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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Assalam oalaiqum,
This is a kind of a satanic devil which has mixed characteristics of a human being and a lizard in its appearance. Its upper face is like a lizard, the hands are very strong and the feet are like a lizard in the upper part and like a human being in the lower part. It appears in a form of a monster lizard at times. It is a kind of a black magic moakkil who knows how to cast black magic spell himself and does magic on innocent people. It is very expert in making people fall sick. When it attacks a person, the victim may see a lizard- faced creature and it then causes lot of harm like the victim may lose his or her job and even if the victim tries his level best, he does not get a job anywhere due to continuous magic which this devil does on its victim. The magicians may also possess such devils and they make them destroy the lives of the victims. The lizard devil then takes charge of the situation and does dangerous magic and also keeps the magician updated about the destruction it causes. Sometimes the magicians cast such a spell on the victim that they see lizards coming near them in hordes and they are unable to comprehend what is going on.

1 The victim may see a lizard- faced person.
2 The victim may suffer from continuous ailments.
3 Headaches.
4 There is a slump in the business.
5 The victim becomes jobless and is unable to find another one.
6 There is no success in any work the victim does.
7 Absence of enough sustenance
8 There in as onslaught of troubles and all the roads to success get blocked


1 Read surah Fatiha 100 times after fajar.
2 Read surah Baqarah after chasht namaz.
3 Write down Allah’s name at any time during the day and gaze at it for at least 10 minutes. This may give a headache to the devil.
4 Write down Prophet Mohamad’s (SAW) name on a paper and gaze at it for 10 minutes at any time of the day. This may make the devil dizzy
5 After Isha namaz recite ayatal kursi 150 times

Inshallah this lizard moakkil may leave the vicitm’s body and even if the magician instructs him to attack again, he will refuse.

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Anonymous said...

Here is my story;
I live in a farm land just outside syria border in Turkey.being a muslim myself ive been familiar with djinn concept and all.Me and my twin has been living here for 3 years now.our beleif in Allah was always strong until this year.
We always knew something was bothering us but this year it got worse.
Im feeling hate towards people 24/7 I cant stop it.I always wake up at 3.00 am in the morning and feel terrible all day through.I know somethings bothering us for certain. We have seen it in the form of my father at night who is still alive.Now that i know something is bothering is for certain, last night i openly declared to my twin i will kill this thing slowly and painfully whatever it takes.and for the first time in months i slept like a baby.
Now to my question how do i do it?Because now i know something whether its a jinn demon or what ever,Im focusing my hate soley on that creature and I will Kill it.Im asking you how?
Youll be in my prayers tonight and thanks in advance.

Abal said...


My Name is Abal from Zanzibar. Here in zanzibar we have many problems of jinn. Alot of people complain about jinns as well as which craft and not many people who claim to have the ability to end such mystery are capable of doing so & people pay a lot of money , I mean ALOT!! But they never seem to get successful teatment. I want to invite you and whom ever you may know with experience in these activities to help us. Atleast for a while.

I hope to here from you soon.

Anonymous said...

i believe i have a problem with jinn they are in my food i see them everywhere they bother me at night .what can i do