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Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to vanquish the satan’s army with the help of Quran:

As salamu allaiqum,
The magicians take help from the satans whom they summon by chanting some mantras. These magicians perform magic rituals to summon the satans like spreading out a black sheet and starting to chant their mantras from No chandi at 12 am and continue this ritual till 33 days. During this ritual or after it gets over, a group of satans appear before the magician, whose leader’s looks resemble that of a skeleton. These magicians then ask them to perform some tasks for him and also enquire about an easy way to summon them again when the magician needs their help. The satanic group can only be hired to perform evil deeds like having someone killed, causing someone physical torture, killing of infants in their mother’s wombs or causing infertility in the woman etc. These evil forces have the power to mingle inside the bodies of their victims. They can read the minds of their victims and thereby get to know about their plans, their desires etc and disclose about all this to the magician. They even reveal to the magicians whether their victims are telling the truth or are lying.
If any member of a family brings such a group of satans under him by talisman, yantras etc, then the entire family gets affected. The magician then destroys his extended family by assigning the devils with the task of destroying different families. For instance, if the magician has 15 families in his clan, then he can instruct a devil to destroy a person, another devil to render another person jobless etc. Usually only a single devil works upon a family to bring about disaster, but if they get a slight idea that the victim is trying to heal himself, then many of his companion devils start thronging that particular house to help their accomplice.
In fact, the devils directly challenge the victims, by making sinful statements like ‘if you have any God, then call him to save you. We shall deal with him too. Their ulterior motive is to weaken the person’s faith in God. Only those people who are very patient, can protect themselves from these satans otherwise a lot of people become atheists.

1. Satans lingering around in the house and talking amonst themselves.
2. Hatred of namaz, Quran, Allah and Prophet Mohammad(SAW) and feeling irritated even at the mention of their names.
3. Feeling annoyed at the sound of the azaan.
4. Trying to avoid namaz.
5. Abnormal increase in sexual urges and thoughts of committing adultery including filthy thoughts of having sex with one’s own mother and sisters.
6. Having a headache and feeling the urge to watch pornography.
7. After urinating, some urine still leaking drop by drop

1. The best remedy is to offer namaz 5 times daily with the jamaat. The women folk can offer it at home itself.
2.Play the recording of Surah Baqarah in Fajar and whenever one is in pain at the hands of these devils.
3.Use the perfume of pure ittar
4. Read ‘’la hola wala kuwata ila bila hil ali_ul_azeem’’ as many times as you can.
5.Read ‘aao zubillah he minush shaitan nir rajim’’ repeatedly whenever there are thoughts of undue sex.

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muhammad hassan said...

Dear Brother,

I have problem since 3 years that somthing is running in my body speacially during night time . also i become angry very quickly. no children , fear at night , somtime feel sombody speaking to me . i leasen quran most of the time but so far no cure. please advise. thanks.

Best regards,

Mohd Hassan

Aminath said...

I saw your website today and went through the different tyes of Jinni and the evil cast on humans. I am a 40 year old woman and have been divorced recently. I am having this recurring dreams about jinnis every night. sometimes I see them get into human body sometimes they live in my home as a family of mother father and child. and most of the time one of them wants to have sex with me and I refuse and recite Kursi and then I wake up. I am so worried about this now. Before the divorce and even now I have pain in my joints and bones andd feel breathless usually in the evenings and stomach gets bloated in the evening. now I haveburning sensation in my body. sometimes I feel that I am on fire. Usually my feet and palms and body feels so warm. I had been to the doctor many timesbut they couldnt diagnose my condition. I went through the information you had provided and couldn't decide on what I should do. Can you please guide me and May Allah bless you

Reaz said...

Dear Brother,

Please help me out. Yesterday I saw ball of fire hanging all around me for some seconds (not in dreams). Just before that in my dreams I heard a loud explosion then I wake, at that time I can still see the images for some moments. I have been very scared. Please give me an amal. And the magicians who are harming me; are they expert magician? (I always doubt my neighbour Sumodhee Samsoodeen (known by the name of mahmood) to be one of the black magicians. Am I right about this???.

