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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum
between the black magician and devil/evil forces there is an agreement formed for which magician has to do/perform some devilish things so devil became happy and in return is willing to help magician. the magician do this secretly and no one in society knows that he is doing such kind of deeds and in reward the devil has to help magician because thay had an agreement and in this reward devil either had u give magicain some of his servants or jin/gost. this is the one who is the leader of the group of jin now this evil leader sends the most foolish member of his group to serve magician. now magician order this evil thing and this evil thing had to obey magicians order the magician take his works from this evil thing like seperation between husband and wife. and if that evil thing denys to obey; the magician asks the leader of this evil thing’s kabila. and then the leader replaces this evil thing with his special sevant and than that thing is abide to do magician’s works. that’s the reason why the evil things hates magician soo much. the one who serves the magician hates the magician so much that they distrub the magician family member, the magician always has a headach and he has sleepless nights he remains distrub whole night even the worst magican had no children, this evil thing kills the baby in before birth in mother lab. and the magician knows this thing very well. to have children many magicians leaves magic. the proof of what i said is in this video you can see by your self.

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Hamza Abbas Hafiz said...

Dear Sufi sabb,

Sallam o Alikum.

My name is Hamza Abbas joyia. I born in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 2nd day of Ramadan 1978 on Friday morning. My family had people like walis. So I also keep fear of Allah all the time and try to keep reading some tasbis but I don’t prey.

Now I am coming to subject. I was living in saudia and working as asst general Manager in BMW. Then I left my job from their and start my own business of cars. Bmw company was not agreed to leave me. They tried to stop me by every way. But I left them. I started my own business of cars and In few months I went so high and rich that sometimes I myself not beloved what is happening around me. Then suddenly everything changed.

I use to finalize the deals even pay advances but after few hours people call me back and ask me to take my advance back and cancel the deal. People many times hit my car and they say that they didn’t saw my car in their way. My all shirts have some holes near the wrist both arms. Circumstances get that much worst that I left Saudi Arabia and come back to Pakistan. Now I have no money, no work. Have a wife and son of 2 years. Any business deal I try to finalize it just stuck or cancel. People don’t want to respect me.

I myself becoming rude so much rude. All the time pressure on my head. Don’t want to move so much. Becoming useless person. On little things I become so much angry that want to kill other person. I am from last few months reading these tashbees.

1 time darrod.

100 time yalatefoo

100 time hasbunallah ha wa animal wakeel

100 ya raqaku

100 ya haiyu ya kayum

100 istagfirullah

100 ya rahmanu ya raheemo

100 as salatu asalam mo alike ya rasool allah

101 time ya sabooro

I am reading these three times a day. Some time I not feel good even reading these also. But I am telling you I am becoming worst every day.

In my company back in Saudi Arabia there were some dirty African use to work with whom I was not good because they don’t do good jobs. I believe they did some African magic on me.

I need a solution for this all. I cannot pay you now. I am not in that condition. If you can help me please tell me how I can break this.

Best Regards,

Hamza Abbas Hafiz

mushthaq ahmed said...

Assalamu alaikkum,

I am mushthaq ahmed from india (chennai).I am suffering from ghost problem past 12 years. when i go to magician they ask money for rectifie. i lost more and more money but not yet cure.I saw through in internet about you.

My Symtoms are:

1. I cant sleep in night and in day time also.(Some disturbance pressing in my body & and making wake up).
2. I have no paeceful mind.., due to asleep( no sleeping)
4.More tension
5.More angry
6.Some thing has been moving in my body when go to sleep.
7. Finally i am not in my control.

Kindly need what is the solution for me Please very please forgive me what to do please

Anonymous said...

My husband health is not good,he has diabetes & he is having severe leg pain.I have back pain.I'm having many debts & problems where I work.I have two girl child to still get married.and my son is very disobedient,v do not own a house,v have many problems in the rented house currently v r leaving .please help me to know whether I'm under the influence of black magic or not.

Anonymous said...

Salam Bhai,

I have taken your email address from internet, bhai im in big problem, regarding my husband, i went to 1000 peer, and wasted lakhs of money, but still im in the same position, im very help less, i pray 5 times, done 1000 of wazaif, but no result. plz let me know if u can tell me any wazifa or any amal so i can make my life better, plz reply so that i can tell you my problem.

