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Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to defeat the evil human shadow ( humzad) with the help of quran:

Each of us has a humzad which is invisible but remains with us constantly through the journey of life. The magicians or the amils can bring this humzad under their control and make them do worldly errands for them like bringing some thing from distant places, finding lost things, enquiring about someone’s condition etc. All this kinds of help can be taken from the humzad only by an amil or a magician.
Sometimes the humzad of a person may also help him or her.When a person is facing difficulties, the humzad helps out the person and in certain cases, the humzad likes the person, so he sends good thoughts to the person’s mind which are very helpful too and does a lot of work on behalf of the person. The person feels as if he is very brilliant but as a matter of fact, it is his humzad who helps him out if he likes him.
Powerful humzads can show the amils or the magicians what may be happening a thousands of miles away just like a movie. All they have to do is to shut their eyes and they can easily see what may be going on in some distant place.
In a hadith, Hazrat Ayehsa (may peace be upon her) said that one day when Prophet Mohammad (SAW) left her place, she felt ashamed and started following him. When the Prophet (SAW) turned back and saw her out of breath, he asked her whether she felt ashamed. To which she replied that, ‘who will not feel ashamed infront of you? So Prophet Mohammad (SAW) asked her, ‘Did your satan visit you’? Hazrat Ayesha asked him, ’Is there a satan with me? He relied ’yes’.Then she asked ‘Is there a satan with you too? To this also replied ’ Yes’ and then added that ‘but mine has been crushed by Allah so he can no longer try to lead me astray but only tells me what is good.

Imam Muslim and Imam Ahmad were told by Abdullah that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said that each one of you has a humzad jin and a humzad farishta, who are always with you. People asked him that ‘Do you also have them with you oh Prophet of Allah’? To which he replied that ‘Allah has vanquished my humzad jin, so now he does not try to lead me astray but only shows me the right way out’.

The sifli amil bring their evil humzad under their control because they have wrong intentions whereas the alwi amils bring their alwi humzad under control. When the magicians send their evil humzad to inflict pain on their victims, they have the same looks as the person whose humzad it is. So if in case a person witnesses the evil humzad and he or she recognizes the face as one of their relatives, acquaintance etc, so it means that the particular person is a magician.


1 Strange thoughts enter ones mind because of the evil humzad, inorder to mislead the victim.
2 Talking to oneself continuously because when a person is disturbed he tends to talk to oneself and his other self or the humzad replies to him. So when someone else’s evil humzad enters the victim’s mind, he talks relentlessly with the victim, driving him crazy.
3 The victim may see the humzad in his dream, who appears with the same face as that of the magician who has send him.
4 Sometimes the humzad tries to threaten the victim in his dreams and scares him


1 The victim should not give any response to any of the topic the evil humzad tries to discuss with him.
2 The victim should not give any response to the evil thoughts put in his mind by the evil humzad. Instead he should try to keep himself engrossed in some work.
3 The victim should read Ayatal kursi 101 times and blow over his body.
4 Read Surah Nisa once after zohar Namaz.
5 Read Surah Rahman once after Isha

Inshallah, this amal will compel the evil humzad to give up and leave the victim.

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Sharaz said...

Asalaamu Alaykum, First of all i would just like to say May Allah (SWT) Reward you for the information on your blog ''Get Rid Of Evil Jinns With The Help Of The Quran''.

My name is Sharaz and i have/had a jinn in my house. I told a sheik about it and he sent some angels to my house and removed the jinn but he did say that it may return and it did. This sheike is from cyprus and i live in the united kingdom so its not easy to get through to the sheike so easily. Now that the jinn had returned it felt as if it has become stronger and it started hurting my wife 'she would get pains in her heart everyday' i also have seen black shadows in the house several times and felt things behind me and heard noises. So we met this lady through my uncle who said she could help so we went to see her. now this womens seems to be doing it by Allah's book but they are still some concerns. I dont want to go in to too much detail so if you have a fone number that i could contact you on then please email me it because i would like to talk to you after reading your blog, you made alot of sense. By the way where are from the uk?

Aamir said...

Salaam-u-Alaikum Mr Amel,

I would first like to thank you for your blog on how to get rid of jinns. The service your provide to the ummah is invaluable, and may the Almighty bless you for this. I have known about jinns before, but your blog has opened my eyes to things about them I did not know.

The reason this is of interest to me is because I and my family are very serous victims of jinns. There is no progress in our household. It is in fact very emabarrassing because I worked hard at university to get my degrees, am now 34 years old, but am still dependent on my mother, who is 67 years old! And I'm also unmarried because of can imagine. But maybe the Almighty intended that I see your site so i can fix my situation.

My first encounter with this jinn came when I re-embraced Islam last year and started making 5 times salaah (which started after I read the Quran, in English, and out of intellectual curiosity). They say the evil reveals itself when you start praying.
This jinn attacked me just when i was falling asleep (at about 4am), and i could hear him saying things in a language i don't understand (very much like how when the christians "talk in tongues"). Also, the jinn was whispering. I also noticed that he would stop whispering when I was reciting quranic verses in my heart, and would continue once I stop. It was difficult to breath. Also, now and again i used to get evil thoughts in my mind. This is still happening, but not as often before. And there is also a lot of bad luck. My last attack was last night. This happened after I have taken your advice and started playing the Azaan and also Al-Baqarah. I am also starting to learn Al-Baqarah.

Also, I have decided that I will follow your advice, namely performing Tahajjud salaah at midnight and hope, Insha Allah, we will be relieved. I will perform this soon, and will let you know how it goes, Insha Allah.

Salaam-u-Alaikum, and jazaak-Allah again. And Ramadhaan mubarak.

sam said...

hi assalamualaikum, i have read your articles over the net specially about Jinn. i have been trying to capture a jinn for past 16 months to cure myself n my family from an extra ordinary black magic power. i do not capturing a jinn idea was right or wrong. i just know i can do anything capturing one to cure our problem. please help if kw any surah or ayat which can be used to capture a jinn. your help will be much much much apreciated.

Note: it does not matter if the surah or the ayat is too dangerous for me to use to capture a jinn......i am willing to take all the risk.
i am desperately waiting for your reply. thank you.

sam786 said...

i have only one question sir, does this amal work for those people who go to dargah? i mean sufi people, because this is quaranic amal. Shukriya.

Anonymous said...

Salam saheb, one of our sufi healing practitioner said that we have 5 jinns disturbing us and they are living since a long period in our home approx 40yrs, we did everything but couldn't drive them out, so I burnt the naqsh of surah jinn , and I felt some relief, my question is how long do I need to burn it ?? To get complete relief, at one time how many Naqsh can I burn as maximum...