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Thursday, November 5, 2009


AS salamu allaiqum

The jinns which harm us are divided into 70 sects, which are sub-divided into 70,000 clans and each clan consists of 70,000 jinns.
So if pin is thrown from the sky above then it would not be an exaggeration to say that it would fall on these jinns instead of human beings.
On the basis of my experience as an Amil, I shall now tell all of you that if a magician has the king of the jinns ,then he may be having around 70,000 jinns because the king of the jinns usually has 40,000-70,000 jinns under him.
I have defeated the many such kings of the jins, so I have a clear idea about the number of jins which a king may have.Once a magician manages to bring a king under his control, then they both make an agreement on the basis of which the magician has to follow certain rules throughout his life. In the surah Al namal ,verse no 34 the system of kingship has been mentioned.
قَالَتْ إِنَّ الْمُلُوكَ إِذَا دَخَلُوا قَرْيَةً أَفْسَدُوهَا وَجَعَلُوا أَعِزَّةَ أَهْلِهَا أَذِلَّةً ۖ وَكَذَ‌ٰلِكَ يَفْعَلُونَ ﴿٣٤﴾ (34)
She said: "Kings, when they enter a country, despoil it, and make the noblest of its people its meanest thus do they behave.

If a magician succeeds in capturing the sardar of the jinns, in that case, he gats access to a huge army of jinns because there are around 800 -1200 billion jinns under a sardar in a clan. I have defeated a sardar, so I have an idea about the number of jins under him. The magicians have to make an agreement with the sardar of the jinns too. On the basis of such agreements, he has to satisfy the sexual urges of the sardar which he does shamelessly by offering his mother, sisters and even his own wife before him. The sardar then gets satisfied and pleased by the magician and in lieu of such sexual favours, he assigns some Muakkils or supernatural powers to the magician, through which the magician gets help from time to time to perform his heinous acts. Surah Al Anaam ,verse no.123 clearly mentions about the system of the sardar.
وَكَذَ‌ٰلِكَ جَعَلْنَا فِي كُلِّ قَرْيَةٍ أَكَابِرَ مُجْرِمِيهَا لِيَمْكُرُوا فِيهَا ۖ وَمَا يَمْكُرُونَ إِلَّا بِأَنفُسِهِمْ وَمَا يَشْعُرُونَ ﴿١٢٣﴾ (123)
Thus have We placed leaders in every town, its wicked men, to plot (and burrow) therein: but they only plot against their own souls, and they perceive it not.
I f a magician has a number of jins and shaitans under his control, then he may be having an unlimited number of jinns. This is due to the reason that Allah has created a huge number of shaitans in this world who have unity amongst them. They are always ready to help each other in every possible way and are even ready to sacrifice their lives for each other. Each group of the shaitans has a leader who guides the group members. These group comprises of jinnats who are very dangerous. Some are experts in amiliyat and some even do amals continuously throughout the day to obtain powers to perform black magic. The others do practice all kinds of lethal withcraft/black magic. These mischievous jins are very fond of breaking apart marriages and having sex with women. Suppose a women satisfies a man’s sexual urges and asks for some favour in return, will that man not obey her?? Of course he will! Similarly when a magician offers women to the shaitans, they get pleased with him and in lieu of sex they shower upon him their powers and try to help them out in every possible way. Such jinns/shaitans are a nuisance as they keep attacking one after another. It usually takes a very long time to fight the whole group and finish them. People who fall prey to such a a huge group of monsters get into troubled times. The victims manage to get rid of these groups in 1-12 years. Allah has mentioned about the groups of jinns in various places in the holy Quran including Surah Jin, verse no.1
قُلْ أُوحِيَ إِلَيَّ أَنَّهُ اسْتَمَعَ نَفَرٌ مِّنَ الْجِنِّ فَقَالُوا إِنَّا سَمِعْنَا قُرْآنًا عَجَبًا ﴿١﴾ (1)Say: It has been revealed to me that a company of Jinns listened (to the Qur'an). They said, 'We have really heard a wonderful Recital!

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ZUBAIDA said...

