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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
These devils belong to the group of the jinns the sole aim of which is to harass people. They are very huge and powerful and are very old. If they get agitated, they can cause a lot of loss as they are very destructive by nature. Allah has assigned a lot of power to them and they are very horrifying looking with big teeth and smoke emanating from their nose. They live in deserted places and mountain regions and can be brought under control by the magician with the help of some specific mantras.
When the magician orders them, they come out of their hideouts and attack the victim in a brutal manner, causing him a lot of pain. These are the signs of a person being under the shadow of these devils:

1 An elongated shadow is seen by the victim which may be of around 12-20 feet.
2 Headache
3 A burning sensation in the body
4 Constant illness


1 The victim should read Ayatal Kursi 150 times and blow over his body every night.
2 Read Surah Hood ,verse no.119, 100 times after every namaz.
3 Read Surah Naas 300 times and blow it on water, which should be consumed 5 times daily.
4 Read Surah Al alaf ya after fajar namaz daily.
5 Read lahol wala quwata illa bila hil ali ul azeem as much as you can.

Inshallah the evil effects of this devil may get over.

Amel soname contact

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lass said...

Aslam-o Alikum,

I have read ur article in blogspot was soooo true and really helpful for people like us who r suffering from this evil thing.....i dont knw y we have ppl lyk these in our country who cant see others to live happily...we never used to believe in this b4 ....but my whole family suffered frm this in last few years......n nw im also suffering it in my relationship.

i have been engaged since 3 years back ....... my fiance is very nice person he lives abroad ......but her auntie (his father's sister in law) doesnt want this wedding to be happen.....bcz of alooot of jealousies....... due to this she also controls his husbands big brother ( my fiance fathers big brother too)..... so tht he also dont get agree on this relation n break everythng with them...... my wedding suppose to happen last year but its getting delayed cz of problems...... n also its hard to see any chance in future tooo.... but his parents also wants to do this wedding but they cant take decision and dnt knw wht is stopping them tooo....

i just want a favour from you can you plz tell anythng fr black magic happend on my fiance and his parents alsoo...and also smethng tht v get marry this year or early next year.......plz plz plz plz plz i ll b sooooooooooooo gr8 ful fr ur early response.......i m sooo depressed plz help me fiance still in abroad ....n suggest smthng tht i do smthng fr him he get sick of these thingz n dnt wanna try anythng nww,....... he gets hopeless of trying he wont try anythng nw.....

Anonymous said...

My whole family is suffering from jaddo which is done by our neighborhood.They send jinn in our home through which we feel lots of tension, phyisical pain like Headach and The important one is Our all cloths is Erupting( phatna) day by day.
i need lots of help from you and also want to meet with you if you Kindly send me your address and area where you live.
for furthur contact me at my e-mail :

Anonymous said...

Please help me. A woman casted a jewish magic on my son by sending a jinn for 3nughts in a row to ask for 3 wishes. Now he has started swearing, lying, hiding, crying for little things. I'm having sleepless nights. I'm reading a lot of quranic verses but I still need big help cause I might be doing the wro g thing. It's a female demon as she showed herself in my dream n I must she is very horrying., please contact me as soon as you can

umar said...

AoA Amel Soname

Can you please tell what is the problem with my grandmother. Can you also recommend a solution.

She hears voices daily when she goes to sleep at night. Many a times something touches her and even scares her by horror sounds. One time something also appeared in front of her in horrible appearance.

It does not happen to her in the day. It did happen a few times in the day also when she was resting in the afternoon.

Can you please help us in this matter?

Her name is Khalida Khanam


Seema said...

Hallo my name is Seema .I am living in Germany .when I came here first time to my house in germany. Things move in night and I started seeing Jinn in my home. From the last two years they r disturbing me too much .I see the picture of Jinn in my eyes in day time and when I am sleeping. I was a Hindu now I am become a Muslim and I pray different Duas including Ayat Alkuri .Now I feel much better but still I see in my Eyes there Shadow.I am very Disturb .I have a 8 year child he is abnormal and He see also these Jinn.Plz help and tell me what should I read to get rid or this forever.Plz reply. jazak Allah.

Anonymous said...

Despite doing the Rukia the evil opposition constantly bombarded me with their multiple attacks and must be following the Djinn/s with me. They cause extreme waswasa, anxiety and then also contaminate what I consume with sorcery in many in places i go to. What can do about this as my frail innocent 75 year old Mother mother is with me many times and these evil doers have no respect or compassion even for anyone they attack.

Even though I constantly pray (especially Aytal kusri with head phones), but as soon I stop to speak to speak to someone As ive been told that my portal is open, one of evil doers said "all that we have to do is look at you. What does this mean?

This is a vicious cycle and i'm been constantly tourchered for years.

Is the the magic that i'm fed the food for the Djinn, if so I do need to know where it is. As the taking constant senna has not provided the solution compared to level of vicious cycle attacks and constant topping up of sorcery.

My frail innocent 75 year old Mother and other family member have also been inflicted.

I have heard many things over the years from from the evil ones who use these attacks these include:
1. they have my transfer switch.
2. they have my airail.
3. my door has taken off.
4. they have my gift.

Do these terms indicate anything to you to my suffering? what do they mean?

what can I do to come to solution with this.

1. Is this gift a Djinn?
2.should i try to communicate with this Djinn/ djinns? if so how do I it.
2. How can I protect myself from the catchers and sorceers.

I look forward to any advice that you can provide.

Kind regards and Jasak Allah,

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have done everything necessary to cure my wife from this continuous problem yet it still comes back.

Even after 3 months of constant ruqya from a noble raqi with dignity. My wife's case reoccurs 3 days after she was discharged from the ruqya center.

She normally feels pains of being pelted by someone with something at the back and now behind the head several times everyday until she became sleepless and then saying things that did not happen and cannot happen.

False allegations, aggressiveness and destructive annoyance that st one time she threatened to stab her mother.

I will be glad to receive your response and assistance toward this issue.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance

nelson said...

Salamalekum, am nelson from Ghana , please i need you help, can you send me a Naqsh that can kill spirit from the water and spirit from the sky , or a moakills amil that can kill powerful idol , a magician is frightening me stealing my money spiritually, he has the spirit I mentioned above. Please please please help me