somebody controlling my head with a strong strong pressure and along with that I would hear an ugly male voice laughing or speaking random words. He would not let me wake up. In my mind, I would be awake and able to see my surroundings while trying to fight off this thing (jinn probably, not sure what kind). And eventually after few minutes of struggling to escape from the pressure of this jinn, my eyes would suddenly open up and there would be this lingering heaviness on my head. The problem still happens but now I don't hear the voices anymore, instead I feel a strong pressure trying to enter my body through my head. I discussed this problem with my mother who reported experiencing the same during her younger days. She said that there's the same kind of jin who bothers all young muslim girls with same kind of story. But I am not convinced because I believe that this jin, or whatever it is, is some type of a devil who specifically bothers me. I have not heard any of my other Muslim female friends reporting this kind of experience before.
Problem #2: I was married long distance for a few years where my husband would constantly ask me to take pictures without clothes and send to him via phone to fulfill his sexual desires. At that time, I was not very religious and constantly changed apartments where I was living alone for university/work purpose. So, all the time, I used to take naked pictures to send to my husband and since that time, I have been experiencing a very weird problem. There is a strong strong smell of bad mustard-type oil that comes in my room every time I am alone and it happens after the sun sets at Maghrib time and most often, I notice it at 3 or 4 am in the morning close to Fajr time. I believe that, I accidentally attracted an evil jin or devil somewhere in one of my apartments in the past while I was involved in taking naked pictures of myself. I think that's where something got attached to me and is not leaving me alone. I particularly also picked up a bad habit of masturbation from my long distance husband and I have noticed that, every time I masturbate, following that night, the smell comes after Maghrib or close to Fajr. It has a specific pattern.

Anonymous said...

I am no longer married to the man in my past because I figured out later that he had a disgusting character. So anyway the point is that, I have become more religious now and don't engage in taking nude pictures and am also working on giving up my haraam habits that I picked up from my past husband. I have also started reciting Quran a lot more (particularly Surah jin each time the smell in my room comes at night). However, the problems that I shared with you seem to have two separate jinns in them. One who tries to enter my body during sleep with a heavy pressure on my head and the other who possibly got sexually attracted from somewhere and brings the bad smell in my room. Also, along with that, I wanted to mention that my ex mother in law was involved in heavy black magic and before my divorce, I noticed big red blood patches beside my bed in my room. Since then, I consulted a Sheikh who gave me a wazifa to read and I finished reading it but the jinn problem is making my life hell. I can't sleep at night for fear of smell coming in my room. Along with that, I have developed an abnormal sex drive which is not good for a virgin girl like myself. My head is constantly full of strong strong lustful desires and I can't focus on studying or work. My body hormones have also become severely problematic which is causing my body to remain in menstrual bleeding irregularly all the time. After reading my story, I will really appreciate it if you can give me a sincere solution from Quran to get rid of these disgusting jinns from my life. I hate them so much that sometimes I get angry at night and start shouting at them because I can't tolerate them messing with my life! I notice that after reading Surah jinn, the smell goes away temporarily but I am looking for a permanent solution. I am not afraid of these disgusting creatures and know 100% that they don't stand a chance against Quran. So please guide me on what to do so that I can live my life peacefully because presently, I am even scared of changing clothes in my room for fear that some disgusting jinn might be watching me.

I will look forward to hearing back from you!

sofia said...

Assalam walaikum. My name is Sofia Yasmin khan. I'm suffering from napaak jinn. Sometimes I feel someone is pressing my neck badly. Sometimes I feel some sensation on my private part.I see bad dreams. I have two small kids also. Plz pray for me.. Ap koi tarika bataye jinn se chutkara paane ka. I'm suffering a lot. Mera dharkan bohot jorse dharakta hai,due to jinn? Maybe. And I'm becoming weak also. Plz help.