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Thursday, November 5, 2009

levels/degrees of magicians


in the present era, there are many small time magicians who know a little bit about magic and casting spells and they prefer being called magicians.

1. because the base of every “kalam” is “sifly and spiritual angels (mokilat)” and it depends on the magician which mokal he captures and controls and uses for his work, and whether he uses him for good work or for bad.
the magician does it all on his own, confidently and deliberately, and often with the help of and under the guidance of a strong teacher.
there are such magicians who capture arva khabeesa, or shaytan/bad jinnat and then use them for doing all kinds of work for them, and can even make them go stay at someone’s home or any place and hurt the people around that place.
and this way, torments the people on the magicians word.
because arva khabeesa/shayatan/bad jinnat are the invisible creatures thus only a very strong magician can see them, that’s why they can harm and torment other humans and they don’t even understand what the problem is.
arva khabeesa disturbs the victims life overall, pollutes his food and destroys his work, hence they will do everything that is wrong by our religion.
although capturing and controlling and using the arva khabeesa can create problems for the magician too, but if the magician’s teacher is a very strong magician, then he can easily control and make use of the arva khabeesa.
but such magicians are few to none, and such magicians often use the arva khabeesa for worldly affairs rather than religious, because these arva khabeesa don’t like doing religious work. even if the magician asks them to perform some religious task, they deny it, and thus the magician has to keep himself from asking them that, and also himself keep away from doing such tasks himself. he often stays at a unclean location.
if such magicians get after someone, they can make their lives miserable and ask these arva khabeesa to torment the victim. to break a wife and husband apart. destroys the entire family life, creates problems between children and parents even.
the reason behind this unstability cannot be identified easily at first but when discovered where the problem lies, only a very good and strong spiritual healer can fix this problem.
the healer has some mokelaat that recite verses from the quraan to scare the arva khabeesa away and then, the arva khabeesa go against their master’s wishes and also take revenge from him, for their insult.

2. next there is a magician type that’s less qualified than the 1st type. although they also know how to capture the arva khabeesa but they wont do it without any personal interest.
often, such magicians recite the hindo davat and hanoman, kalaka dave and many more dave and daota, to capture and control them and to use them.
these magicians order the arva khabeesa to torment someone given a specific time period and they destroy the family life of the victim.

3. the other type of magicians is a magician who casts spells on “mazbah khano” and places of sacrifice and they command such creatures whome he can use for sifley amal and these creatures upon the magicians order, sprinkle blood in the victims home and torment the people living there. the victim suffers from some sort of a fear of the unknown and remains disturbed all the time. such magicians can do any degree of damage and don’t spare anyone.

4. such magicians who have learnt a few spells and can control a few jinnat and use them for either breaking people apart, or snatching someone’s living, or destroys somebody’s business and creates hurdles in someone’s path and life. they cause damage to the victim.

5. this is the type of magician that can capture the jinnat and shayateen, they can even bring under their command the king of the jinnat easily with their amal. and then they can use them for their evil deeds. they include hanoman, kali mata, bahyaro, lona chamare, and different kinds of davi and deota.

6. the biggest magician has complete command over the kaldani magic. it is very hard to find such a magician. they can do very difficult tasks.
they can make people fed up of their lives and make them miserable. they can create unbearable circumstances for someone. these magicians claim that once they cast spells on someone then only some darwaish can remove it, otherwise, there is no hope left for the victim. if these magicians get after somebody, then they can destroy his life.

7. there are magicians who command the chorail and dayan. it is very difficult to command the chorail. inorder for the magician to command the chorrail he has to do inturn what she asks him to do too. the magician can even kill small children and hand over the blood, heart and liver to the chorail as she had demanded. she is often called as pichal payre and her feet are rotated and she has long nails and long hair spread on her face all the time.

8. these magicians have to bring some animal of the exact shape and size that the jinnat have asked him, and it has to be black in colour because the jinnat like black color over other colours. then he slaughters the animal without reciting bismillah and rubs the blood over the victims body. then they throw it away on some deserted location. its cooked without reciting bismillah and then when taken home, and bad talisman is written for the jinnat whereby they are commanded them to carry out some wrong deeds.

9. this is the most famous style among the magicians and is the most wrong form of spell casting. a very big leader of the shayateen come to help the magicians through this amal. these magicians make shoes of the holy book (god forbid) and then wear them and take them to the bathroom. and read wrong amal and then go to their room and sit their, and call the jinnat. the jinnat come to their help easily and the magicians has become kafir after doing all these wrong deeds. and that’s why even the shayateen also helps him.

