Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,

These devils belong to a group of satans and is half human and half horse. They are extremely powerful. I had killed 70,000 Buraaq in a war with a magician, who had send his Buraaqs to fight against me. These Buraaqs are dispatched only by the king of the devils when an amil starts killing the devils (jinns) of the magician with taweez or with his own Moakkils. Sometimes the magicians plead before the king of the devils to provide him with the Buraaq devil and the king hands over them to the magician. Otherwise, these Buraaq devils are least interested in troubling human beings or even appearing befoe them.
These Buraaq devils are tough warriors so it is quite difficult to face them, but if an amil tries to vanquish them with all his might, the victim may get some protection. It is advisable to consult a very powerful alim for this job because these Buraaqs are very strong and they keep attacking incessantly.


1 These Buraaqs appear before their victims either in the victim’s house or somewhere in there path. One can make out a creature whose torso is of a human and the lower half is similar to a horse.
2 Headache and illness
3 Feeling dizzy
4 Pain in the body
5 A feeling of heaviness in the entire body


1 Read Surah Ambiya once after fajar namaz
2 Read surah Saffaat once after Zohar
3 Read Surah Taha once after asar
4 Read Surah Yaseen once after maghrib
5 Read Surah Rahman once after Isha

This amal should be performed till the Buraaq leaves the victim completely because it is not so easy to protect oneself from the onslaught of these devils.So the amal should be continued so that the Buraaq cannot control the victim.

Remember me in your prayers
Amel Soname,

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