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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
Ghosts live in isolated places, away from the crowds. This is due to their reclusive nature. They detest crowds, din and any kind of disturbances. So they live away from the human beings and in case a person happens to trespass in their territory, they scare him away. They live mostly in remnants of old buildings, old caves, forests, dilapidated structures, houses which have been vacated and other such desolated places. They live in groups. The black magicians entice them by sacrificing animals for them and get into agreements with them. These ghosts are very fond of scaring people and they seem to have a master’s degree in making horrible faces. They are also adept in creating misunderstandings between family members. When they are sent to any particular house by the magicians, they roam about in the house and make bloodcurdling faces to scare the people living there. They tend to create problems between family members by doing mischief such as hiding money and then making the family suspicious about one another.


1 A feeling of a strange fear because these ghosts try to scare the people.
2 A panicky feeling as though something bad is about to happen.
3 The children may get petrified at night and scream loudly
4 The family members may see strange frightening faces.


1 These ghosts are on the prowl mostly at night, so the people should wear a taweez of Aytal Kursi around their necks which will protect them and the ghosts may not get a chance to enter their bodies which makes them scream at night.
2 If the house is haunted by ghosts who are staying there permanently, so the family members should play a recording of Surah Baqarah in a very loud volume which can be heard in every part of the house. Since these ghosts are peace loving creatures and evil too ,the sound of the recitation comes as a blow on their heads and they run away.
3 The victim should perform Hissar, i.e. read Aytal kursi thrice and all the 4 Quls thrice and blow over his body.
4 Learn the third Kalma by heart and read it as much as you can throughout the day

Inshallah, in a matter of a few days the victim may get rid of this problem.

Amel soname contact

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Gramo said...

Hi Amel,

I am black magic victim for many years and recently read your messages .

I have visited many tantriks/temples/dargas but no effect. The ghosts are constantly troubling me and there are many tantriks involved. I believe it is casted by Bengali tantriks.

Kindly provide me the contact details of a person if you know any genuine Tantrik who can break the spells.

Waiting for your favourable reply.



Sailuba said...

My nana is Sailuba am from Ghana I saw your article on the internet concerning Jinn and am hoping you help 25 years and realized I have been Proses by Jinn some few years ago anytime I try doing anything positive in life it end up flopping.i try many business which I could say by now I should be in a better place but the more I try the more I fail..marriage becomes my headache and the most annoying thing is he made me lie a lot recently which I hate myself for that ..Awhole lost of bad things and I pray Allah touches your heart to help me