Assalamu alaiqum. i was reading about jins when i came across your messages. i have a problem and will be glad if you would help me find a solution to it INSHA ALLAH. i have 3 sisters including me makink 4. Non of us is married yet. we have tried consulting "MALLAMS" hoping our problem will be solved but to no avail. all the mallams said a spell has been cast on my sisters and i which is why non of us is married. my elder sister is 42. the one after her is 32 and the next is 27. am also 23. am so disturbed and thought it wise to seek your opinion since you know the Quran better than me. I HOPE YOU WILL RECEIVE AND TACKLE MY PROBLEM IN GOOD FAITH. MY NAME IS ZUBAIDA. THANK U

Lamees said...

assalam alaikum,

I have read and appreciate your post about jinn. I also had a book on jinn, by Bilal Philiphs which I cannot find right now - Im wondering if it is available anywhere on the net for download..i'll have to do a search...he did not pop up when I searched jinn.

I have a very complex question.

Please be honest if you are knowledgable, and I can explain to you. All I know is ayat al kursi, falaq, al-nas, ikhlas 3 times each at night, after fajr and after maghrib..of course the prayers/dua/supplication you make when going to the bathroom.

faris said...

I have all so see jinn in my house when I was 4 years old I had to go to the bath room at night so I got up and turned on the light in my room and started to work out the door as soon as a walked about 5 steps out of the door I so a thing with the body that looked like a man which looked all in white and its face was changing colors walk from one end of the walk throw the other end and I ran back in to my room I had to go to the bath room because I have kidney problem I have to go urinate all most all the time when I was small now that I'm 30 I look back and can see from there till now some thing is not right. I have see a female jinn not to long a go in my room in brood day light I have see her more then once I believe she has sex with me I can some time feel some one on me or on my body moving I have feeling of throwing up in the Moring I find my self wet in the Moring all so I live in Vancouver BC Canada here we have a lot of mulas and imamus and nun of them know what to do but there is one imam I have recent lee approached and he said after Ramadan he was going to send my name and mothers name to some one in India to see if some one have done any thing

Azmath said...

i and my wife r happy in our married life in our old house after 6 monthsdue to some misunderstandings my wife quarrel with me and next day her health is not good for four days she forget all our family members except me she remember me only then after 2 to 3 months her she told me that a white thing comes upon him at night and had doing sex with her she has a painful morning after 2 or 3 days in her body the jinn talked with me that he is love with her and she is her wife he told me that he is a good jinn and he is sardar among all jinns he tolds me that no one identify him then we show my wife to a person who is in sailani babas dargah after his blessings in that month only my wife become pregnant the we change our house and in that house after my child birth he will come to see my wife he not do sex with her in this ramzan month he came to our house wat can i do pls send me surah to get rid of this jinn

Suad said...

hi Amel? i read your article about demography of Jinn. I want some serious help, advice, and support. Someone close, has sent "jinn" to us. only my brother has been affected by this. he is a totally different person now. it scares us really, my mom and dad are really worried and so am i. Can you do something?

sheeba said...


I had headaches, before 7months ago I think a saw a Jinn. Not sure as this is the first time. I saw thick black smoke in our house while I was in the toilet. It was pasting very fast. Sometimes I would sense like someone is behind me expecially when I am cooking or on the computer. when my husband goes out I would then begin to feel afraid. I also saw a spirit in our house and my daughter has also seen it. Later our house meter caught fire. But no one got hurt. maybe this is irrelevant. We have changed houses since.

we have been told that this is in our lives for four years and that my husband mother has done it. She has also done it 11 years ago. This black magic is not only for separation it is also for everyone to hate him and that he loses everything he has. People has already taken two shops from my husband free of charge believe it. We have couple shops but all of them are closed no one wants to rent them. Impossible. His life is closed off.

I am a little concern about this Jado because I must now leave my husband here in Iran and go to England to live and he said he will come later. Can you please help me to break this black magic before I go (one week later) I love my family and do not want it to break up.

Siyavash said...