Tell me a last thing dear brother; according to your knowledge and experience, have you come across someone with a similar case to me??? Most people tell that my life will go like this hell always and that there is no solution for it. What is your opinion about this

Anonymous said...


leah said...


I feel that I have a case that needs emergency attendance, please help if you feel this also.

A new guy at work has just started with us and practices black magic, he is gay, and he has told me he is a star child which is an extraterrestrial being and a child skull which has been found on earth that is currently being tested on by scientist. I believed him because he is different and strange

He has given me tarot cards’, as I am into these, me and my sister do reading for people and each other but do not practice seriously however are open to believing. He did a reading for my sister, I am not speaking to her at the moment we are very close but we had a fight recently and she became physical toward which is not like her and has never happened before. He cut his hand in her reading which immediately healed and wrote symbols on her, along with this, he put the blood from his wound on paper and knot I think of string with a spell written on the paper. I was in the shower at the time I did not witness the actual reading at my place but i was upstairs and knew it was being done. He avoids reading my cards at all costs even though I have asked him to do this number of time a of his will always come up.

His father passed away last week and he asked me if I would look after his cat (ginger cat) for a few nights and stay at his house while he attends the funeral near his farm about 3 hours away. I am the only person he trusts here he said (which is odd), he has just relocated from Singapore to Perth, Australia (where I live) and I have only known him for about 3 weeks to a month, he does have other friends here. His mum is apparently a high priestess they do not get along from what I have gathered. He is Spanish but talks perfect English and has piercing blue eyes. He has a book with all symbols and spells in it which he left at the house, I did not read this but a physic did flick through it that came to the house and said there were numbers of my friends in it along with flesh and blood words (spells). His ginger cat was not right and looked possessed it appeared to have rounds human eyes and freaked me and my friend out and we called her friend who is a psychic. She came to the house and said that he is of a very powerful evil and satanic dark force, he has inflicted satanic, voodoo or black magic on me and apparently it is already in me. She told me to go to the doctor i am sick and she sees 3 demonic characters already attached to me. I did get a rash all along my body a couple of weeks ago starting from my groin regions and spreading all over my body, it was a bad rash all over my body to my hands. I also hardly got a period last month. The psychic tole me My organs will break down soon, she believes my death is coming soon and I have been selected for a sick practice of breeding and they require my DNA for this sick and twisted plan and will use it to breed their own.

My boyfriend stayed over one of the nights I was there and in his sleep he attacked me by strangling me I was screaming for him to let go which he finally did (took some time for him to come to reality), he told me he could see himself out of his body and found it difficult to get back in it and when he did the cat was looking at him. We also slept together that night but when I woke up I asked him if we did I couldn’t really remember it. He also slept that whole day until 5pm which is not like him. I am catholic but do not go to church, I have been confirmed.

If you can guide me or help in anyway please point me in the right direction. I do work with this guy every day and I am not leaving my job. This lady has predicted a few things recently which have come true; my life has spiraled downhill before he came into my life. As much as I don’t believe it , I also don't want to ignore something I may not have any understanding of and am open to these kind of things and do not disregard them.

I hope you can help, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Assalam allaikum My sister she feel very bad smell all the time I think she had aaseb effect. My parents are very disturbed for hurdles in her marriage. Plz help us we are in very deep trouble. What should I do to get rid from all these problems and get married as soon as possible. Plz plz tell me something regarding this.

naziba said...


I have a lust jinn ... i went to the best amil in my country but could not remove it since the lady is too old now ..

the jinn i have does want me to marry ... i feel scared to marry though i got good proposal ...

i always dream of man with me .. sex dream ect

Any tips to remove him .. how can i remove mask on face ???

i'm 25 yrs old .. i'm a girl

Anonymous said...

