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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Assalama aliqum,
When a member of a family passes away, his relatives bury him in the graveyard and come back. The magician in the same family performs Chillas in the graveyard to bring the souls of the dead under his control .These magicians have a setting with the guards of the graveyards. If one wants information about the identity of the magician in his area, then all one has to do is to get in touch with the guard of the graveyard in the vicinity and give him some money. He will disclose all the information of the person or the people who are into black magic and visit the graveyard at night. If a person suspects his relative to be involved in black magic directly, so one should try visiting the nearest graveyard where that relative resides and contact the guard with a photograph of his relative. He can pay some money to the guard and then ask him whether the person in the photograph visits the graveyard at nigh to do Chilla. The guards and the magicians have a very strong link because the entire work of the magicians depends on the graveyards. If the guards disallow the magician entry into the graveyard at night then the work of the magician may get affected and reduced by 50% because the magician may not be able to capture the departed evil souls from their graves. So he has a setting with the guards and lures him with monetary favors in lieu of permission to enter the graveyard. The magician asks the guards to keep a check on the new dead bodies which get buried in his graveyard. When the guard informs him that so and so has got buried today and shows him the location of the grave, the magician then visits that grave and after stabbing a knife on the grave, he starts chanting some blasphemous mantras. When he is done with, he manages to capture the humzad of the dead person in a bottle and takes him with him. Similarly, he captures the evil souls of a number of dead people and then exploits their powers to do all kinds of evil work for him. If the souls do not obey him, he asks his devils to punish them. So the souls become helpless and have to obey him. Whenever the magician wants their services, he just opens a bottle in which the dead people’s souls have been captured and orders them to go on any particular mission that he wants to get accomplished, whether it is to cause harm to a person or to any other errand. These souls are called evil ones or Arvaahe because they are used by the black magic practitioners to do all sorts of evil.


1 Mostly these evil souls attack the victim at night.
2 The victim dreams of graveyards with a lot of dead people, which are nothing but these very evil souls who appear before him.
3 The victim may see white apparitions in his house which disappear all of a sudden,
4 When these evil souls enter the victims house, so the victim may gat the smell alike to the graveyards mud.


1 Read surah Ghashiya once daily after fajar namaz.
2 Read surah Yaseen daily,whenever one has time.
3 Read the 4 Quls and ayatla kursi once before going to sleep.
4 Do wazoo before sleeping at night.
5 Recite Allah’s name Ya Hafeezo 500 times after zohar namaz
6 Read Allah’s name Ya Allaho-Ya Rahmano- Ya Raheemo 500 times after asar namaz.

Inshallah, the evil souls will not succeed in causing any harm to the victim.

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