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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Assalamu alaiqum,

One of the type of devils is the six-handed one which is quite powerful and accepts the foremanship of the black magician if he agrees to their few demands. Once their demands are met with, they do all the work for the magician in a matter of a few seconds.
These devils help the magicians with all types of worldly problems. Like for eg., if a person has been afflicted with an evil amal, so these devils may help the magician’s client by locating the place where the taweez has been buried by the opposite party to cause harm to the magician’ s client. They are capable of bring out of season fruits and also help the magicians in killing or annihilating their enemies.


1 First of all it should be noted what they are up to, whether they leave some thing in the house or bury something.
2 Sometimes these six-handed devils only listen to the ongoing conversations in the house and give the information to the magician.
3 Often they bury pieces of meat or taweez in the house as in a lot of cases these things have been discovered in the victim’s house.
4 Whenever he enters the house, the victim feels unwell. So in such a situation the victim should get alert.
5 The victim may see a six handed devil who displays some tricks with his six-hands


1 Usually this type of devil does not linger around for long. He just does some mischief and then goes back. So whenever he appears before the victim, Surah Nisa should be read, which inflicts a lot of pain on him.
2 Hisar should be done with Ayatal Kursi.
3 Read Surah Ambiya daily. It is very beneficial in such a case.
4 Read Surah Noor after isha namaz.
5 Inshallah, this devil may get overpowered by and may not enter the victim’s house again.

Amel soname contact

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