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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
Mostly when the girls have their menstrual cycle or even otherwise, the devils have sexual intercourse with them. This happens when the magician needs urgent help from these devils. So he offers them with the opportunity to have sex with girls. The devils get delighted and agree to do whatever the magician may order them to do in lieu of sexual favors. It may also happen if the magician wants to bring ignominy to a woman. So he may order these devils to go and have sex with any particular girl. These devils then rush to that particular house and on reaching the spot first of all they perform some magic to put that girl to sleep as a result of which the girl feels dizzy and has a slight headache soon after which she feels sleepy and dozes off. In order to ensure a smooth act, before starting out with the sex, these devils create a barrier around the girl by performing magic, so prevent her from trying to disturb them in any way because it may happen sometimes that the victim wakes up in between and may spoil their fun. So due to the barrier the victim will not be able to move even if she tried doing so. The sexual intercourse done by the evil jinns is similar to the one done by a human couple. The girl has the same sensations as a wife may have during sex with her husband and even though she may try to move from her position, she is not able to do so due to the magic barrier around her .In fact, the girl is not able to understand what is going on with her. In some cases a lot of jinns have sex with a single girl in turns. One of the jinns brings the girl’s mind in his control and tries to seduce her by showing her naked with a nude man in her dream. She feels a lot of pleasure and thinks that the sex is actually taking place in her dream. Since she enjoys it in her dream, she does not make any protest which makes it easier for the jinns to have sex with her in reality. In some extreme cases, such girls end up getting pregnant, which makes their parents grow suspicious about their character. Or else the girls doubt that they had spent a night in their relative’s place, so some one might have done some mischief with them. The victims can never understand the gravity of the situation.


Read the verse no.64 from the Surah Isra 500 times each after Fajar, zohar and Isha namaz. Before going to sleep read the 4 Quls 21 times each and ayatal kursi 11 times and blow it over one’s body. Inshallah the evil jinns will not be able to harm the girl. This amal should be repeated continuously because the evil jinns are on the prowl constantly. However if the amal is not effective then it means that the devils have created a barrier to obstruct the amal .In such a a case one should hire a good amil.

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yusuf allie said...

asalamhualaykom peace and blessings on the rasul sww
My name is yusuf allie I'm 25 yrs old.I allways had problems with jinn . But only recently found out who was behind it.
I was engage n very happy . A month b4 I got engage I got sick.I had full blown flu 4 10 hrs . When I got better I no longer wanted to marry my fiance .I didn understand y I just wanted to get away from her bt it lasted a few days.a month b4 my wedding my father calld me n booked me a flight to see him. We were very xited. My step mom was very nice with me witch was weird. She made me a meal n that same nyt I had the worst stomach pains ever. A few days later my fiance mon who loved me lyk a son called me to her home n said I can no longer see my fiance or enter her home . We were devstated .I told my dad this we became very close. My fiance nadia dint give up on me bt a month later so changed. We met n she can't even look in my face. I becum very hatefull n hurtfull to her .I had so many dreams of spiders n snacks n dogs. I lost my car wich was totaled bt algamdulilia allah protected me. I hav jinn even with me now n its hard for me to read quraan or make thikir. I started blaming allah 4 wot happend . I get angry all the time I lost 13kg .I lost my home I could not study.its hard 4 me to make salah.I was posesed 4 times this month its 7months now .my mom n I fight a lot. Iv been to many ulama they all tell me who behind it bt can't help me. My uncle removes the jin bt new jin apear after a few days or sumtimes step mother zulfa curses allahs name n sez she will never stopm she wants me to feel the pain she felt wen she lost her baby n cars n home. N she hates me coz I was born. I don't know how to fix this. Its hard for me to make duah or thikir wen the jinn are talking to me. Pls help me inshallah

Anonymous said...

I am a 24 yeared girl from Lahore.I had a very evil dream some months back.I dreamed that I was having sexual intercourse with a black object.It was hurting me a lot since I am a virgin and have never had sex before.I wanted to get away form this black thing but I could not move.The black thing was of small size,almost double the size of a human head.It had no shape,no face,no arms,no legs.I suspect it must have been a devil of jinn.I did not have such an evil dream again but I am extremely worried and scared at night now.Now I am so scared that I do not even want to sleep at night for fear of being raped by the devil again.

Also,I often get cuts on my hands,arms and feet even without touching a knife or any sharp object.Further,these cuts do not hurt.They are painless.

I know an evil relative who is very angry with me because my parents refused to marry me to her son.She is the sort who practises magic.Could she be behind all this???

