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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
The ape moakkil is a type of jinn who performs sorcery himself. The magicians take help from him and in order to please him they make offerings to him. Though such a jinn looks like a human being but he has a scary face that resembles an ape.
Sometimes the magicians bring such evil jinns under their control by making sacrifices. These jinns get very pleased with the magicians when they make sacrifices in their names. They like human sacrifices so the magicians abduct children and sacrifice them in the name of the evil jinns. Sometimes the magicians try to sacrifice monkeys and plead before the evil jinns to accept it. The evil jinns accept such a substitute at times as monkeys are also considered to be a part of the human race. Sometimes the magicians sacrifice goats or hen and try to pacify the evil jinns because killing a human being is not an easy job for them as there may be chances of getting caught by the law. So they try their level best to make the evil jinns accept some other sacrifice than human beings. Thereby some magicians succeed in bringing such ape moakkils under their control and then order them to perform black magic on whoever they may want to and ask for a detailed report about their targets. The ape moakkils rush to the victim and after casting black magic spell on him or her bring back all the information about the victim to the magicians.


1. The victim may see a frightening face of an ape or a human being that resembles an ape.
2. The victim may see a monkey with huge teeth.
3. A headache and seeing red colored eyes.
4. A feeling of heaviness in the chest and difficulty in breathing.
5. While sleeping the victim may see a black shadow but when he wakes up the apparition disappears.


1.Read Surah Nisa after fajar namaz
2. Read Suran Naas 300 times after Zohar namaz.
3. Read Surah Ambiya after Asar namaz.
4. Read Ayatal kursi after Isha namaz 150 times.

Inshallah the ape moakkil may run away from where it had come in just a matter of few days.

Amel soname contact

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Masoud said...

I have been visiting your website and I really enjoy a lot.
I need to know about jinns, can they harm a Godfearing person?

Indian Astrology said...

great solution i found over here and i love this post because the black magic really exist and we must protect ourselves.

thanks for sharing the nice stuff...

Anonymous said...

Hello i was checking out your blog on line and noticed that i may be experiencing something that you described in "hearing human noises" You see something happened to me and now i keep hearing people talking my mind keeps jumping from thought to thought and im finding it hard to sleep at night. I have reason to believe that there are forces at work that are unseen in the physical realm. Please tell me you can help me because i feel like im going crazy.
everyone i hae talked to say i need to seek help from a therapist of some sorts which i have done and was unsuccessful. im losing control and i really need help fast i feel time is running out for some reason.
it's getting stronger and my rebuking it in Jesus name is taking to long to work.

Please help me
lost and confused

Anwar said...

my name is anwar i m not sure what is
the problem with me i
have treated by many amel but rsult is not satisfactory i have bad
habit of masturbation and one the second problem of mine is one sticky
gel has covered my body my health is going down day by day many amel
told tht u r victim of asraat jinnat pls check amel sahab for allah
wht is real fact and plz give me proper solution and taweezat for me
and plz also do something whatever u can do for me thks

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
my name is Adil. I and my familly are facing problems due to of black magic and jinnat. My father passed passed away due to of this magic. My aunty and other relatives are constantly paying these amel to gave us lots of problems.

I want some solution or if you can please provide guide lines to become amel to protact my familly from this I will be extremely thankful to you and even on qayamat I will admit that you help me.
Please it is my request do provide me solution
I beg of you to help me.

yasmen said...

I have difficulty my education no matter I m doing hard work but every time I m in danger zone I m sick all the time my eyes r paining n small things r making my life difficult all teachers speak good but when result not good now my college cancel me n I m out of college other colleges admission date time gone I m waiting what to do my

Please do check for me what the cause is n how I can be successful in my life ,education to complete please do answer quick Allah help me sure inshallah Allah my life has become miserable please check for me I want to complete my engineering I will complete or no what is the answer please do his ab for me n help what is the way I adopt thank you

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum my name is Muhammad can you please give me your number so I can speak to u amel saab my whole family is effected by one evil and that shaitan is very powerful he sends many other evils to harm us please give me your number so I can call and speaks to u ..
thank you
Khuda hafiz

komal said...

mera bf mujhe dhokha de diya ,sadi ka wada karke mere ijjat ke sath
khel gaya ,thak gai har upay karke ab aphi help karo taki WO mere pass
laut aye

Hassan said...

Assalam alaykum Amel Soname, my name is Hassan from Tanzania East Africa.
i am in difficult and hardship situation passing through my life now, i have lost the pleasure of life first of all i suffered fom jins 10 months ago but now am not sure if are still in my body or not because they dont talk through my mouth but my body is still weak and the chest pain and tightening 24 hrs.. 2 weeks ago i went to hospital,heart test showed that i have heart problem in addition i dont have any child in my 4 years marriage. i kindly ask you to perform istikhara to know the nature of my problem,is this heart and fertility problems related to jinns? is this black magic done to me? what is the full solutions for my problems? Thanks and ALLAH bless you for helping people inshaallah.

Anonymous said...

Assalamo Alaikum,

I am possessed with jin and want to get rid of it.
Please help me. I shall be grateful to you by heart.
Please send me your phone number so that I call you and explain my feelings and what is going with me.