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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamau allaiqum.
If a person is possessed by an evil fairy, then the victim goes crazy and his health starts deteriorating day by day. He loses control over his mind as the evil fairy takes charge of his mind and if the victim tries to heal himself somehow, then the result is never positive.


1. The victim sees the evil fairy clearly which has huge wings.
2. The victim keeps getting negative thoughts due to his mind not being in his own control
3.The moment the evil fairy enters the victims body, he experiences a feeling of heaviness in his head and his shoulders. His body temperature also rises since these evil fairies are a part of the jinn community. Sice the jinns are made up of fire, so the human body that they enter also gets warmer .
4. The victim feels breathless
5. The heart beat gets faster.


1.Listen to azan 11 times each in the morning, noon and in the evening on any audio system or alternatively, read azan in the victims ears.
2.The victim should avoid listening to the evil fairy whenever he tries to lead the victim astray. For ex: If the fairy says that go and watch something vulgar, or listen to music etc, then the victim should do just the opposite, i.e listen to Quranic qirat. offer namaz and discuss Allah with his companions. By doing so, they may compel the evil residing within them to leave their body as all the evil entities get repelled by the name of Allah. They cannot stand the quranic verses or any thing holy, which is against their very nature, that is devilish and evil. So they escape from the victims body.
3. Read this verse 11 times each in the morning , noon and in the evening: surah araf verse no 38.

If the evil fairy tries to harm the victim by his own will, then it may leave the victim quickly, but if it has been send by some magician then it becomes a serious problem ,because even if it is compelled to leave the body of the victim, the magician can send some other evil fairy .So in case of the evil fairy having been send by some magician ,the amal has to be continued. If by chance the amal does not yield any good results, then it means that the magician has blocked the amal, making it useless .In such a case, one should hire a good amil to do the needful.

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Ahmad Noor said...

Respected Amel Soname,

Aslamoalaikum wrb, I hope you will be fine and having a good time with the blessing of Allah and may Allah bestow you with his countless bounties of life.

Sir, this is Ahmad Noor from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I got your email address while surfing at net; professionally I am Finance person. I heared from some people that they have control over their Hamzad. I want to know two things in this regard a) is this Jaizz to control his/her Hamzad in Islam b) if yes, then what is easy way to control the Hamzad
and thirdly can we use them in positive way.

Sir, your nice suggestions would highly be valuable for me.
Thank you

ravinder said...


I have read and go your email address from a website and read how you guided people about tonaa jadu. Brother i have been suffering by ghost possession for almost 6 months and this ghost is getting crazier day by day it is making my body so heavy and squeezing my neck making me diffcult to breath. I just tried alot of ways but it still doesn't leave me and all i knwo is sent by my chacha whom we dt talk at all pls help me and guide me what i can do i have tired wearing taazee even though i am not a muslim but i know the spirt is so i am ready to recite anything pls help

Anonymous said...

Assalamu 'Alaikum

In 2006 I worked in Bulgaria. I lived there with roommat. At one momment he was weak, and was invaded by djinns. i have recite some duas and one djin appeared. He told me his name, from which world comes, and he commend from goods people ... told me that he had entered the body of this my friend because he (my friend) was too weak. He said me on this body has a lot of energy, and that will be used in their fight was supposed to bee in February 2011. As a reward, he said that this man will bee their leader, and so became. He told me i can call it, but only at night or when there is fog in the sky. He told me that he was high military commander, under the control of which has 2,000 soldiers.
War for which he tolded me, occurred between the goods and bad, and no one of bad survived.

He told me that when i want to contact him, i can contact him through my friend. during the war my friend has ben killed on djinn world, but not and in our world. My friend is alive, but i can not contact hem. i have talked with hem just live when hints in the body of my friend, when i chat with my friend or when i speak on telephone with my friend. but now i can not contack my friend and i can not talk with that djinn.

I have the impression that he is not a believer gin. so my qyestion is:
- how/ what need to do to call that djinn and to talk will hem?
- what if he not want to talk with me?
- cause why i want to talk with hem is to convert hem to islam and all her army.
why? Because he must pay for that who injured my friend with that who has stolen her energy, by
turning to Islam, and as compensation - to serve to islam people who needs for skills of those jinns.

i think he need to captivate in the body of any man and to recited the Qur'an/ruqia during to accept our religion who is the only religion accepted by Allah.

but, i can not do all this, because I do not know how, and I have no knowledge... there need grand master like you, i think.

what worries me more is that at moment when he will accept Islam, it is likely his army to attack hem. at that momment is unsafe for him life itself or for the life of the man in which the body will be jinns. it is very important that as much gin to return to Islam, not only he.

My concrete and final qyestion is, do you can do it this?

faiza said...


I think there is some problem with me because:

I have been married for the last 7 years but has no child .Apparently we both are healthy .This is my second marriage.first marriage has been broken after 6 months with the reason that my X husband told me that he felt afraid of me whenever he thought to come close to me.So he divorced me.After that I took a treatment from Pakistan. There, someone told me that there was a jinn on me so he give me to read surah baqra and surah tariq.After that I got married; in the beginning of marriage lots of problems were with me.