Looking forwards for your favourable respponse.

Anonymous said...

hi there, i really need your help. i read everything about the black magic and i was very interested. i will tell you what the problem is. My cousin does black magic and she came to my house to stay with us. Unfortunately, my dad is her uncle. my brother was doing these pills their called perks for about 8 months but he stopped now and she told my brother she can help him to stop doing those pills and how his body will feel better and he said i don`t want it right now because i don`t want to mix religion stuff with my life because he thinks he`s a bad person but i told him nobody`s perfect and he`s really not even a bad person at all. he wouldn`t harm anyone ever. Anyways so she told my brother i know this guy back home or something he`ll do it there and i will get it done for you here. She said this is good and i will make a nice dua for you. My brother kept on telling her no i don`t want it but she forced it onto him, she told my brother that she did it for our cousin`s and it worked for them so my poor brother fell into her trap. she had this black horse shoe and she took my sister and my brother to the ocean and she told him to throw it as far as he could and he did. She told him that it would help him to bring him good luck. The second day she took my mom and my brother to the grave site, it was around 8 at night. She took them to two cemeteries. She told my brother and my mom that they will see a man appear in the cemetery and she said don`t be afraid. My mom and my brother look around and there was a man walking around but he had his back turned so my brother couldn`t see his face. He did not turn around either. it wasn`t a person, it seemed like a dead person from their grave that she brought out. she then burned a piece of paper, i have no idea why. She even wrapped my brother up in a white sheet, you know when the muslims wrap the dead body in, thats what it was. At one point, my brother said he couldn`t get up, his body was stuck, he felt dead. The second day was when my brother didn`t feel like himself in his own body and mind. He wanted to die, he tried to kill himself. He stabbed himself but thank god it didnt go in too deep. My brother says he wasn`t feeling like this when he quit pills so we know it`s not the pills. He thinks sooo much thoughts in his mind, he said their all bad thoughts and everything she did to me, i keep thinking about it and the grave site and everything that happened. He can`t do what he normally does in his daily life. We took my brother to a Mala at the Mosque and he checked to see if any black magic was done on him and there was. He told my brother your relative or friends their jealous of you and my cousin that did the black magic on him, she would do ANYTHING for money. I know somebody paid her to do it and she did it.| The Mala read Surat Al-Baqura for my brother and many other prayers from the Quran. I knew

Anonymous said...


I am writing to ask for your help regarding my brother-

In the last week my brother has been surrounded in debt. He claims the money has been spent in gambling.

Please would you be able to help us as we feel that somebody is taking this money from him.

If you could also provide some dua's to read.

Many thanks

taki said...

I am living in usa, california. I have question for you, please answer me yes if you could do it. Do you put Jin, Ghost or unwanted spitit in Bottle? I am affected with a jin or ghost. To be honest with you I really dont knot it is Ghost or Jin and something else. He speaks urdu and pujabi too. He lied a lot all the time and always try to hurt me by making wrong decesions. He lives in my body and around me all the times. He is attached with me for a long time. I just noticed about a couple years ago. He neve talked to me but last six month he starts taking a lot to me. Could you call him overthere and get all information like who sent to me, name of my enemies and what is the purpose to stay with me all the time in my body and around? And put him in bottle send the bottle to me in usa. He is effecting me by negative energies and creating all kind of problems. Please reply me if you could do it this job. I want you after getting all information from him put him in a smallest bottle and send to me by DHL/Fed Exress to USA at my residence address. How much it gona cost me? Just tell me Yes or Not. If Yes give me price for this job/work.

Anonymous said...

My problem is hurdles in my Marriage....trying to fix but still delayed ...i don't know how to handle this one ....
my name is shaista & one more thing so many times i heard somebody calls my name even i'm alone or in the crowd
but never seen the person who calls me i tried not to attentive towards him/her but during working hours it happens ..............................................
i'm so dipressed&helpless plz help me..
Thx once again

Anonymous said...

Respected brother,

My problem is that I am poor man, I have not money and my age is 45 but I have no wife. I am single.

From (1993) to till date, I looks really alive cats everywhere, where I goes, Cats chases / follows me in the streets, roads, and my bed room for the last 20-years. Secondly people quarrel with me every time. I have passed miserable life. Now I am going to old.

