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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum

If someone’s house is haunted by jinns, in that case before trying the solution of vacating the house to shift to another one, it should be observed whether the jinns had been staying there for quite some time or have been sent by a magician to harm the family. In such haunted houses, sometimes people feel the presence of certain elements or see strange supernatural elements like a fleeting shadow or some scary face. Vacating such a house in case the jinns have been sent by a magician will result in a wastage of one’s time, money and energy, because the magician can easily redirect them into the new residence.
In case the jinns have been sent by some magician, then one may notice the following :

1 At midnight or at 3am or even during broad daylight, one may hear loud sounds of someone jumping and leaping on the terrace.
2 There may be sounds of someone pulling a heavy four-legged object on the terrace.
3 The house gets plunged into darkness due to the jinns who perform black magic in the house itself
4 There is a stench in the house.
5 One may face health problems in the house but on leaving it, things get normal.
6 One can see strange hands or shadows in the house.
7 At the specific time when the jinn is dispatched to the house, the victim may not feel well. This is because the jinn performs black magic on the victim.
8 One may see blood spots in the house.
9 One may find meat in the house.
10 One may see taweez and vegetables in the house.
11 The victim may feel as though someone has called his name from behind, but on turning around, he or she may find nobody.
12 One may see apparitions which disappear quickly.
13 Stones thrown on the house
14 One may see jinns after a few years of shifting into that house because those jinns were not there earlier.
15 It is only the victim or those people on whom the jinns perform black magic in turns, mostly during night . The rest can not see anything unusual.

In case the jinns inhabit the house on their own, then the following incidences can be noticed:

1 The moment the house is purchased supernatural phenomenon is witnessed.
2 Right after the family moves into the new house there are strange occurrences
3 If the family members notice that the jinns always stay in particular room or if they are seen entering a particular part of that house many times, then that part should be vacated.
4 Jinns may continue to enter and exit the house frequently.
5 There may be pranks in the house such as certain things are hidden or the water disappear from the pots etc
6 Jinns living together in groups.
7 The jinns punish the house members on minor faults, resulting in the family facing some trouble or the other every now and then.
8 A white shadow is seen often in such a house
9 If a havoc is created in the house on playing the qirat, then it means that the jinns are appointed by the magicians but if peace prevails, it means that the jinns are good.

If the jinns are good and have nothing to do with any magician or black magic, then in such a case, before consulting any anil one should try to solve the problem by addressing the jins, whether good ones or belonging to some other sect through a letter. A polite request should be made to them to stop causing trouble and a section of the house should be kept for them and they should be requested to live only in that part. In case of any mistake on part of the family members an apology should me made before hand .Constructing a room for them on the terrace is also a good option as they may get complete privacy there. Hiring an amil at the very onset is not advisable as the jinns who are used to living in a particular house , would never obey very easily and leave the house. A battle may ensue between the jinns and the amil as the jinns who are involved in a fight become very dangerous .It may then entirely depend on the amil whether he has enough power to deal with them. If the amil uses his moakkils to fight the jinns then they may leave the house soon, but if the amil himself tries to chase them away by inflicting pain on them, then they may get enraged. So in order to avoid such a situation, the family should make arrangements for a peaceful co- existence with the jinns through a letter addressed to them ,because just like human beings do not like changing houses out of compulsion, similarly the jinns also avoid doing so. There have been instances where the people have reached an agreement with the jinns and are leading a peaceful and normal life.
With the jinns send by a magician such an agreement is simply not possible mainly because those are evil jinns who are under the control of the magician, who fulfills their certain desires which the family members can not do. So they obey only the magician at all costs. Moreover these evil jinns owe allegiance to the magician completely as they know that if the do not obey his orders to do all sorts of evil, the magician may present them before their king and get them punished severely. Since these jinns are basically evil, they like doing evil too like causing harm to good and innocent people etc. Even if they are made to present themselves in front of the amils, they try to fool the amils by claiming to be muslims and even prostrate and read the kalma to prove that they are true to Islam.they go back to their own groups and make fun of the amils .Sometimes they offer to help the victims in a sly way and try to misguide them as they are basically frauds. So an agreement with them is impossible.