10. this type of magician writes a sura from the holy book with menstral blood or with some other dirty thing and then reads some wrong spells and then controls and commands the jinnat.

11. this type of magician writes the sura of the holy book inverted and then reads a bad evil spell and evil talisman and command the jinnat.

12. this type of magician casts spells upon seeing a certain star. then they read some bad spell which has evil verses and the moon appears to be worshipping the star, but its actually the shayatan that now after seeing the magician worshipping the star, goes to his help. but the magician thinks it’s the star that is helping me, but its only the devil.

13. a magician eats and drinks the forbidden and remains dirty and unclean so that his spells can work fine. such a magician can cast evil spells easily and is a master in that.
if someone wants to do some amal for some good, this magician will cast evil spell on him and will make him unclean too. and even then, if someone wants to break his evil spells with the help of the holy book, they are unable to, because the holy book only works on cleans things.
so when unclean, the magic does not break, and people think the magic does not break with the help of the holy book. it does but when the person is clean. these magicians work secretly and therefore people are not aware of them. i have stated here about them as much as i knew.

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Nagesh Kumar said...

Hello Amel Soname,

It seems some one is hurting me by doing black magic or by sending evil spirits or by sending negative energy towards me, I would like to know what I am saying is correct. I get bad headaches during the day and I cannot sleep properly during the night.

Please help me, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Asalamalikum Amel Soname,
do agree with you but do you know something a know something witch are very important. a also need help to forbid the evil a wanna know has any evil darky done a dark magic on me or any1 of my family because of jealousy or hate trying to stop me from speaking out the important or telling the rightful people. if so how would a know and what can a do to get it away and how can a find out whos behind it and also the spirits that is causing these evil a wanna know its wareabouts and fobid it if so is right in what am saying my email is you are a good person thanks

eva said...


I have had a few things that I cannot explain happen to me over the past few months and would really appreciate it if you can give me any information on what is happening, why its happening and who is doing it.

I am 24 years old, female and live in UK.

A few months ago i have been noticing that blood is appearing on my white trousers. It is a large spot of blood and everytime i wash it in the washing machine the blood comes off. i then put the trousers in my room and i notice the next few day it happens again, i find the blood again.

Then I have noticed it also happens on 2 of my shirts that are white. one is plain white and the other is white with black and brown lines on it. The shirt with the lines on it, the bloods appears on the collar of the shirt. The plain white shirt gets spots of blood on the front.

I went on holiday with my family to Turkey to see istanbul and the mosques their and history of Islam. When i returned back to UK and opened my suitcase i noticed a large spot of red blood on my white trouser. My mother also had small dots of blood on her white trouser.

Also a few days ago, I went to sleep and was so tired more than usual and i woke up in the middle of the night feeling very thirsty for water. I knew i had a bottle of water in my handbag which was beside my bed. so i got up and took out the bottle from my bag. I then was going to drink some water but was so tired that i fell asleep. I then woke up again feeling thirsty so i got up to get the bottle of water and it had gone. i couldnt find it anywhere. I still have not been able to find it.

I feel so bad to say this and very ashamed and i hope Allah forgives me...But I have also been thinking about sex most of the time. I want to watch porn and watch men maturbate. I have been lusting to have sex with strangers. Also i find it extremely difficult concentrating on my studies as i would rather watch porn or men maturbating.

Please can you tell me why this is happening to me and who is behind it. What should I do??

Please help me


Dlora said...

My mother has a jinn on her, we need help and need to know who put the jinn on her please help it is getting realy bad and we are scared we don't know what to do thankyou..

Regilio said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem
Dear amel soname,
Forgive me for my bad adab. I first and most of all would like to thank you for posting such info on your blog. Since I am in a war with a magician myself I really am in need of your help. Unknowingly of the consequences I sent all the magick done on me and my family back a few years ago. Since then I have been suffering great loss; from divorce, migraines, pains in the body, sleep paralyses, confussion, hearing voices and seeing jinnats etc etc. I have already been warned that my whole family will be ruined and killed by a jinnat. I really am in the need of your help. And request if you could teach me the amals for unlimited moakkils and alawi moakkils

ajmal said...