Assalamu aliqum!
Dear Amel Soname!
I am muslim, practitioner of spiritual (roohani - bioenergy) healing (beginner), I have seen your websites
and it s very interesting and informative for
muslim practitioners. Thank you very much for your sharing of your knowledge.
I would like to ask you some question about books for practitioners because it s very rare and difficult to find.
What kind of book do you know about black and white magic in persian and arabic language?
Do you have any of your own writen book in english about jadoo and
spiritual healing and you experience in this field?

arman said...


please help me in this case. my brother feels that their is an alim(good muslim) jinn with him everytime. He tells that this jinn would not harm him but help him and my family a lot. I have tried some Ruqya mp3 on him but there is no effect on him, On the other hand he tells the jinn feels good on hearing the recitation of quran.
please help me in this case. if the jinn is good for my family and is trying to help us but in my knowledge to take the help of jinn instead of Allah is a great sin.

Moreover the jinn inside him compels him to offer salaat. Before this my brother don't use to offer salaat at all. The jinn emphasize more on the maghrib and isha salaat. when the salaat time comes, my brother takes long yawns and says he is forcefully compelled to offer salaat specially maghrib. my brother says the jinn become active in the maghrib salaat, and we all can see that while praying the salaat my brother's eyes tend to become dark red. And he says this is the time when the jinn talks with him.

I have told my brother to request them to go away but they refused and he says that they will never go away whatever you can do. I have also asked my brother to ask the jinn to talk to me so that i can make out whether he is good or bad and request him to leave my brother alone but they are refusing at present.

Brother please guide me what can i do.

ushma said...

salam I Contacted Moulvi Sahib and other persons and told that your neighbour is trying to harm you totally So I requested to forgive my faults if any as you are aged therefore like & forget any mistake

Doctor checked my blood and diagnosed as diabetes
Now my blood is normal but she has started it again this thing . I am

At present the evil soul sits on the corner of my bed near the feet which I experience by the weight on bed. Sometime hits Pulanq/bed and disturb me in day time while sleeping or runs on chaddar And walks by jumping
It also sits on forehead, bite & pull hair( I am hearing the bite- noise) The neighbor has normal relation with us

It is walking round ..round..round..Like a Kankhajura (long insect with 20 legs) in mouth at thetime of sleeping

One insect (soul) is trying to enter in my mouth and I resist by strong Cloth at the time of sleeping

Nadia said...


My name is Nadia. I have felt like I have had a jinn in me for years. Im a young girl and come to find that my step mother has done sihr on me for different things. I find that she did it to cause problems in my family with my father, on my money and income, and on me being married. I had a family friend read Quran on me and we found there was a jinn. He didnt speak on my lips but he answered questions with my fingers. It was a life changing experience for me. The jinn said he was tied down because of knots. There were almost 14. He/she untied the knots and it was very difficult to get him/her out. He/she didnt want to leave because he/she said he loved me. I think that maybe they are still there. I do alot of the quran recitals and drink the water as directed but I feel my body is weaker to the jinn and want to make sure they are out.

There are a few questions I was hoping to have answered. If I have sihr on me for marriage does that make men who want me treat me differently even if it is on me. I feel they want to be with me but they end up not wanting me and I get upset and frustrated. Can you explain to me how they are affected if I have the sihr on me? Do the jinns whisper to them to treat me bad or to leave me?

nafees said...

ASSALAM U ALLAIQUM wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu,

i have a younger sister who is suffering from jinn and black magic since one year, also the dazzling part is she is getting deep cuts on her body in which her blood goes allot. i am trying her treatment almost everywhere but the black magic is the sister is in huge pain and my entire family is worried for her.i cant looked at her in this situation, i have read your sugguestion on website. i have been visiting fo so many bawa as well as peer sahabs but no changes are to be seen in her body! day by day she is loosing her weight and strenght.

Pls if you know the right person here in this planet i would be highly thnakful of yours, pls help her and help my family.

waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Zarrar said...

Respected Sir,

My name is Zarrar , I am 28 years old. I use to live in Lahore Pakistan till 2003 some body I think JINN is after me. I will give you a good reason for that some one throws things at my door almost alternate days, some Alim told me that there is some JINN who is after me since 2003 he is after me kindly advise me some SURAHS so that i can reciet them daily and get rid of him. Basically this JINN is trying to scare me he even calls me from mysterious numbers and has also called my close friend and tried to warn him not to get too close to me otherwise there will be consequenses.

