Thursday, November 5, 2009


Assalamu alaikum,
These Chilwas also belong to a category of the devils which are characterized by long jumps. They are capable of jumping up to a height of 20 feet. He seems to be flying in the air and runs at great speed on walls. If a person tries talking with him, he may get a severe headache. I felt a terrible pain in my eyes because these Chilawas jump a lot. It seems that they have some sort of a spring attached to them. These Chilawas are basically companions of the black magicians and they are brought under control by the magicians too fulfill their evil aims of troubling innocent and unsuspecting people. These Chilwas are very bothersome type of devils and if they make up their mind to trouble some one they may snatch the peace of the entire neighborhood or a family in particular.


1 The victim has a feeling as though someone is running at top speed on a wall.
2 Sometimes the victim feels as if someone has been jumping on the terrace and has traversed a wall very quickly.
3 When a Chilawa is on the prowl, the victim may suffer from a severe pain in the head and eyes because it tends to jump to and fro.


1 Read surah Ambiyat or play its recording on seeing a Chilawa. He will run away quickly.
2 If the victim sees a Chilwaya loitering around on the walls and jumping to and fro, so he should recite Surah Baqarah or play the recording. The Chilawa will run back to its magician.
3 Hang a naqsh of Ayatl kursi either the ready made ones or self written ones.
4 Perform Hissar on oneself while going too bed

Inshallah, the Chilawa is going to leave the victim very soon.

Remember me in your prayers,
Amel Soname,


Aviral said...

1 more sympton

They cannot directly see in your eyes they will juggle their eyes cannot put in 1 direct place.

fazi said...

Respected Sir,

I happened to read your article regarding OCD and Black magic. Sir, my thought process has derailed from last 2 to 3 years. I feel I am a sufferer of OCD. I underwent medication for 8 mnths but to no effect. Black magic was also done on me as I was tied to a girl for marriage. Now I m confused whether I have a biological disorder or it is a spiritual ailment.... like you have mentioned in your article i. e. waswasaa of shaitaan.

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