I belong to Lahore Pakistan and have caught up in a spiritual problem, like joint or Jadoo, some horrible voice came from my mouth, i.e very loudly and some female.and male. I have treated from many people but nobody solve the problem I and my hole family was mentally disturbed from my present condition.
Sir, I am the elder one of my family and all my other brothers and sisters are old then me so due to my this condition the effect also came on them like my younger brother indulged in this problem. Please solve the problem and help m.
please, these days my present condition is so much miserable and my health is also getting down. It is my humbly requested to get ride me and my family from this problem. You are a great Wali of Allah and can do every thing please I am bagging to you get ride from this because there is enough power left in my body to fight this problem
It is your kindness for me and my whole family to solve this problem please do some thing.

Allah Hafiz

diaw said...

I would like if possibly that you can pray for me for Good luck if it is best for me and may Allah keep satan and the djinn away from me and my family. I had a marriage proposal with someone that i really liked but i wasnt sure that he would treat me right because of some of his behaviors i said yes first then afterward i came back and told him that i dont want to get married with him, He made attempt again and every time it is still the same scenario, He act strange too sometimes he dissappear, he doesnt answer to back to me and he reapppear and said that he is sorry. I am not sure why i always change my mind and it is as well in everything else i do, my best friend who knows me very well, we grow up together told me that she is sure that i have djinn that follow me. The reason, i decided to go on google and search about it and i find your page.

Looking forward hearing back from you

Jazakhallah khair

sirin said...

over a year i v problem with sorcery or sihr so jinns always move in my body i cdnt sleep even for a second for first 8 moths but last 3months my sleep is ok but still some big size things move in my body at the moment i am getti, treatment from a ragi he made catching through a catcher person some of jinns disturbing me so they said i ve sorcery in my body attractin them please help me i live in istanbul i wud like to get rid of this problems with qurqn but i dnt know wat to do please help what shoul i recite in quran tnx

amir said...

I have been suffering from the tormant of the khabees since childhood.
i am 38 years my name is amir
please let me know of the ism e azam that i can wird to burn the khabees.

i want to save myself and my family from its torment. uptil now no amil has been able to cure.

only 2 of them could find out of the khabees. please send me a cure, and a way to kill it for allah and humanity.

thank you

Anonymous said...

i hear a voice in my head wanting sex with anyone, girl boy, old young, mother father, animals. i feel others also having trouble when i am close to them, and a voice tells me in the head that see how he is scratching his private part because of you. you are troubling him.

i have prayed to Allah to get this cured and had gone to few amil here, but they could not fully cure, or understand my problem as i could not tell them clearly. i have been playing your jalali alwi moekil recording, and has helped me many a times from depression. i have been continuously praying ├Ła Allah, Ya Qudduso". Sometimes i feel it is a family curse which i am bearing.

i fear god and go to mosque to prayer every Friday, there also i have trouble, voice telling me, see now you are troubling namazees and they will scratch their private parts. This make me feel like, better if i was dead. Please let me know how i can kill this jinn? it has spoiled my entire childhood.

God has been kind to me that i could control this, and only feel a heart ache when i say la hol wala kuwat on such thoughts.

Please tell a name of Allah that could destroy this jinn completely and forever. when it will destroyed, i will know as the evil thoughts and voices will stop. Do you know someone in mumbai that can help me get cured.

Nobody believes me, i also told my mother and father. (For your knowledge i am married and have a 7 year old daughter) i am not a liar and i know Rasoolallah will help me get rid of this problem. Allah has always been kind to me.

Help Me please brother, i have confided in you.

zaheera said...

assalam alekum

my name is zaheera i need some spiritul help, i
hope that you could help me.
i am having a roohani problem, many sheikhs and amil told me it is a good jinn, some told
me it is a ruhani, some told me it is buzurg everyone said it is not harmful its a islamic spirit.
but i dont know till
today what excatly it is, and what to pray or do for it.
could you please guide me in this matter, i pray 5 times
daily, i have performed hajj. i am married and have a son.
i would appriciate you help. or can i call you and talk on
phone? please give me your phone number.
thank you.

fauzia said...

Asalaam alikum brother i need some help please i have been told i have shaitwan in my body and i i have witnessed it... iam very scared what should i do?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have very strong magic on my house, due to this all of my family members getting ill time by time. This conforms when i leave the house for some time and feeling better than when in house feeling. The same has also feel by my other family member.

