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Thursday, November 5, 2009

To scare and force the "Sifli Rock Mokel" (JINN) to run away

Assalam Alikum,
Sifli Rock Mokel (Jinn) looks like a human thats made of rock and he irritates the victim when he is sleeping. This kind of Jinn attacks the human in a very dangerous way. When the victim is sleeping this Jinn holds him very tightley and the victim is not able to free him self because of two reasons. The victim is in sleeping state and this Jinn holds the victim in a very rough way.
Some of the signs for this are

At night when you are sleeping something really hard holds you
Someones holds your hand at night
While sleeping something sits on your chest and heaviness is felt because of that.
This jinn holds the chest very roughly and strongly

Solution for this is
Before sleeping one night practice "Hisar" and read Aiytul Kursi 11 times
When your sleeping at night learn ayutul kursi by heart because when this jinn holds the victim he cannot move and so the victim has to read ayitul kursi in heart. By this the jinn becomes helpless and has to leave the victim
When this Mokel (JINN) HOLDS you read aiytul Kursi and blow on his face. By this he is ought to leave you and run away
You can also make use of Surah Nas ..

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Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Mr amel soname, Is this like sleep paralysis? Why does a person has sleep paralysis? does it permanently harm a person? what benefit does a jinn obtain from this? i had this sleep paralysis 2 times within this week after that i recited surah naas and falaq and blew all over my body with my hands and also said my prayers. Then i it did not happen to me(alhamdulillah). I'm very curious about it. is it done by the magician who is after me?


sofia said...

brother i could feel jnnath arround me from my child hood, even any where they are they talk to me, i could see them from my heart, i could feel them around me. they are good too me ,i could feel inside me too my body shaking even if i am not moving, i could feel that , i am not understanding why i cant see them in front of me, why if they could talk to me , i could even see the area they sitting , they walking , how come i cant see them from my eyes.

with the name of Allah , any wazifa that help me to open my third eye,please that would be really appreciated. I need right direction , please allow me to read any Allah Name that help me or any wazifa.


Waqqas said...

Assalam Alaikum

I'd like to ask my wife was possessed by a jinn as she was possessed she spoke and said some one sent it to her. I'd like to find out where the black magic is done if i can find who did it.