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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,

Some of the magicians bring this evil bear under their control and make him do all sorts of destructions. This is a kind of devil (jinn).
On the first thursday after the new moon (nochandi Thursday) these magicians keep a fast for the whole day and in the evening they eat kheer and wear a red colored dress and after drawing a circle on the ground, they sit inside the circle they chant blasphemous mantras. The bear appears before them on the same night and he takes all the instructions from the magician to create trouble in the lives of people.


1 The victim can see the bear in his dreams.
2 If the victim closes his eyes and observes, he may see the bear and a part of his scary face.
3 A feeling of heaviness in the chest, shoulders and head.
4 Difficulty in breathing and congestion in the chest.
5 pain in the whole body


1 Offer namaz 5 times without fail.
2 Recite Surah Baqarah in the morning and in the evening.
3 Read surah fussilat verse no 29 500 times after fajar, zohar and isha namaz.

Inshallah, because of this amal, the bear will not be able to withstand the pain, and may soon leave the victim’s body.

Amel soname contact

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muhammad said...

have read your posts and think you have the kwoledge and sincearity to probably enlighten me about certain questions I have . I am just trying this in the hope that you recieve it.If you do please drop me a line so I can get in touch

thanking you in enticipation

Nida said...

hi, my name is nida and i saw your post about magic. i feel like someone has wished evil on me or done magic to me. i used to be very happy, outgoing, popular, and felt good about myself. then i got into a relationship with this hindu guy (i never did anything like sex or anything because its haram) and he has an uncle who does stuff like this. his family wasnt happy about us being together so i have a feeling he did something because everything started changing soon after he found out about us. now i feel lazy, depressed a lot, i don't have as many friends as i used to, i have low self-esteem, and i dont feel respected by people like i used to. i am going away from my religion, like im losing interest which scares me. i used to be a 2nd grade teacher at my sunday school. please help me out. i heard reading surah ikhlas 41 times at night for 90 nights helps and gives u whatever u wish for. is that true? this magic/nazar had a huge effect on me. my family is having financial problems and we fight amongst ourselves a lot, before i got involved with this guy everything was good alhumdulillah. now he is with some other girl and i am forever changed negatively. i really want out :(
ps: i may be wrong about accusing his uncle for doing this, for all i know shockingly it could be someone i least suspect. please help me get rid of this i look forward to hearing from you soon. Allah hafiz.

khyzhya said...

Hello Monisieur Soname,
I am a girl who lives(lies) in France. To fight against the mystic strengths which empoissent me the life since my childhood (I have a djin of night, loss of my employment(use), separation from my friends, treasons, people want to damage me, hatred around my person, study who stagnate, the anger and the suspicion of the close relations, the life which stagnates without reason nevertheless I have all the skills for it to ariver etc.), I applied your methods found on internet. And since things worsened: I make chauchemards, I am frightened, I make satanic dreams. Etc. all my friends avoided(fled) me.
That then I make to stop(arrest) this degringolade which seems to be unlimited.
I do not sleep any more, my cousin died in a abrupt way, last week. Is normal that things so take place
I look forward to your answer

Rosemina said...

This is Rosemina I have been running a small business in usa it was mashallah very nice. But now is two months i have seen that there no customer comes to my shop it seems that somebody block my rizq.

Please if you can send me some dua to recite.


latif said...

Salam Alaykum. My name is Latifatu Shaibu living in Nigeria.

I am being harrased by very stubborn jinn . its always coming to make me visualise filthy images in my dream like seeing private parts of both sexes,having sex with me at will.coming to tell my husband in his dreams that he should drive me away that am a cheat. my mind is always on sexual organs,i use to visualise anything as if it is sexual organs. I & my spouse are always angry @ each other & even presently we are having serious problem that will take only the grace of Allah to settle. we started experiencing finanacial problems,he has no job. i take responsibility of the whole family & to compound the problem,am being owed several months of salary without payments. i lost interest in things that is important to my life. I have been reciting Ayat Kursi, the four quls & some other verses all to no avail

Please what kind of dua can i offer to get solution?

Thank you. am expecting your response. please pray for me too

nelson said...

Peace be on to you my brother, first of i say thank you for the good work you're doing. From 2002 my former boss ave use black magic to block all those who have worked for him , thanks to you am now free.
I use one your posting how to kill a jin and the magicIan,once again I say thank you very much, may Allah bless you and be with you in everything you do. In my family poverty is the order of the day nobody is successful, nobody has even a motorcycle, Now ave started a small company to get a big contract that will change my life is a problem. Please help me, help me get one big contract. am nelson nelly from Ghana.

Anonymous said...

I am from india, gujarat & my name is akash. I am hindu. I have one factory which is from 12years. In that factory not a single work is done well and good without any problem. I am getting in financial loss everyday. I am not able earn good in that factory. Whatever i would earn in that factory that much i will have to spend in any way. I am in deep trouble sir.
I have showed many astrologer. But no one is able to give result. Recently i have showed to one maulana and he told that there is bad jinn in your factory. Bt he is even not able to convince it.
Please help me to get rid of it. And give my life back. As i am even having personal problem due to this factory.
Is there would be really jinn??? If it is then what to do for it? Please help me if u can. I want my happy life. I am working 18 hrs a day then also i m not earning as much i should. My mind is getting totally disturbed. Please help me sir.
Thanq you.
I am waiting for your reply.

Raza said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Brother, I'm Raza from Hyderabad, India. There are two things to discuss with you.

1. I'm seeing snakes, bats & other creepy things in my dreams.

2. I'm unemployed since 2 years.

So suggest me something to recite.

Jazak Allah