Yussif said...

assalamu aleikum ,
My name is Yussif,a spiritual man from Ghana who believe that spirit do exist .I have reading through your web page concerning Hamzad when i was searching for a spirit calling techniques to accompany to my work.I am good in Arabic and i am a pure Muslim by birth.
My message to you is about problems i encounter when i conjure a spirit to solve problems.For the past 4 years, i set up to call a spirit for 14 days but it then turn to go to my wife.Is it possible about what happened ?Second i some time call spirit and only sign shows but the spirit do not appears for conversation.last, i have search for how talk to animals and plant but i have not get what i want.
I need you to help me in how to conjure spirit and they will appear with out hurting or coursing any problem.2,if you have any of spiritual ways in Arabic that you can send to me i will be happy if you send them to me.3,i need a spiritual way that can help me talk to animals and plants.
Please i want to talk to you on phone so that we may be able to discuss about that thank you,
hoping to hear from you bye

zahid said...

Assalamalekum amel,

my name is zahid and i am from india i have one question for u can u plz help me out.
i went to moulana he said that a female jinn is in love with me and she wants to do nikah with me ?
my financial condition is very poor and i have lots of debts on me
can u plz tell me what are process of marriage .. i have never seen any jinn but i feel that someone wants to communicate with me.

noorullah said...

assalamualaikum... i read the article ... some nights when i am about to sleep, i hear loud noises and see dark shadows around me... we have full conversations until i snap out of it... i am afraid to stop talking to it, because it then bothers my sister and she will have conversations with it in iher sleep... am i bound for life because of a social contract my ancestors made... it speaks english, and can speak my native tongue... my skin feels like its on fire, and i have the worst dreams... how can i tell it to leave me alone without it being angry, it is very old...

javed said...

Dear Amel.
How are you? I was looking at your post on internet and I got excited to you send an email.
I have evil jinnat in my body and they are in thousands. They are in my body since I was a child, now I am 40years of age. They have destroyed my business, my job and everything. They were in my body for very long but now only I came to know of them. I have gone to lots of Alims, Moulvi. Some of them have been killed but there are still lot of them in my body.
Please help me to kill these satan jinnat instantly.

sally said...

salam I was wondering if you could help me with the jinx. I came to your website and wondered if you can please help to tell me a way to remove or reverse the effects of jinx(like a du'a or a verse from the quran or anything else ect.).I desperately need help please and thank you.
from, Sally

Koreisha said...

As-salamu alaykum

My name is Koreisha i live in Rose Hill, Mauritius. I am writing you this because i desperately need help. There is someone doing sirh/Black Magic on me since 3 years. I am constantly in trouble I always get sick my parents do not talk to me and always loose money through theft or going to Doctor and once a week I fall down without knowing how. But lately things has got worst there is something which is trying to strangled me.

I do my five prayers I read a lot the quran sometimes I start reading some verses by myself and everything calms down for a few hours and then everything goes worst again,I do a lot of duas and read the 99 names of allah. At first my parents took me to see someone and he helped me but now nobody is caring. I went to some mosque they tell me they do not help

Before when I went to seek help in mosques, they cured me but after 3-4 days and my situation return the same again.

After seeing your web post about jinnat king it became clear why every time someone remove the jinn from me another one take his place. I tried all the procedures to burn all the jinaat but that has not work.Could you please help me or try to burn the jinnat. My life is very miserable because of the evil jinns and magician.

I am very scared i fear my life and nobody seems to be able to help.

I am begging you please help me please tell me how to protect myself and please tell me how to burns the demons so that the person behind this looses his power and stop ruining my life

I thank you in advance for your time and help

May allah bless you


Anonymous said...

Salaam we kum,

I once read Surah Baqarah and the Demon came inside my head and was moving inside. I could hear an old man's voice saying, "Allah Hu Akbar" and then the Demon left my head after a few seconds.

I remember I once read Ayat Kursi 100 times one night, the next day I wokeup with severe burns to my legs.

It took 3 weeks to heal. I could not walk properly. I did Ruqyah but there was no jinn in body.

I have found pinkish stains on my clothes, I threw away the clothes.
I found a pinkish circular stain in my home (above fire place), it was a strange circular mark. I had to sand down the stained area. I often find white powder inside my
trousers and when I wash the white powder turns blood red and does not come out of clothes. I have even found the same Pinkish stains on bed cover and on extension cables.