Hey I would like more information on the Jinn Spirit. And what can be done to remove it.

Hassan said...

Asc my name is Hassan i have a big problem pleas i need hell if you can my problem is every night or every day my my wife have a jinn that jinn is coming from my other wife please how can i stop that problem please help me i am so tier with Quran i read everyday or night please and please i need your help thanks i cant pay sadaqa i will that

sonia said...

asalam u alikum
can i have your adress to meet you for some serious problems
or i may have your contact no, please ..
do consider it please
i m a doctor and i come across a lot many cases daily that need spiritual treatment more than medical treatment ,,,some are victimized of jado ,, some of gande asrat ,,some jin possession,, and still some of ashiq jinat etc..
actually i wana know if u do teach this amel courses and this basic isthekhara doing method ,,so that i can learn the basic things to diagnose the patient problem and can refer them to the proper authentic amel and location ,,,,,,,,
because victims are usually women and children that cant have an acess to the authentic amels i wana know where is your astana and do you have any of your sub branches,,,,kindly give me the information of some authentic referral places and persons where even poor people can also have an access,,,,,

Sareer said...

Dear Brother
Aslamu-aliakum, My name is Sareer from Kashmir India. I am facing one problem for almost 10 years. One Jin is coming in my dreams and is doing sex with me. Even I am a married man, he does sex with me in dreams.

Before , he was coming two times in a week or in 15 days then I started reciting Quran and some verses . Now yesterday he came after 4 months and did sex with me. Please advise me what should I do and get permanently get rid from him.

He comes in the face of my friends and known friends and does sex with me in dreams only.

My health is also not good , I mostly remain sick. I am by the profession as Engineer and praying five times daily.

Please help me and Allah will help you.

fazila said...

asalam alaikum i m fazila and i want to my my star (sitara) according to your calculation my name addat is 921 what is my star and how it effects my life..... i m so tensed now a days and i in my young age do ibadat alot and also sit in aitqaaf.... but soon after getting out some changes occur in my life as my belief of Allah reduces tauba nauzbillah and i got fear and say myself that what happened to me,,,, i feel ashamed i controlled myself later on i slowly got my faith back,,,, on that time i went to one baba he said me i have a jin but i and my family donot believes and donot feel anything like this.... but after wards i realised that one some part of life something different happeneds to me... now i donot offer prayer or recite holy quran.. but i want to be habitual to quran and nimaz plz help and guide me.... i m so hopeless i want someone help me to get my desired life this world and here after too.... whats my star who i m in a islamic point of view what should i do... i m not knowing anything... i m girl of age 25... waiting for ur answer..

Sterling said...

I ran across your blog on the internet and I'm in no serious assistance. Possession by the ferry for which I actually seen arrive in the room flipping back and forth as if he was holding a heart the size of a toy soldier until he arrived close by my ear. Since that time I have gained weight to the point where I am 250 pounds I worked out every day for 6 weeks 3 times a day and I put on 10 pounds. I need to know how to remove this possession or to kill it or their herbes or is there a possession ritual that can be done to rid this thing of my body it does communicate and talk through my stomach muscle.

jagu said...

dear sir,

I read all your articles about jinn. My son & daughter are suffering a lot because of Jinn in their body. Always someone talking rubbish all the 24 hours in their heads. It is not allowing to sleep and also they are not able to work. Completely stops memory and they does not know what they are doing. Their sufferings ,I am not able to explain. Wherever they live in the world ,it is following them.
I need your help to drive out the jinn from their body. Myself and children are always praying amel soname to drive out the jinn.
I would like to have your reply at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Anonymous said...

my son has bn showing resistance to quranic ayahs. He had bn vomittning n not eating not drinking water for many days. we hv tried so many ails n maulanas btnothing seems to work. He is so restless either he wont sleep at all or he will sleep day n night. we hv consulted doctors too. But it seems to relapse over n over again. what can be done ? we r in real crisis since a year. plz hel us.