This Naama Mubarak should be hanged in the house to expel the stubborn sifli jinns and also the jinns living in the house themselves if they do not agree to a mutual living and continue to trouble the family.
Zakat should be paid before using this Naama Mubarak. A bath should be taken at midnight and 12 rakaats of Tahajjud namaz should be offered after which

should be read 1000 times and the naama mubarak 131 times .Inshallah all kinds ofevil forces like jinns, ghosts etc shall disappear.

NOTE: This amal should be done by a person who is not affected by black magic and it should not be done in the haunted house as the jinns will never allow the person to give zakat to begin the amal .If the problem continues after some time then this means that the jinns have made the amal non effective by breaking its power. It this happens then on should hire a good amil as a war with the jinns then becomes inevitable to chase them away. The amil can do away with the black magic jinns which may ultimately solve the problem

do remember me your prayer
amel soname


Azeem said...


Recently i had purchase one house in india and iam staying in dubai and i had rented out the house in india for one year and i come back to dubai and now this rent house person is not vacating the flat what i have to do can you pleae suggest us,

he is doing black majic too much.


shafi shake said...

assalame lekum, i am shafi from india we are facing lot of problems becuase of jinn in our house.i request you to make dua for us.we are always facing problems in our house.please send your postal address for taweez and naqsha insha allah after recieving your address i will
write letter to you.

Jaja Kallahu khar

balkandola said...

There is a spirit with me 24 hours a day can't get rid of it please give me a solution 2 this .

محمد صلاح الدين said...

Asalamu alaikum

Allah paak give you reward for helping human kind in suffering. ameen.

Janab i have a serious question please can you tell me how to get rid of someone's hamzaad who has tried a hamzaad amal and failed in it. My father has been affected by this and now he is suffering from it he swerars at the prophets astagfirullah and gives respect to firoun, namrood and shaytaan. Please can you help? how do i get rid of it as it has taken over him. Please can you give me ijaazat to do the amal to get rid of it?


Walaikum salam

Astrologer said...

JazakALLAH, you have done great job.I am having mystical Knowledge of ot only Islam but also other religions. You have done a great job brother.Amazing your advise how to make agreement with Jins.I was once lifted frmo bed in house & always see white shadows around.I am not bothered i curse him.

Anonymous said...

My name is Farah. I feel that i have something watching over me all the time before I was married and after I was married, I moved to my inlaws where I sense extraordinary phenomenon. Once I was asleep with my husband and I sensed that something was watching me, I opened my eyes and I saw a big black shadow in the shape of a man at the foot of my bed watching me and my husband......I feel that something is attracted to me. Please can you offer advice and guidance brother?

Morgan said...

