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Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to force jinni to run away witht help of the holly book Quran.

Assalam Alikum,

From the different types of Jinns theres one called "Jinni". This jinn is a magician himself. These type of jinns loves naughtiness and the human magician casts certain spells to take control of it. Sometimes these jinns possess humans and then Amel helps that person to capture that jinn and shut him in a bottle. The magician then contacts these Amels to buy that bottle in which that jinn is captured. He then brings that bottle to his place and opens the bottle . After that he starts casting his black spells on that jINN and orders jinn to obey his commandment.If the Jinn says NO then that magician casts more dangerous spells and takes the help of his previously captured jinns. After all this, the jinn gets tired and he finally has to accept the magician as his master and follow only his commandments. The magician then sends this jinn to the victim to scare and mentally torture him. This jinni doesnot annoys the victim that much because he too was once free and now was captured by magician. Actually Jinni then becomes vicitims friend and tells his whole story of how he was captured and how helpless he has become. If the jinn does not irritates the victim then the magician would beat that jinn with sticks. So he is kind of helpess. This jinn often tells the victim about his story and helps the victim alot by telling him new ideas .

Some of the signs of this type of jinni are
this jinni will wander around the victim and slightly irritate the victim to scare him.

sometimes the jinni would honetly tell the victim about the person who sent him and that person is a magician. Dont believe untill he is a jinni otherwise different jinns have different habbit of lieing.

this jinni would help the victim after telling the truth by telling him new means and ideas\

These jinnis often tell the victims about the talks that go around people because they can never forget that they were free once and now they are caged. Sometimes these jinns also cry and tell the victims their whole life stories

Sometimes these jinnis go away while talking because the magician calls upon them and they have to leave. If he is late then the magician would send some more jinns to find him and see if he ran away or been captured by anyone else.

NOTE: The victim should understand that although the jinn is helpless and cannot do anything , the victim should get rid of him as that jinn only listens to the magician.

The solution for this is

Pray 5 times a day
Should be selfish and merciless concerning the jinn
Dont listen to the innocent talks of the jinn because he has to do everything what the magician will command him
After offering fajr prayers read Surah Bakara
Where white clothes and white cap or toque
Learn AYATUL KURSE and whenever jinn comes read this in front of him
Whenever jinn tries and talk to the victim , he should read Surah Nas on his face

Inshallah very quickly this kind of useless jinn would leave you.

Amel soname contact

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Anonymous said...

Assalam Waleikum, we are in big trouble..we feel that someone has cast a spell using khabees in our home. we don not have any idea how to get rid of this...please help regarding this

nathan said...

Good night
I have been suffering from an evil jinn from 2010 when I divorced my husband. I haven't been sleeping at night because of constant burning. It feels like I am sitting in front of a fire. I also feel like someone is in my bed with me . Please contact me ... I need your help.

Ali said...

Easy way is to ask ALLAH YO KILL those evil Jinn with his army.