Thajudeen said...

alam, my name is Thajudeen. Am the second son to my parents. Have one Elder brother(married) and younger brother (married). Since 2006 we have been facing Satanic distrubmances. We dont know who is behind. Myself unmarried and receiving bad names with my relations and friends. Whenever i was expecting permanent Job i lost without proper reasons. My younger got good job in saudi but lost with in two months.myself couldnt perform well since 2006. I have seen elephants, dogs, Ladies(white and gents(blocky). Pls help me to get permanent job in kuwait.

razia said...

Assalamu alaikum
dear brother i have been diagnosed 3 years ago with bandish jaadu i have no idea wat it is which i was told was done 20 years ago,wen i got married
at that time 3years ago i was in a serious condition 95%now 60%
i knew there were jinns but had no idea about people doing this stuff jaadu tona untill it happened to me i would never ever hurt another human

i had jinns a lot talking in me which has finished fainting shaking no food was going down
a good jinn came in me at present it actually fought lots of jinns wen they were trying to enter
she is trying to help me she helps me recite Quran
but she is saying there is spirits inside which she says she cant see
she wants to leave but she cant until the curse is broken cos she is scared too
but she has done so many gud things for me to help me get better made the children happy she gives them assurance about me getting better says she is 300 yo i dont ask her to tell me much stuff but she told me that this girl in my husband village did it to me cos she wanted to marry him n she told the origion of the jaadu hes christian
i wouldn't bl v but she even reads quls to my daughters wen they go to bed
people say u shouldn't trust jinns im confused but she has helped me so much my husband thinks she is lying
as i live in Australia there is not a lot of people who treat this n know about so i will look like a crazy
but i am getting treatment in pk
i am two scared to come back there n im 2 scared to do the wrong thing that almighty may be up set with me or get into wrong hands
im really tired
my young children had to see me in a bad way
i cant read much i
heat in my back
pains in my legs i get eye rolling n out of my senses time to time is this spells or wat im so unhappy i cry everyday
am i ungrateful
very agitated wen hubby is around in the beginning it was worse i can see a improvement
but i just want some information
2nd opinion
does this ban dish take a long time to break
n ways n means i can try n break it myself n spirits how can i self help to rid them i Islamic way n i truely dont want to hurt this good jinn she has helped me even the man who is treatn me says she is no harm...... but he doesn't say much about anything just leave in allahs hands with time it will get better
should i sacrifice a lamb
is it true if a person treats you to stick with one u treat people
thank you brother i would be grateful to you
n make dua for you
your sister
im really frustrated i had so much stuff happen i dont know wat to blv
its not a normal life n im trying hard to keep strong
pls help me if you can shed some light on me
i think not knowing is frustrating me
sorry to trouble you im in lot of worries not the best setup

yasir said...

Assalamu 'alykum,

My Brother in ISLAM,i want your advice, i have these jinn shayateen within me, very stubborn, they attack my heart and i feel it all over my body, and voices that tremble my heart and swear/bad words. i know cause i researched in ISLAM, one time at night i felt really sharp pain in my belly and i coudnt movee and collapsed.

i have recited qur'aan and done some dhikr, my mind is blocked is very difficult to concentrate, they gave me thoughts i done something bad which i havent and have reduced my health in many areas, i didnt have a job for long time, and coudnt marry as well, although after i moved to live with my sister in dif city and prayed to ALLAAH and recited qur'aan everyday regarding rizq, i got a job alhamdulillaah.

I feel them inside my body my legs especially left leg.. strenghthwise i cant even tense a fist.. they feel very uncomfortable when i pray to ALLAAH in fard prayes, they movee in me and ,my left arm i feel them moving.

my voice is not the same, my concentration weakened. there are my fathers sisters who do taweez and one time my cousin sister found caught her out a package she was given which had many taweez to send to another country, and she got suspicious and opened it, and found in it taweez with names of demons/shaytan.

we dont visit her and stay away from her, there is another sister of my father who is in kenya, she is known to keep jinns and breed them, ALLAAH knows best.

watever the case, i am trying dif dhikr, but i want that these shayateen jinn be deafeted and forced out of my body, i want to do alot in ISLAM, they stopping me alot,

prophet muhammad 'alyhi salatu wassalam said: if a brother can aid his brother in need he should do so..

you have ilm in this field share it with me let me know wat to do, so it ends. and even my private health life is almost void/end endangered, there have been attempts of getting me killed as well, outside but by will of ALLAAH he saves and protects..