PLZ HELP ME....and tell me what that dream meant.Have I lost my virginity??Was it the devil or was it only a meaningless dream.
Plz reply quickly beacuse I am so scared now.I cannot sleep anymore.

karma police said...

read ayat al kursi every night, let it on and on on a computer, leave all night light on, spread salt on your sheets

haroon said...

Salam O Aelykum,
I have seen some of your posts on a website that I came across by
putting some search words into Google search engine. I don't know if
you are a male or female and which country you reside in and whether
you could be of any help to me or not. In either case please reply to
me because I need help.

I am a healthy, religious and a handsome male of age 32 and have masha
Allah 5 kids and a loving wife. However, shortly speaking, for over
6-7 years I have been dreaming about various beautiful girls sometimes
regularly and sometimes randomly who try and some times are successful
to have sex with me in my dreams.

I use to recite various Quranic surahs and other advised by Prophet
PBUH before I go to sleep but everytime I wake up in the middle of the
night and then go to sleep I usually have dreams where beautiful girl
(single mostly) and sometimes in group try to have sex with me - half
of the times they are successful in doing so and in dreams I also
enjoy this.

Strange thing is that it feels very real and I do find taste in my
mouth which is not good sometimes sandy.

I also dream about dogs mostly black and with weird and strange faces
not like dogs. Some times they speak like humans. Mostly I hit them
with stick or stones. Some times I dream about horrific things for
example a bat like creature with wings and red eyes and sometimes only
black smoke like thing that has no features..snakes...often chased by
Lions and tigers as well...sometimes very disturbing dreams about my
family memebers...and yes, quite oftenly I would see my wife doing
very provoking things in dreams that feel really bad while asleep.
Earlier I used to reject girls who tried to have sex with me then one
girl in very good physical shape better than my wife but with exact
face of my wife comes in my dreams and I can not reject her ..and we
have sex..

What is all this about.. ? My wife knows about it..we also sometimes
see some small and tiny smoke like rolling things on our stairs..with
eyes open..and we are afraid that this activity may not become hostile's been more then 6-7 years nothing harmful
happened..yes, strangely sometimes I or my wife catch some infection
in our genital areas whereas both of us are neat clean and
alhamdulillah offer prayers..and we can not understand how it

can u help me..

Anonymous said...

i am being raped by something i do not see it hurts a lot it happens twice a day sometimes when i take a bath and many times at night.
Every thing i do to counter the black magic works for a few days and stop working
I used to see bad things about me in dream before it happened
Once i started to read some suras by heart and say ashes on the floor but i cannot remember what i read
I will add that every time i lost money through thief and my pay doesn't not last 2 weeks
I cannot keep fast because i vomit
i told my parents but they don't seem to bother my mother has it witness it but do not care.
I cannot get any help from anybody
In the past 2 years i had many problems with my parents they were always angry at me and always shouted at me and did not give food to eat etc etc.
I forget many important things like prayers and duas i do everyday peoples who i used to seek help for black magic
I read quran lot before when reading the place would become very cold and i used to have visions

That everything i can remember if you need more info i will provide you.

Please i want to end this the soonest possible and want that the person behind all this to stop

I thank you in advance

May Allah bless you

Anonymous said...

a jinn is continuously abusing me physically torturing (also sexually)
please do some thing fast its killing me every day .....
can you help me

Anonymous said...

assalamalaikum.i have been suffering from sihr of rape since past 7-8years..and since the time i hired an amil for treatment,i began to masturbate.
im not like this never bee.i never did any thing wrong and i know the amil treating is pious.but i donot understand that what happens all of a sudden to is rape as its exactly as described above.but i use my hands on my body during those dream like phases.....what is this .can you please answer my question.

Anonymous said...

assalamalaikum ,i have read your post of 2009 regarding rape by jinn .I have been suffering from sihr of rape by jinn for the past 7 years 2006 end....till now.
i have experience exactly what you wrote about but one additional thing but ...its very difficult for me to understand and even ask you this kind of question by Allah as my witness.but last 7years of constant suffering have made me ...

George said...

Dear Amel,

My name is George. I am living with my common law wife for 9 years now. She is subject of black magic since the day I met her. I will try to be short. I have high energy in my body, but no esoteric or exorcism knowledge, and everything I do, I do by inner sense. We tried heeling with different professionals but always without long term success.