Assalamu allaiqum,
Greetings brother Amel Soname.My name is Morgan,I am a medical student studying in the island of Cuba.I am from the country of Guyana.Guyana is a small country in South America next to Venezuela.I was raised seventh day adventist christian,but later I began to do research on the religion of Islam and the Holy Quran,which made me change most of my beliefs about christianity.From today on,I became a believer in Allah,in His books and in His messengers.It is difficult to live the right way,but every time I call on Allah for help,I immediately see His miracles.
Brother Amel I have a story of my life to tell you.My mother's grandmother was a hindu,and she used to do many evil works using her deotas/jinns that she controlled.She placed her deotas/jinns to disrupt the life of her husband,children and grandchildren for her own benefit,even killing her own children for money.
My mother told me this,because my grandmother used to make her help her in her evil work.But afterwards,my mother left her and became christian,and used to always tell me that my grandmother had put a curse on her children and grandchildren,and especially me.
My mother always prayed to Almighty God for protection for me.I was brought up in a right way from childhood,for example I do not have sex,drink alcohol,smoke cigarettes,go to cinemas or parties,I do not eat pork or any unclean meat or fish forbidden in the torah/old testament/Holy Quran.
I always studied the Holy Books,because I wanted to know the truth and the correct way to live in pleasing Allah like the Prophet Mohammed.
After my mother's grandmother died,her deotas/jinns remained in her house,it wasn't until my cousin who was living in her house,and who became muslim,asked the maji of his masjid to exorcise her jinns from the house,that they could live peacefully there.
My mother continues to pray for me everyday for me to keep on living a right life,and even though I try my best everyday to live right,I can still see the workings of the evil jinns in trying to disrupt my life,even other people who are close to me,but don't know the story of my grandmother can see it too,and they tell me that,surely someone has done something evil to hinder my life and that I should seek help.
It was Allah's Will,that I came across your blog about the using the Holy Koran to get rid of evil jinns.I seek refuge in Allah for protection from all evil jinnat,but because I have no Holy Quran an I cannot read arabic,and here in Cuba there are no masjids or many muslims where I am,I will have to wait until I go back to my country next year before I can get help and counsel from any Mualannahs or Shieks about this matter.
I humbly ask you brother Amel Soname,if you feel it's Allah's Will,and you are in any position to do so,is there any special amals that I can listen to or,any special amal that I can wear around my neck for protection from these evil jinnat/deotas.
If this is something that you cannot do at this moment,then I humbly ask you brother Amel Soname to pray for me,for Allah to send His Angels to protect me,from all evil jinnat and to bless me in my study of medicine,so that I can be a blessing to mankind when I become a doctor inshallah.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. My girlfriend Shahd is arabic and i had just asked her today if she belved in ghosts and she started telling me about jinn. I being non arabic knew little. i found this to be very insightful. Ive really enjoyed reading this and some of the sings to look for reminded me of a house when i was younger. So i now believe it was jinn due to the odd match ups in the list. THank you for the information as i said before i found it very interesting.
Matt H.

Anonymous said...

trust in Allah is sufficiant

Anonymous said...

Read the Ayaat-Ul Koorsi before u sleep then an angel from Allah(SWT) wud come and protect you
P.S. Be careful during the last hours of night because previously in Arabia it was believed that the last hour of night are the perfect ti me for using magic

Anonymous said...

Salaam,my 11 yrs old brother is suffering from this problem from this jumma tul wida please tell me if there is anything specific we can read coz we are very anxious.......jazzak Allah

Anonymous said...

Recite or listen to Al Baqarah ch 2 and the three Qula'udu Surat Al Falaq etc everynight before going to sleep. Try to also play Al Baqarah loud in the house everyday if you can. For a house by which Al Baqarah or Quran isnt played or recited is dwelled by shayateens and is graveyard. But if u listen or recite it you will be accompanied with the angels and NO evil jinn can come near u IF ALLAH WILLS. Allah Knows Best...

Anonymous said...


imteyaz said...

Dear Brother


First I would like to thank you for your posts on magic and sorcery which I have recently visited on and which I find very interesting and which contain loads of useful information.

I am actually suffering from sorcery/black magic which could date since year 2000. In 2007 I accidentally discovered that there is a jinn in residing in my body and since then I have been struggling to get the thing out of my body. I am actually performing the Ruqyah on myself every day and however there has been some improvements in my conditions but am still not able to get the Jin out. Below is a list symptoms I am suffering from:

1. Loss of memory

2. Dream of going to toilets in public

3. A blocking force while sleeping

4. Make lots of mistake at works

5. Loss of Job; I am actually not working since 10th March 2013.

6. Difficulty having sexual relationship.

7. Difficulty in studies

8. No children; death of one child and several miscarriage of my wife.

9. Joint pains

10. Numbness on the right side of the body.

11. Like a force pulling me back in everything that I do.

I would be much grateful if you could please advise what my problem could be and on the correct method of performing the Amal to remove the Jin from my body.

Thank you and Wassalam

Anonymous said...

ASMKM .... brother can u please help me .... i had jinnat issues since ive been an infant and I still have them and now im 34 ... an aamil who helped me alot advised me to stay away from animal products .... I never asked him why and Ive lost contact with him .... can you please answer this question ... I would really appreciate it


jagu said...


I read your explanation how to get rid of Jinn from the human body.

