Thursday, November 5, 2009

To scare the Jinn of dirt or the jinn of Disguise

Among the bad jinns there is one who is called the jinn of disguise. This jinn has a very dirty smell and is a very disgusting one. This jinn often lives where there is human waste( Shit and Urine). This jinn loves the smell of shit and Urine . If a normal person smells this then that person would definately vomit and will not be able to bear that smell. Thats why it is called the jinn of dirt , Disguise or "Paleed" . This type of Jinn possess the person just like that or sometimes the magician tells him to do that . The jinn of disguise knows black magic and often possess the human when someone goes around dirty and empty places to Piss or POO

Some of the signs for this is ,

Smell of urine and shit from near somewhere
Sickness like laziness and dizziness
Headache and a feeling that is not usual
A certain smell coming from the human that is also unbearable .
Feeling as if piss and Poo is coming towards you or thinking of shit and piss

Solution for this is
Just because this Jinn is so dirty, the victim should remain clean and spray some Non alcoholic Perfume and should burn INCENSE sticks ( Agar Batti) by which this jinn will have a headache and run away

Victim should wear clean white clothes

Should pray five times

Should shower everyday

Always be in Wudu or Paak

Inshallah if you follow this Palit or Jinn will take his stuff and go away from your house or body because he cannot stay with so much cleanliness


Anonymous said...

Assalam w alaikum bhai,

I am very very stressed Please meri madad karo, My brain is becoming weaker day by day .i am faciing this problem from last ten years ,whenever i have a wet dream the asraat of it spreads in all my cothes and also my blankets and the all bed ( bister mein) aur yahan tak kein farsh par bhi aur mobile mein bhi wo chiz mehsus hoti hai . Lekin wet dream ke bad na to napaki bister ko lagti hai ,Main apne clothes ko to dho leta hun lekin wo chiz bister ,mobile mein kaise fail jati hai ,uske bad main bister per sota hun to bhi wo chiz mehsus hoti hai ,ab mai to bister hamesha to dho nahi sakta ,Please givre me a cure

Please reply me

Anonymous said...

As salamu allaiqum

Janab , my friends son is suffering with some problems.

He was good in study and intelligent. Before few months he went to Mumbai for Job

He returns from there in abnormal condition.

1. He started abusing to his parents and neighbor.

2. He goes out from house without any reasons and information.

3. Laugh or smiles always without reasons.

His name is Malik
Please help him to get out from this problem.

Allaha Hafiz

Zain Khan said...

I have a dirty jinn and people know what I think in my mind and they say it they say dirty jinn saying this in his mind when I fart no sound comes but still people know when I fart because I have a jinn and I feel really shy can someone take me out of this problem

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