I started to clean my wife from negative energies couple of years ago and suddenly about six months ago I drag into my self, during cleaning, demon that was inside of her and after that I expelled it from my self. In recent months whole process evolved and now it goes like this- I can sense them in her body, then I put hand on that part of body or just above, they start to scream through my mouth, sometimes they use words or just mumble, I suddenly twitch and they are inside me letting grouse sounds through my mouth, then I fall down without my will or start to tremble while standing, and feeling in my had is like having earthquake inside me, with waves in front my eyes and without possibility to move. Since I am orthodox christian I often use Christ name or Gods name during process.

Can you help me with some information. What does that earthquake means and why I fall down or tremble? What happens to demon when I expel it, does it goes back to harm magician or do I send it somewhere else? Since I don't know this I often said that I let them to Jesus Christ so he can do with them what is appropriated. Often when I cleanse her from really big demons, comes period of good days and after that so vicious attack and almost hundred of new demons to be expelled, how to put end of this vicious circle?

Any information that you can provide will be vary valuable to me since we are struggling in this battle for years now.

Sasuke Uchiha (Ali) said...

may Allah CURSE all these devil so unimaginable intense...that whole universe trembles with fear of ALMIGHTY ALLAH..the most POWERFUL..THE MOST GREAT....THE OMNIPOTENT...THE ETERNAL AND ABSOLUTE....,and one most impotent thing....the belivers/Followers of Holy Prophet(PBUH) are LOVED MOST DEARLY BY ALLAH...SO HAVE FIRM BELIEVE IN ALLAH...HE WOULD PUNISH THEM AS MUCH AS HE LOVES HIS BELIEVERS AND HIS PROPHET(PBUH)'S.

Saira said...

Assalam O Alaikum...

Sir am in dire need ov yur help.. My name iz Saira and am resident ov Pakistan..
i hv two problemz...
am giving u a slight background ov my life.. i got divorced 3 yearz back, i hv a daughter who iz 5 yearz old...ex husband still loves me and wants me back...daughter lives wid my husband...after divorce i left my city and went islamabad for 26 yearz old now.. in these 3 years i hv been watchibg two types ov dreams again and again...and later i came to know tht one of them woz not a dream instead that woz some jinn.. i feel his presence while sleeping.. he comes and sits beside my pillow and then he tries to come over me nd take hold ov my body and i feel a large weight over my body nd then i try to recite Ayat ul Kursi nd i feel his hand on my lips and he does not allows me to recite the Ayah.. in the start i used to take it as a dream but then someone told me that its not dream.. since 3 years am facing this i feel his asar on me iz increasing...
2nd type ov dreamz i see iz i saw water in every form, in form ov rivers, lakes, streams and most ov the time i saw sea in my dreams, walking over the sea or my home on sea, myself in ship or swimming in the sea water v happily....even i saw my self swimming in the swimming pools though in my real life i dnt knw swimming at all and am afraid ov water and sea...

plz plz help me in this... guide me in this.. i will wait for your reply

Aamir said...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

brother , a jinn with me but i dont see her . she sex with me at night
time and all day she sucking my panis . physically i am very weak. my
age is 26 .

please tell me about this jinnat and send me a amal for removing jinnat.

noor said...

Assalamualaikum Dear Brother,

My name is Noor , I have a strong feeling that there is black magic or asarat. Im not too familiar but I can tell you my concerns. I am 34 years old female and have been divorced since 4 years now. Since then I am not able to get settled. I get proposals but somehow one or the other reason , It end up a failure. I missed on lot good proposals. Secondly I have always had weird dreams about someone having sexual relationship with me, I have seen motions and also dead body decomposed which is my recent dream. I don’t get good dreams at all, I just remember theses dreams coz I usually forget what I see. I am too scared and wish to have your guidance on it.

Islamically, I have faith in Islam and would like to follow whats in Islam. I do pray 4 times a day but trying for Fajr soon. I keep praying as and when the problem comes. My parents are worried for me and I am not able to make them happy as I am not able to settle. I am getting too demotivated in Life. Please help. Coz im getting under depression. Let me know if you need information.


Bina said...

Hello, assalam o alakum!
My name is Bina
I usually have headaches which extend upto my eyes. Also saw a dream of someone really ugly trying to scare me. There are issues in my marriage. I haven't both able to get married yet. People come, like me but never turn back.

Can you please help, and tell if there is any black magic on me? Please tell me any wazeefa.

Please remember me in your prayers.


dana said...


I need something to remove jinn from my house . I saw one of your Taweez amalnama to hang on the wall . It's not possible to print it and hang on the wall .Please be kind enough and advise .

habib said...

asalaam alaikum
i have a friend she have a problem.that Jinnat having a sex with her for two year she have the same feeling as a real husband having sex with her . she is saying that when they are having a sex with her she hear and see all the thing happening alround while some one is speaking.she said to me that someone else is sending jinnat to her
plz what should she do

Saneela said...