I would like to tell you the following problems because of presence Male Jinn as well as Female jinn.
These jinns are with me for the last 50 years. Initially, it started destruction of things such that burning, taking away articles as they like money, ornaments, etc. Even it was killing young kids. During sleep, it will come and press heavy weight on me and after few minutes it will leave me. We have contacted many people and astrologers, magicians,prayers, yagnas etc to get rid of this jinn but no remedy still.

Presently, for the last 10 years, these jinns are making problems for my daughter and talking always 24 hours on her head about other personality. Physically, the jinn making many problems. It will not allow her to concentrate any work. Her husband never believe such happenings and sufferings.

As you have explained presence of jinn in the human body (1 to 6 ), the same things are happening .I want to come personally to see you to eradicate the jinn from my body as well from the daughter’s body.Please pray for me and also inform your telephone and also your address. I need your appointment to see you. Upon receiving your reply, immediately i will come and see you.

I am in Madras (South india)

Thanking you,

Anonymous said...

Hi ,First of all i have to Thank you , jazaki Allah kayran for all your valuable information on internet , you are one of the rare muslim person i found in internet talking as rationally as possible and giving as mush information as possible about this paralell word /entities subject .

Secondly am asking you sir please do not close the door on me .

Please give me information , I need to understand , am EXHAUSTED , I know that people are suffering much too , anyway , thank you in advance for any information,

Am attacked by chayatina ichk and bloking hasad eye and a snce i exposed my tant as a sorcerer its just the hell on earth i really cannot understand how cann a person have so much evil power on her and how muchh it can affect our dimention Unfortunately my tant is a very bad powerful person and havea sorcerer or 2 who just dont leve me alone trying sometime to call me from hidden numbers even if i change my phone number they find it , my family is suffering too much too, for years , we have been trying , (unfortunately) every single treatment , really , thanks to Allah am still alive and able to think and tape on this key bord , i know am surrended by malak but the attacker are so much ,

Am confused I don't know if it will be a good or bad thing to be involved in spirituality am doing much of dhikr as it is the only thing am doing since a year which preserving me from yelling outside without clothes and keep going until dying , no rukia or strog rouhani could help and the worst is that they just keep secrets about my case , or may be dont want to admit they are weakerthan my ennemies or may be they just dont know whats happening and why their treatement is helpless.

At the same time I can see the light and restart being optimistic saying that am certainly going to become a good strong enlightened person , but the struggle is hard no job no frends no happiness it-is -hard thanks to Allah always
and beleve me sister amel my enemies attack are truly perfectly done and well planified and structured and studied by my , that I do not know how can I continue to survive especially without a guide .

Anonymous said...

So please give a young man seeing his years passing in front of his eyes since 2004 am 28 now and its just horful what am living as i really had great plan for me and muslim and people aroud the world,but still nothing and time keep moving .

am burned am lost and am so optimistic at the same time that am not giving up.,

Am some times focusng in light and love trying to forgive to my ennemie hoping they change or at least cantreach me , but quiqkly i change as i have to protect myself against the attack so hurting , bloody , hallucinations , sounds bad feeling, beating, heat , blood , anger stress 24/24:7/7 .so i start to focus on killing all enteties who dare attack me , but still failing doing that too, am desperate .la ileha illa Allah

In my country we rarely hear about people who can connect highly with Allah, and manipulate energy unless bad sorcerer or devil mushrik.
so please tell me if am doing and thinking wrong or true
I don't think am special but I know am a very complicated person and this is may be interacting with my healing process as every remedies look like working for some people having nearly the same symptoms than me but with me it's just not working its like its something below the level or something definitely apart bloking, am may be wrong , It's just that I have too much tried and its a kind of something really blocking my attempts many , many long and short and medium different attempts,lol , I don't know what would happen to me when I will be released from this , but I kind of understand that it is jut mandatory to have a mentor or a spiritual guide I just did not find , for many reasons , first one I gave 100 per cent trust so hardly i suffer certainly from waswas too and a jinn ichk in my body, i can not remember or even understand my dreams , and as phisical a humain being too i make mistakes too much .

i met sufi who accepted to iniciate me but they said i have to do blindly in the begening as they say , "do as you told without asking much" and when youre hurt call on the chikh , already dead phisically , but i just cannot do that in another hand, i tried to ask some rouhani but they are mainly sorcerers who communicate with devil djinn "negative and or astral entities" and those one "enteties generally trick them to come to them only by worship and prayers and at the end they manipulate for them their own energy and intention , and it's very risky for my little islamic remaining faith to call on and worship something invisible at first and other than The one supreme God who created every thing but am a bad sinner.