I notice that I often feel some discomfort in my forehead, something twisting and moving. I do Ruqyah but no Demon.

waheed said...

assalam oalalaikum brother

i have seen ur webpage an read the page on jinnat an amals, and have gained good knowledge thank you.
I had a question if you could kindly reply to as i have family problems exactly as mentioned on your webpage especially with my father not being patient and aggressive towards the family most of the time but i understand he affected with black magic and try to keep calm but sometimes it gets out of hand and its very sad for every 1 in the family. my father is trying to do methods by some people to get rid of the evil but i know the man helping us is just a helper of the shiekh and just to taweez here an there but is in my eyes a fake or if not lacked knowledge.

his method was to sacrifice a hen and put a bit of its blood on the front and back door of the of the house and also hammer 4 nails in corner of the house and dig a knife in the ground.
but wot really bothers me wen we asked him why he sacrifised the hen just to test his knowledge or intentions he replied it was for the jinns which to i said i know u can do such things for sadhka etc but not for the jinns he didnt no wot to reply an then my father became angry for my questioning.

if u could please guide me or jus help me with the questions above i will much grateful

Thank you

ala said...

Dear Amel Brother

I recently found your website about Jins and how do deal with them with the help of the Quran. I must say I was quite fascinated by all these and must give you credit for such knowledge and wisdom.

Brother, I am in trouble and have gone to a spiritual healer for help and wanted ask you whether it was ok to give them money for sacrifice. the healer has asked me to give money for sacrifice. there is place in africa where the sacrifice is done. this healer is muslim and prays, has children and he has a muslim jinn. i just wanted a second opinion, do you think i am doing the right thing?

I would appreciate if you can reply and would appreciate if you kept this to your self.


Anonymous said...

hello ,
well from were i am going to start ? I DON'T KNOW

SO since may be 7/8 years i am under psychic attack especially those 2 last years , may be a spell from my tant taking her revenge after i faced and exposed her like a witch because this is what she is and since i was young all my family suffered from her spells ......any way , with the all or majority of bad effect like tiredness nightmare black shadow in the corner of eyes some times and like parasite in the ears....i feel very bad symptoms
the worst of them is maybe that i am hearing demoniac songs and feeling like if dogs eating me and its some times really hurting with blood teats on the mouth my skin damaged ..... .

no medicines can help but at the opposite every thing witch make me relax, make me feel those horrible feelings harder .

i tried to find help from some medium .... but they just steal my money and i think send some spirits or demons or entities may be to guard me for a certain period , and after my money ends and cant pay for the supposedly holly water for example , its bcak again and again 24/24 7/7 ,the intensity ,thank to god who created us, variate but still there.

i started doing the psychic protection since months but its always hurting every 5/7 days a newer attack makes my effort like in "vane" and i feel like if there are other entities coming and helping the entities on me heal quickly, because there is an animal entities on my body , may be blocked and because of its presence the negative waves of he "hallucination" are reaching me , i am not imagining them , and even if i did i don't care ,as long as i found any kind of solution to make that bolshit stop or dead or hardly damaged.

I tried defensive aura with all pure good visualasation and tried imagine offensive aura , imagine that i have electricity sparks around me or kinds of weapon to attack those demon , but again something don't work unfortunately .i also feel other may be weak entities around me who just makes me waste my time on waiting and waiting for a imaginary help which never come , its like they dont really like me or my behave , but i dont care i really want to be free of all entities i want to control my life lol .

Facing that big nightmare by my self ,and from a professional of theses things like you i need some tips , advice , what do you think about that and especially if you heard about some one who had the same symptoms and find out a solution .

I know you must be busy , and all message you receive such complain from people in similar situation , i am starting to be desperate i am 27 years i leave in Tunisia for the moment , dont have enough money to hire every time a new body gard entities or to pay for medium or psychic cleaner which by the way dont really exist yet here in Tunisia iam sending for you this hoping you are an honest person who can help or give me true honest advice .

More the time passes and more i recognize that the solution is that i became myself a healer and heal myself , but No Teacher
and by my self its very difficult , even by starting to behave like a good person is not easy , because the negative entities or black magic is pushing me strong in the wrong path with sin as often as possible , and then they can hurt me more with violence , i am just DESPERATE , i cant control every time my self , i cannot defeat those attacking me , i could not grow spiritually . i didnt find real valuable concert information in internet
Ineed advice ? i need lesson ,I need a SPIRITUAL TEACHER ,I need help

PS your website/blog is really Great ?Jazek ALLAH khayr katir

thank you for any help/advice.

ijaz said...