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

Assalamu Alaikum.

I am writing from Bangladesh. Educated in the UK I was a university teacher in Dhaka. I think I am possessed by jinn and black magic. I lost my job, my properties everything and not getting any job. I went to a Raki but he could not cure me. On the contrary, after his treatment I became sick - attacked by harpes - a kind of skin disease. Jinns always disturb me by making different sounds. I am listening to different ruqyah but situation is not improving much. I am also listening to your ruqyah on magic. I would request you to please pray for me so that I am cured.

shaukat said...










Anonymous said...

Asllamu alikum
I know a sister that she is suffering form lack of sleep for 3yrs,
and her hair turn gray, and looks so ugly. she used to be very
active and beautiful, I don't know what happened to her. she is very
lazy. she cries all the time. It is very sad when her sister calls her
old lady. she fells numbness in her finger, her hand usually fells
burning. she wants to be alone. when qurn is reading she doesn't even
show any reaction sometimes she sheds some tears and that's it. 3yrs
ago all her body was effected, she was out energy, constipation,
sensitive teeth,and especially her legs were not able to function. day
by day she turn to Allah and does her prayer. now except her her head
all other parts of the body is fine. once she had a dream that threre
were 3 black things like fish were in her body she took them offf ,but
something like a dog went to her head, it was redish or brownish.
she think she is possess but no believes her. her family says she is
mental. once in while she feels sexual attack as well. she went to
many doctors but nobobody come up with diagnoses. she medicine but
nothing works.
Do u thing She is possessed.

ali said...

As Salam Alakum

I have read your post of the different type of djinn, and how to dispose of them.

My friend I know a few powerful Sheakih who have powerful Djinn, bound to a specific kind of Vessel. I know many of these holy men do Khluwath for 40 days and what not.

My friend i would like to know, are able to, or now of anyone that binds djinn to rings, or any other kind of vessels. Manly to help other, companionship, protection, and insight

Thank you

ibro said...

Good morning sheikh, i am Rufai from Nigeria. Pls help me bcs of Allah. I have been surfering by black magic for so many years and have been going to diferent place to remove the jinn out of me but refuse to go, i have a bad dream, i felt sick all the time, infact i am having all d problem in d world cause by d evil jinn. Pls help me help me help me.

shama said...

I have been experiencing since a long time. I am a 28 yr old female from India. I got married a year back and my marriage broke off. Ever since I joined Engineering, in 2001, I have been experiencing black magic doses. I was young then and cudnt realize what was going wrong with me, I shared all such experiences with my parents, and friends. But none cud help me, except telling me to recite Aital Kursi and Qul surahs. I have been doing so. But nothing helped me, probably Allah has always helped me from worst things, thanks to Allah swt, but I lost my marriage too. The guy was impotent, still I want to continue with him as I loved him as my husband. He changes all of a sudden and left me, but he always used to feel insecure that I wud leave him bcoz of his impotency. Just opposite happened. He, under his mother's influence, divorced me, becoz of petty husband and wife disputes, which is common all over the world. I never thought in my worst of dreams that he wud leave me. Please tell me any dua to get rid of this black magic or wot ever. I am just fed up of this life and bad people who play such games. Please extend ur help by sharing some good duas to get rid of this hard situation or to remove any black magic done on my husband and me, so that he gets back to me. He suddenly stopped loving me, after divorce its me who is still thinking to get back to him, but he doesnt care a damn abt the whole thing.Please help. AH

ghose said...

Dear Hazrath,
As Salaam Alai Kum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your information on the Website.

Can you please help us in solving Our Problem.I am from Bangalore(India)

We are facing problem in Our House since 16 - 17Years from Our Old House which We have vacated 15Years back and have tried various ways to get rid of these Evil Jinns through Religious Islamic scholars but no result. We have also tried through Qtv Istakhara as well.
Please advice us with the correct permanent remedy

May Allah guide you always and lots of blessings be showered on you

azaz said...


