Thursday, November 5, 2009


Assalam oalayqum,
This category of the devils resembles a dog and helps out the magician with all sorts of evil .This dog- like- devil is black in color and is an expert magician himself. When he is dispatched by a magician to harm a person, he performs the magic himself. The victim may see a black colored dog with strange colored eyes. He may bark at the victim. He usually stays within the victim’s body for a day or two only and leaves him after he has done the magic.

1 The victim may dream of a black colored dog.
2 At night, the victim may feel as though he has been bit by a dog.
3 Sometimes these devils bite the victim on his hand, leg or nose. All this takes place at night when the victim is fast asleep.
4 Sometimes these devils appear before the victims and may even converse with them. If they appear in a dream that means that he has cast a black magic spell, because they do not leave until they have performed magic


1 The victim should read verse no.102, Surah Baqarah 500 times himself, in the morning as well as the evening, daily.
2 Do Hisaar with Ayatal kursi while going to sleep so that this devil can not bite at night.
3 Read Surah Fatiha 300 times after fajar namaz.
4 Read Surah Saba once after zohar namaz.

Inshallah taala this devil may leave soon and whatever magic spell he may have cast may break.

Remember me in your prayers,
Amel Soname,


Anonymous said...

hi my name is aleesha can you help me someone has done black magic on me so please can you help me removed the black magic

zoaama khan said...

ASLAMUALAIKUM 1 night i felt that dog is grunting close to my right and started grunting too ... in reply as iff i am trying to scare that dog ... i really got scared that night and day before yestersday's night i felt someone is dragging my leg away :( please help me out in this i shall b very thankful to you

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