I came in KSA alone because of my job and my husband was there in pakistan.One day I was standing in front of my window I feel that some fast wind stuck against me and than I started feeling some feather noise just some bird enter in my body through my ear.I thought may be I was alone and psychologically I feel this; but it was not my imagination it was real because I had infection and depression after that bus only there was one thing in my mind leave my husband.

My husband came in 2010 and started live with me and we change our house. New house was ok at first but now again whenever we go to our bedroom we cannot sleep.I play surah baqra and read quran .I offer prayer 5 times but my sleep is also very disturb .I have black spots on my thighs.When ever I read quran I feel vibration inside my body.I have very bad dreams of stool/urine/My death/Fall from stairs etc.My periods are disturb and black color blood evern stool color is black.

I am really fed up of this situation.I am thinking now may be someone bind my children also because we both are healthy and medically fit.

What do you suggest for me.
Waiting for your response,

imran said...

Hi Mr. Amel

your website showing cure for humans possessed by evil.
i thought you might help me in this as i am confused by seeing the long and confusing procedures to cure.

when my sister had visited a Dargah along with my mother 5 to 6 months ago, mom said a evil spirit from within her feared the place and nailed four nails on a holy tree.
it is said that any evil possessed man, visiting this place get himself nailed on the tree.

my mother thought that she is cured but the priests from the Dargah told her to visit the Dargah every new moon day so that the evil doesn't come back.

They followed the priests instruction for two three times but missed one New moon day which happened few days back. but my mother had gone alone where she faced many problems to travel alone in the night but reached safe by Gods will.

As i was not informed about this from earlier, i was confused to see my sister on the last new moon night around 10.00 Pm to 11.00 Pm when we were at the house along with my grandmother.

she fell on the ground with pain and then starting whispering in my grandmother ears that she had nailed four nails at the Dargah. Evil also Said that he Like her and he is not going to live Her. he even warned to kill us if we come in his way . That evil seems to be a man for whole time but onetime i felt she used words of women also. that is another confusion with the number of evil spirits in her body.

we couldn't do much talking as we were still confused with what she is doing
and we also had to keep it secret from the neighbors.

for that whole time we just put holy water in her mouth and some ash kept near our holy place in house. later we took her to bed and placed a small palm Size Quran in Her Hand. later she behaved normal and went to sleep.

Now what my mom says is she doesn't know anything about this and its difficult to explain her and tell her to follow Namaz or any other method to Cure.

Since we are brought up in Catholic boarding school we are not much aware of Islamic prayers.
i also don't speak with my sister because of daily fights from earlier, this also might be cause of same Evil.

I don't know how this story sounds to you but if You could give me some tips also will do for me. even if this situation can be handled my self alone also i am ready for it.

i will wait for your reply whenever it its possible for you. Please Help me in this.
God bless you

Thanks & Regards,

tasweer said...

Salam Alaykaam

brother Since moving to the property we have experienced unusual staff. The health of the whole family me my mrs 5 girls and 1 boy my children is vastly going down day by day all have been diagnosed as depressed. I am unable to read as I feel chained watching seeing everything but unable to do anything pls pls brther it's been 10 years and has taken its toll about to lose my mind half crazy already plz plz can u help !!!!!!! It's worst in winter months especially August to feb/March plz send your number or reply

Will remember you in my duas as all my family plz help awaiting your reply

Thank you

zaheer said...

dear brother,
I am doing vazeefa of bismillah sharif since 5 months
I have its asrat I met two amils he asrat are presense.
when I was performing vazeefa yesterday I feel something entering in my left arm whole and I feel high pain and now my health is not good my vazeefa is continued.
tell me these are angles, are other jinnat that affects vazeefa.
and what is the method to permanent keel or make hisar to my body and home.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum I got a big problem I suffer with dizzy spell and ears ringing I believe that someone has a hand in it I tried everything but nothing workes

adnan said...

Aswlm my name is adnan I've read your posts. I have a realy bad problem I was possesed for 6months a few years ago and now its lyk I'm possesed again sometimes especialy at nite I cont sleep and the jinn is calling my name and makes me realy scared I dnt c the jinn bt its like the jinn wane reveal himself to me but the feeling is traumatising I just wane get over this scared feeling I'm even afraid to make tahajud plz help any advice would do I jst wane be strong and not afraid anymore its like I wane see them but the feeling makes my heart beating very fast and my hole body shivers how do I stop this. Shukran wslm

Hina said...

