Thursday, November 5, 2009

Removal of BALA /Female Devils By using Quranic Verses


One typical type of dirty jinns is called BALA. This thing mostly lived at dirty places Or you can say that this thing specifically creates its den at dirty places
Many out of these things lives in common dust bins or garbage areas. Some times these Balas take charge or infect victim if one passes by these dirty areas or sometimes a Black Magician himself sends these occult forces to put victim in pain and worry

Symptoms of infected person are as under
1. Illusions of dirty things
2. Illusions of nude female or standing in front of victim
3. Smell from body
4. Perceptions like some female is standing behind
5. Headache
6. Red eyes
7. Feelings of heavy Body and shoulder

Amal is as under

1. Recite durrood 300 times after Fajar
2. Recite YASEEN after Zuhar Prayer
3. Recite Surah REHMAN after ASAR
4. Listen AZAN
5. Recite AYAT UL KURSI before going to bed and make a protective boundary HISSAR of AYAT KURSI around you.

Inshalah in few days you will get rid of these BALAS/Female Devils/Occult forces

Keep me remembered in all of your prayers

amel soname

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