Al-hamdulillah I have offered five time prayers regularly. I have recited Aitul Kursi (41 times after Fajar prayer + 70 times after Esha prayer) , Alhamd Sharif (70 times after Esha prayer , tesra kalma (tamjeed) (200 times after maghrib) Surat Baqra, but failed to get rid from the CATS.

Please advise me solution to get rid from the CATS,

nazia said...

I read your blog found it really interesting, the things are from Quran.
Do you have some more information related to jinns from quran.

That would be a favour from you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

I read the post about the symptoms of evil eye on the blog. i think i am suffering from one of it. i have sick for 2 weeks now n between suffering from various other problems. At first i was suffering from stomach ache and was on antibiotics in between i got a sprain and swelling on my feet and was unable to walk easily and now i am getting rashes all over my neck and palms are turning red and itchy after eating something. Please help me and send me some duas for evil eyes!!

ali said...

Asslam o Alaikum,

Amel Soname, My son 7 years old is afflicted with some jinn family and I have done many a things and he is not coming right.
Jinns never let him talk, they have full control of him.
Some times we chased the jinn away but according to the Maulana Amil, another Jinn takes place.
According to him its a ZalZal family and he has challanged like it is impossible to get rid of them in normal situation and in our routine Islamic life.
Please reply so that I can send further details.

Thank you

kiyani said...

assalamu alaykum,

I came across your blog and I wanted your advise inshaAllah. Apparently I have an ifreet jinn that is around me. Is there anyway to find out more about it?

habib said...

My lover has been under the jinnat they often give her bruises and
even show her bad dreams is ther a way?

Raja said...

As salamu allaiqum,

My dear Sheikh

kindly hear me and give alms to this needy and poor boy,

My name is Raja
i am suffering from mental illness (depression and frustration) and satanic doings Which
resulted that I cannot concentrate in my studies .It has ruined my life,my career .
And the same things in the same way are happening with my brother that is strange.

My family members are also suffering from mental illness (depression and frustration) and
satanic doings from 25 or more than 25 years and there is always quarrel among us,day by day
increasing hard up condition (financial problem).

we have gone to many amels but the conditions and situations are same.

please peer baba ,i request you kindly make a dua for me and my family. You are the only way to get Allah's mercy.

Question:- Hazrat i am doing CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT COURSE is it beneficial for me or
not?if not then what i do and what i not do kindly show me the way and also make a dua for my job.

lastly, i want to say sorry if there is any mistake in respect and in writing and also for wasting your valuable time.

again accept my salam - As salamu allaiqum.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about Magick and Jinns.
Like if person (a) goes to a sheikh and says I want person (b). Then the sheik talks to jins by a ritual and tells them what to do. Do the Jins go to person (b) and fulfill person (a)'s wish?

azad said...

assala mualikum
sir I've been visiting your blog for a few days & here to make a request .
there are 2 jinns at our place & my mom is mostly effect by them. we tried everything but failed to get rid of them. for two days we're playing your “jalali mp3” too. but seems like its not working either. we believe these two jinns are creating all sorts of problem in our life.

Anonymous said...

salam brov i have read your posts about jins and cure of blacck magic. u r doing a great job for humanity Allah grant u with his blessings Ameen.

brov i have a problem : my mom is suffered from jin's they are 4 in number and from over 20 years they are with him, her life is almost finish now she cannot perform daily routine work , beside that we are suffered from great financial problems since my dad n mom get married. i have also difficulty in studies from the last 7 years . plx help me n guide me what to do

salim said...

Salaam Bro .

Hope you are well , i have been reading your post and am in need of your help.

I have been possessed for 2 years by the most nasty of jinns , every time they tale him out he comes back.

I need someone who can kill him , he is ruining my life.

ali said...

Assalamwalaikum brother how r u i have gone to your sight and i have found a lot of things which conflicts with my daily life by the way name is Ali and iam from Melbourne and i would like to get rid of jinns which iam struggling from last 15 to 20 yrs. Would you be interested in helping me out with the problems i am facing?

Anonymous said...

i also have a problem when ever my husband are away from the house i hear the jinn on my roof every night how he walk and jump my dog shouts every night.why?