I saw your blog .sir when i sleep at night i saw always a man like a mist he always says that i am a jinn but i never see her face because my body is just like a paralyse when he told that word .after some time my body was normal and he was gone. i was feeling scared .daily i saw that person. some times there is more than one person i have seen at night.

what can i do sir help me.

give me some advice please.

Hadiya said...

I am a muslim sisiter
The reason I am writing this to you is because I really need help in finding out what is wrong with me. I have come across your blog a few months ago and found it very interesting.

I have been troubled for many years with jinns and so forth but with the mercy of Allah i was able to conquer it through quraan and various amils help. Recently we moved in to a house that seem to be filled with jinn and other spirits and it has began affecting my health very badly. I have two small children and i fear for their lives as well. In this house i have feelings that i am going to die i feel breathless and cold and shaky . it affects me most at night when i sleep and when i read verses from the quraan i am still not at ease.please i need help i dont know what to do how do i go about getting rid of what ever this is? If they are paak jinn what do i do? i dont want to live with them. so how do i drive them out the house.

Anonymous said...

salam brother there is a jinn(non Muslim) always with my sister he gives her bruises at night time he just came this january and the saint gave thaweed but its not working she still gets bruised at night

ibrahim said...

Asalaam moe aleikoem

Brother I am sitting with a problem where my wife is currently being bothered with a jinn(kaamil jinn) and we have seen many people to assist and we are currently running out of options, I came across your article and would like some assistance as this problem has gone from one generation to the next in their family,please advise.


Anonymous said...

brother i read ur blog get rid of evil jinn devil with help of quran
mashallah u have so much of ilam. brother my sister gets bruises everyday and few saints said there is a jinn(non muslim) with her 24X7 what should i pray

brother i been looking for a person who can give me a jinn ritual that is safe and not dangerous if only allah and his beloveds give you the permission can you plzz give me a ritual to comminicate with the muslim jinn king i have been looking for 4 years some gave me but they were too dangerous

i have no bad intentions i really need to do a jinn king ritual not to capture them iam not mashallah brave like you but just to communicate and call them whenever i need help

plllllzz brother help me and do reply

Anonymous said...

Salaam Alaykum,

I hope you are well. I was reading your website and I wanted to ask you a question.

My wife gave me a necklace pendant which has Ayatul Kursi on it. I had been wearing this pendant for a week when I saw in a dream a big black dog or wolf attacking me. He didn't attack me directly. I was holding the Ayatul Kursi pendant in my hand and the dog jumped at me. I dropped the pendant and ran away. The dog or wolf grabbed the pendant and started biting it. He lost the pendant and I grabbed it.

What is the meaning of this dream? Does this mean that some jinn is attacking me? Can you please help me?


jameel said...

assalam alaikum
my name is jameel i am a newly married guy just seven
months, last april 17 i have got married but i did't get any happy in
my marriage life coz my wife often refuse for sex she's not showing
interest on that and in there home her parents told that she's having
haziri i mean jinn they told that a good jinn is on her but my wife
refuse me and always fight with me and went to her home and my doubt
is if she has a good jinn means y that jinn giving trouble in my sex
life and y my wife is not staying with me? Now my wife was fight with
me n staying at her parents home. Plz help me to exit that jinn from
my wife.
Allah hafiz.

abdullah said...


iam abdullah from hyderabad. iam living in a home where there is a jinn. the jinn doesnt harm us. but the problem is that any works that we take up gets stop. i mean if we are doing real estate bussiness then the works come to the climax and the money is ready to come but the work stops due to some problem. i have read ur blog. so u plz help me out from this situation

sadiya said...

Asalamu alikum

I am sadiya i am living at shimoga, hazrat i am suffering from some difficulties
when i sleeping and in mid night i feel like some one is having sex with me its happening in every mid night, and i getteng weight less day by day plz give me solution to come out from this problems.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any good raqi anyawhere in the USA? I have already seen several different raqis but they were are shirk.

thank you!

niazi said...

Assalam O Aalykum,
Dear Amel Soname, I found your website really helpful about Jinns and black magic. Please help me because I have no self confidence, and it has ruined my life. I feel depressed and worthless. Please tell me what to read from the quran to increase my self confidence, and please tell me a cure against black majic.

alan said...

hello mr amel isaw ur blogs on google search while looking info about black magic.
i had dis question in my mind for a long time and heard it from ppl, is it true that the jins used by magician on victim, do sex with victim, without victims knowing that, is this thing possible with both men or women or with just men .
and how does the victim know this.
i will be waiting for ur response.

moeen said...