Assalamualaikum Sir,

I have read a few of your blogs and articles and I was really pleased with whatever you have written. Allah is the only one whom one can turn to but HE (The Almighty) has spread his special people around the world. So I ask of your help.
Since few days we've been facing some problems. My brother in law, my cousin sister and their kids they come and stay at our place over the weekends They used to sleep on the floor so one day my brother in law wakes up and hes got these big bites as if something has bit him, quite a few bites. One of the bite went through his arm up to his heart visible in red. Then some days after his wife (my cousin) is holding his Ipad and she realises oh that the screen suddenly broke. Then every night my brother in law got these bites so we decided to go on a small holiday for 2 days but still he got the same bites there aswell. Then when we got back and one day he woke up and saw that he had small holes in his shirt like two holes together like eyes same holes were found on my other cousins shirt when we were on holiday and same holes for another cousin aswell, we all cousins stay in the same house. 2 days back my brother in laws wife my cousin she got the same bites and she felt as if her body was on fire. Just yesterday my brother had his phone screen broken same way as his Ipad.
Sir now I have something to ask for myself. I failed once in my exams so I tried so hard worked day and night, gave my exams and it went so good I was 100 % sure I'll pass but went I saw my result I failed in all the subjects !
I have been failing the whole year and no success for the whole year. Now I am more worried my exams are coming up and I can't take no fail my parents depend on me. Please help us !
Thank you
Peace be on you

Anonymous said...

Its a whole defensive mechanism.
You have to start with 5 prayers.
morning and night prayers for protection.
It comes down to trust and faith.The more you pray daily and fast and relax.Satan is a very big player, he is a hypocrite and lair to the highest possible extent.There is no match to Satan double games and lies. He oftens says to those who ask for help "i wish you well, i am your friend" at end he "ruins" and destroy the same person who was his friend or who asked his help.
Satan aim is very clear:
Convince you God is helpless.He has overthrown the God kingdom and taken the charge of God throne and set his flag on his throne.
The more you pray daily, the more you fast weaker he is. Try to remain clean as much as you can.

If all fails and the jinn sent are too much of a power surge then there is a 40 days special prayers to call angels known as "chila" but that involves efforts and also you can do tahajat. Remember never ever give up salat thats Satan only weakest point.Everything else is on top of salat. The more you build up your defense, weaker he is.
The same applies for Christians you will see certain Christian succeed in defeating these attacks, reason is they trust in Allah, same goes for Jews.
Hindus and other depend on "Satan friends" who are their god for help. So hindu get protected from a jinn by asking a satan and please a satan.
Abrahamic faith have common God "Allah"
Others have common god knows an "Satan".
You can only defeat these jinn by either being friends with Satan or allying with God.Without Salat, everything else is useless. Salat everyday,fast for atleast 2 months before you see a difference. Trust me i know how this works at least for me. In God we trust.

ali said...

Slam I have a serious problem there are 4/5 jinns and 1/2 demon trying to kill me also I think theirs lots of evil spirits etc after me I can here them all the time they also cause me pain, I cant read namaz because the maklog negative energy from me and I cant not read namaz becsuse the evil spirits etc get happy do you have any idea what I should do thanks
Jazzak allah

sreedhar said...

Hi amel


I am having a problem with a JINN , it is attached with my soul and is not coming out of my body even after doing lot of prayers.

It is basically put to block my al-hijab. Please suggest me suras or ayats to remove this JINN which is attached to my soul.

I am also being attacked by sifli mokels for which i am reading rabii ishra li sadri........and qulna ya narru .......ayats.

Please suggest to save my self from these bad people.

Anonymous said...

I have complaining about magic after a while things look like it's getting better and suddenly this white he goat speaks to me in my sleep. It keeps coming and going from time to time and always take something from me something very small like a took pick or a single rice that falls from my mouth. Please brother Amel help me, I get very very angry most of the time beyond control please help me. I did ruqyah but this magic seems to be stronger by the day and refuses to go away.

I look forward to hear from you

Aziz said...

Hi Ustad Amel Soname!

I have a technology and Jinn problem.

How much will you charge to clear the problem?

Please do get in touch,