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Thursday, November 5, 2009

how to get rid goat devil with the help of quran

one type of JINNS(Devils) is similar
to shape of Male Goat's face. These are magician devils they themselves knows magic. And they cast magic on victim. Mostly they appear clearly when victim cures his self against magic or some AMIL start killing devils then they start appearing to victim in the shape of male goat or victim sometime see half goat and half human.
Although its magic is not that strong but his magic is strong enough for annihilation of anyone.

Its symptoms are

1. To see a Male goat shaped human or male goat
2. Feeling Dizzy
3. Headache
4. Body gets warm

Its cure is as under

1.Recite Surah Al.Imran after fajar prayer
2.Recite Surah Tariq after Zohar Pryer
3.Recite Surah Rehman after Isha Prayer Inshalah te devil go away in few days

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1 comment:

imran shah said...

I read ur blogs and accpreciate ur selfless work that you are doing to help helpless people in order to get them rid from fake amil and magician.I am contacting u to have guide in a personal matter. my fiancee was possed by a gin..amil was magcian infact when I saw sigm which u wrote in ur book, i decided to leave him, but he never took us of his mind.
Gini matter was solved by grace of God. but now again about a year later my finacee is feeling bad. i used to recite sura naas 11 times as writen in ur blogs but now its seems not working. ( does mean not work fully but she still feel headache, her body feel burden even she goes to unconcien.
when i recite sura naas now she feel very pain. now she is in allergy as well.her body become very warm. That megician have threaten us many times. n asked to come to him but our families dont follow him any more.
This year she went to DATA SB and BIBI PAKDAAMAN for dua khair n blessings. but now again her condition is worst.
she feels burden on head,in mouth, below jaws on neck , in mouth at top. she offer prayer n recite quran but this magic is not broken yet.

Please guide what to do, read for her health. I even tried to do istkhara as u wrote in ur blogs with ayat "Fakashfna anka ghitaa-ka fabasaruk-ul youma hadeed" but could nt find any thing.
I myself is target many times, as when i sleep some time see something coming on me,my parents are getting sick and weak day by day.

Plz help me and guide me..i will always thankful to you.