Im writing to u from Denmark i want to tell u about my younger sister Saiqa who is surrounded by a jinn
Which don’t let her study at all they say u have to sacrifice ur studies or your eyes.. they touch her on her private part she shouts she argue with them – she is studying law.
They don’t let her dress up or go out of the house. They force her to eat too much.. When she refuse they hit her inside her body and touch her private parts.. They made her tear the law book apart
They even tell her to get our brother married to our cousin in Pakistan..
I believe its them who has sent the jinn to destroy our family
Those girls have been jealous of us since childhood.. since we live abroad they also want to go away from Pakistan..
We don’t want to marry our brothers in family
My brothers don’t like that people getting married to their cousins..
And let me tell u.. They even asked for getting married into our family.. but we refused.. as said we don’t want to get married into the family
And after refusal all these thing start.. it begun in 2012 where our icon got into fire.. whole room was about to be burnt if my brother hadn’t used the 3 liter gallon water ro pour on the icon.
We tried everything all those powerful surah’s nothing is helping they don’t let her read Quran either..
Infact they made her throw the Quran away from the house.. we had two Quran’s one Arabic urdu –translation other one was Arabic Danish- translation

My sister asked them once what they want they said those who have sent us are jealous of us all they are jealous that she is studying.. as none of them in Pakistan are high educated..
Those Jinns clearly said their names. who sent us.
She talks to them which scares us. She sit in a dark room with closed curtains. in the beginning she used to shower for 5 hours.. they makes her wash her hands again n again makes her wash her face.. sometimes wonder what happened she staert tapping her face and runs into washroom. to wash her face which she already have done..
Please tell me what we should do.

will be wating for your reply

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum soname i read alot of ur posts and thouht of contacting you . I have been suffering from illnesses for nearly 8 years , i went to over a few dozen doctlrs and best hospitals . My symptoms are of a huge lkst it may tske a while for me to explain them . I have a few questions i want to ssk and then see what i should do . First , can a genetic illness be caused by sihr meaning a rare genetic condition its called ehlers danlos syndrome, xecond question is , whats the haqeeqat of ilm e amilyat ive been told by alot of sheyukh tonot go towards that but i still doubt them . I can talk alot to ylu but as a person who possjbly wants treatment i want to know what you do , and tell me more abojt yourself .jazakallah khairan

ashraf said...

As salamu Alaikum

I have learned about you from the Google. I would like to know your advice and guideline for my following question

Often jins are imposed on victims to create continuous disaster to that victim. However, it may happen that the imposed Jin is forced to do such acts by arresting him/ her by the magician. The Jin may do harm to the victim against its will. If this type of situation is possible to happen then usual ruqya may directly harm the Jin, working against its will. So is there any ruqya or amal that can release the jinn from imprisonment of the magician? In case of need can the same jin be used to pick up taweezes sowed by the magician, or the magician used the jin to sow the taweez.

Please let me know about this. If you want to take time to get the answer to my question, also please let me know.

niyaz said...

Assalamu Alaikum Brother,

Brother need your help on urgent, My younger sister is suffering under a powerful Zinnat, we are trying to treatment her from many different Maulana"' but that time we have a doubt only. Now from last 10 days my sister really suffering "' He (jinnat ) said will never leave her and keep laughing and said I have tried many time to killed your father but someone saved his life. And now he said there is no any benefit of Telawat and all treatment like holy water, when some one try to read holy words (Quran ayat) he start read him self and said there is no any benefit of these things and keep laughing.

My sister age is 24 years old and we were keep trying for her marriage but we could not bcuz of this, that time we were not aware of this.

Please please please save my family Allah will help you. We are feeling helpless towards my sister my mother and all family are crying due to this.

My father is suffering barin Hemorrhage from past 5 years. He hate my father alot , we don't know why. Please if possible share your contact number, It's my humble request to you. Wea re really in trouble.

Anonymous said...

For all my brothers and sisters, Allah sent down ayat al qursi as a form of protection for us as well as the 4 Kul's recite ayat al qursi and four Kul's every night before you sleep and morning when you wake up focusing on surah naas the last surah of Quraan which was specifically sent down for this, read its translation, keep home and private parts clean all the time.
By Allahs will you will be free from evil spirits.

najam said...

Aslamo alicum sir

I am in problem. I feel that some one is doing sex with me. But I couldn't see him. It is very difficult for me to bear this situation.