I really want to know if you or a person you know can manipulate concretely energy with the hands without the risky help of any entity..and would give me a training exercice programe. , by saying manipulate concretely energy
i mean something which can be perceived from our weak eyes ,like telekinnisis or only deeling with natural energy pure energy . I would be really grateful if you would help or

Anonymous said...

tell me the name of a person or where can i find her/him some one really connected to Allah and the universe with understanding of some of its secrets some one truly muslim and kind. tried and still do become a soul pure , religious person, do meditation , tried ones astral travel, lucid dreaming , channeling but failed , even in the past i tried magic , positive thinking , focussing in angel , or my angel gide, asked others for helps rukia rouhani chik ...some tried but failed some betrayed me and made my case worst many liyed to me and hide from me things concerning me ..... .

As am searching concretely since years with as objectivity as i can have from different source of information.

I just need this kind of person, I certainly would be able to travel to the moon to search for him/her, because am tired searching and exercising by myself it hard and complicated and am may be doing every thing wrong and as in islam we have to take knowledge from a person who had gotten from God knowledge and mercy am tring to find it unsuccesfully and being in a country which just get out of a revollution and having many life difficulties its harder .

if you can understand a little bit what I tried to say with my third bad English language , give me tips , things that worked for you .

Again I would be really grateful if you would help.

Thank you much , sory for my english .


Abbas said...

Dear sir,
I needed to ask you what does asrat mean. I have been contacting this spiritual healer and he says i am under asrat some kind of bandish (or atleast that whats i heard)


Mohd Aziz Shaikh said...

Assalam walaikum,
I read dua many different ayat from quran, it makes jin or devil weak, I don't know I think i'm missing sumthing, I want to kill that bloody jin and evil, please tell if any thing is possible to cut jin like we cut goat on bakra eid..
I tryied reading Allah hu Akbar... Tabbat yada sure.. Arayetal kursi while cutting his neck by hand, still he is alive.. I tried before on many some of them get cut by resiting this..
Please suggest me if you can..
E-mail is -

pradeep k. nair said...

I have been possessed with my mamu's (mother's brother who was killed or died accidentally: his name Prakash Narayan Nair) spirit for the past 30 years. I'm 51 years old now and my entire family is suffering from it. My older brother met with an accident and lost one eye. My younger sister died due to heart problem. My younger brother converted to Islam but his sufferings has not reduced he is facing severe financial problems. Regarding myself the spirit of my mamu has completely taken over my body, all logical thinking has disappeared, and I'm doing things which I know is wrong wilfully so much that I've lost lots of money in share market and presently unemployed and and under tremendous stress mentally as well as financially. I've a small family with a working wife and a college going daughter who's also facing problems. There're several scartches on my body and severe twitching of the eyes and the whole body is used to convey pleasure or displeasure. I've visited many places to get rid of this spirit but so far hadn't met with success. Please suggest ways to end this menace as I'm a peace loving person. Because of this possession I've become very violent and short tempered and my thinking process which is not in my hands is very erratic. Please help, and how to go about it ad what should be done to drive this evil spirit away. Awaiting your prompt reply.



I am abhishek from INDIA.we the group of 10 people use to go a GAUSHALA ( A place where cows are taken care).. there is a particular corner where the nature of cows is getting wierd day by day and many of them have passed away too.

Even we many times feel something wrong is there.. we confirmed with of the known Person and he told like long back 1 Muslim brother met an accident there and he got hurt in his leg... later he was burried that place.. so might be he dont like anyone to stand there...

Sorry I am HINDU by caste and i might dont know anything about ISLAM.

what we want is pur cows should also remain healthy and happy and at the same time wven that super natural power should also be happy...

Please suggest what we can do.