Sabiha said...

Respected sheikh amel _soname Assalamun Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe wa Barkatu // Wa amma baad//
My name is Sabiha from United Arab Emirates Dubai .
As Arab lady i do believed in Jinns and there powerful help, but i also do believed that not all amel (sheikh) can do this difficult job.
Unfortunately i never met any Honest amel (sheikh) who really can solve problems by the help of jinns !! All r fraudSecret telling smile

what job you performing?
Do you able to do a conversation with jinns and call him for true help ?
And do you think that jinns can Help the bani adem (humans)?
if yes then shall i believed that I'm in the correct door!!!
Before i proceed, may i know how much you charged money//
would you liked to visit to Dubai by request in feature?

Thanking you and awaiting your swift reply.

Anonymous said...

Salaam brother Amel soname,

Can you tell me how iblis look like. how does he look like.

can you describe iblis physical appearance to me.

and what is a Red Shyataan or red devil.


freda said...

I need a powerful jinn to help me overcome Haitian voodoo spell from my aunt who has AIDS. I need someone who is very good and willing to pay to get work done. How I do reach you??

naima said...

salaam alaikom brother

i moved into a new house this month and there is a jinn that is really troublesome now. the first night it showed itself to my son and my son called it by saying come friend come. that is ussually how he interacts when playing with a friend. he is only 2 years old now and his vocabulary is very limited.

i didnt take it serious as i thought that if my son was friendly with it it can't be evil. that night things fell in the diningroom also something that i didnt take serious because i thought that it was due to everything being messed up due to the move. the next night it happened again at exactly the same time and that is when i started suspecting something. the next few nights it was quiet but i did feel a presence everytime i passed my dining room. thursday evening the house was basically sorted out and everything was in place. however that night i could hear my chairs being moved in my dining room. i still didn't take it that seriously i thought that as long as i leave it in peace it will leave me in peace.

but last night i let my baby sleep in my room and my child kept on insisting that we close the door of the room which is odd behaviour for him he likes doors open. i saw movement from the side of my eyes twice earlier the night. so i placed my baby in bed with me but from 9pm until 1am he kept on waking up every half hour crying pointing his finger at the ceiling and saying mama. i kept on reading the kalima and shahada until the last attack on my son was at 1am. that one was the worst and i could hear the fear in his voice and he tried pushing me away when i wanted to comfort him.

after that my son fell asleep and only woke up at 6am.

a friend of mine suggested that we try and make contact with it to hear what it wants from us and to tell him that he is welcome to stay on the condition that it doesnt bother us. financially it is not going well with us. i wont be able to afford to move again or ask an aleem to come to my house. what do i do now? i fear of my baby.

jizakallah al khairun.

Anonymous said...

dear baba, i listen surah today, but yesterday when i listen your wazifa which made me scared, i feel that out side down there on ground floor a lady is waiting for me and she said to me in my heart......jump from balqany..i want you to be die and do suiside?? i just start surah Nas. that time..... .........?and then i became slowly slowly brave.... i will listen every day surah baqrah from today.....that lady ...she said no one take me away from here and now i could feel she has one other partner on black dress he is looking to me balkoney............................... in washroom one man become very long he is not talking to me he is on black dress..? u know better then me and allah know better then us? there is no ijazath...for ur wazifas u mentioned in ur web side...?
dear baba ur time is very precious,may allah bless you ..ur extremly knowldgable person.

Anonymous said...

i hav a hindu jinn with me through blackmagic.its harms me and eats sweet food through me;pls advice

Unknown said...

Asalamualikum baba, I'm into deep trouble I really don't understand what to do my husband is possessed by a jinn in the night he behave very wrongly.. he run away from me .. he does not want me near me he tries to stay alone all the time ... in the night he is having sex with some one ... but there is no one in the room .. Now my son who is only 2 yrs is trying to harm himself .. he takes knife and tries to cut on himself... Pls help what I should.. Pls for Allah sake some one help me .. I'm very much worried.. I don't no what to do