Asalam o alikum

My name is hina ,i am facing a problum i can feel the presence of jin and other objects.. i became terribl sick but all reports clear when i done my check up.. last year i went one molana who do dam and he checked my all things and told me where i live in my home and my room that part of building is haunted and a gathering of jinat living there from long time, he gave me some water and tawiz which helped me tooo much but due to that thing im zer e asar of jin and when ever i try to get involve with any boy for wedding its effect me , from last 10 years im facing this problem... from last 4 years one boy he love me but with out any reason 4 times we break up ,now from last 2 months again he is behaving rudely....i wanted to know how can i control this problum and can i control this jin under me ? i want to control jin .

help me


Shireen said...

Assalam waliekum

I just finished reading ur article about khabees... I found it very informative... Since 2009 my family has been suffering from this entity... I have tried everything in my might but nothing seems to work...

My mother is now in a serious condition she doesn't take a shower ... Eats live flesh of her own fingers... Has lost her memory doesn't remembers her own children...doesn't eat at all... Only likes to eat sweets. Her words don't come out clear n cannot recite the kalma... Likes to stay dirty all the time
Even my sister doesn't take shower... Sleeps all day n keeps awake all night
Bad luck has struck us no one is employed...
I consulted many maulanas but all run away n say only an amel can help as this is way too powerful.. I m in bad need of help. U are Allah's good man please please tel me how can I help my family from this problem.. As I m a girl nobody is ready to help they take money from me n then disappear.
If u can help or guide me in any way please do. U are my last hope
Please do reply I will be eagerly waiting I live in Lucknow India... Anyone u know who can help me please refer

Allah Hafiz

Anonymous said...

All of our family members are suffering from black magic for a long time. A group of stupid jinns are creating many problems in marriages, children, money, jobs etc. Only few family members r doing ruqyah and one of them who is doing ruqyah has seen in the dream that which relative is doing all this n how. Jinns talk to one of the family member and said that they will not go. What to do? Lady doing all this is continuously sending jinns. Jinns r in the form of lizards n we have killed 9 or 10 lizards but then new one comes. What to do?

Anonymous said...

hi, i read your article on a website, can you tell how do i get rid of a Jinn with me, someone told me that i have one with me since childhood, and one more has been sent by someone close who had been doing black magic and spells on me.. my problem is lot of people have told me the same thing but no one has given the solution. that was one person who said he can get me rid of it,, he gave me some utara and went to a dargah for me too in order to tie the dhaaga there which he had asked me to wear, and also he said that is where he talks to the jinnat and summons them for a dialogue... but of no use.. i am still gettin g the same signs.. my bed and pillow covers are getting torn of... professionally and personally life is worsened... no job no career.. kindly help... where are you located

Marziya said...

Assalam alaikum
I am marziya from mumbai age 39 some maulana told me that a jinn has possesed ne n having intercourse with me at night.
I never felt anything as such
But yes i hate when my husband comes near me although i love him.
I started falling sick thyroid n throat pain...periods were irregular n stopped completely now.
I get bruises on the body at night i see it in the morning
One night i felt someone holding me very tight i cud not move at all i was awake but eyes closed n i read kalimah n was released.same night i felt someone walking on my bed n lying nxt to me.
Whenver i close my eyes to sleep i see tiger type colors floating..when i read ayat al kursi it goes away.
I saw a caged n an open lion in the dream once.
I read quran..pray namaz on time..have ruqyah water...have bath also sometimes with blessed water...listen to sura e baqaraah daily on computer.what else can i do i know if i am cured
I used to listen ruqyah also but frlt very sick n became very weak cud not eat or head was reeling with dizziness n felt like vomiting..i vomited 3 times.
I read sura e muzammil daily ayat al kursi..sura e nas..what else shld i do pls husband also used to feel someone walking on bed n sleeping nxt to him.we had lots of arguments n fights..we had stopped we r getting back to normal gradually.
Allah hafiz

Akhtar said...

Dear Amel i have read your article on mental dissorders and halluciations.I am a muslim man aged 35 years i have been married for about 12 years i also have a 2 year old little girl i live at a rented a property with my wife marriage ws perfect job was also good Family ties were excellent was highly respected.Had also been trying for a baby and was accepted after about 10 years in marriage .The best thing that ever happend to me But in the last two years my thoughts started to worsen i have thoughts of my wife cheatin i accuse we both fight i also started takin cocaine stopped goin to mosque frequently started evil sins dont feel like workin high blood pressure cheatin thoughts about wife hearing things but when i accuse my wife i get the thoughts which make me feel like she is lying i am having money problems please can you help i would be gratefull for allahs sake

Anonymous said...

I have faced some problems can u help??

mohan said...

Hi I need some advise and help I have 3 woman spirits and one boy has been following me around for the past three years , the womans will shout and scream and the boy will hurt me , I talk to them and they told me a lot of lies, first they said they were goddess Kali and they acted like one and later I prayed and prayed i found out that they are evil, I have been praying and asking God to remove them but until now they never go and i ask some religious priest they told me it is karma and I just have to wait, they do not have any respect for God or it's people, can you please advise me how to get rid of them , and I don't want others to suffer like me, looking forward for your kind advise, thank you God bless, I am a Hindu and later when I become Christian I realize they are evil spirits