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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,

When a person is under the influence of the devil’s
Shadows, he may feel as though he is being followed by a shadow. Sometimes there may be more than one shadow at his back which may afflict a lot of pain on the victim and they may also do black magic if they have been sent behind the victim by a magician. The victim can see only the shadow of a body but the face and features are not visible. These are the subordinates of magicians who use them to perform sorcery in a particular house by making these shadows keep evil taweez, meat, blood etc for black magic or they make them bring objects from the house like the hair from the comb, old clothes etc on which they may perform magic. These devilish shadows are a particular group of satans. They appear as a smoky shadow and the victim may only be able to see a dark silhouette. Nature has endowed these devilish shadows with the power to camouflage by which they fool their victims and trap them so that they can afflict misery on them. Nobody can beat them in changing guises. Sometimes they may appear as a somber faced elderly person and at other times as an animal or a bird like an owl, crow etc. Sometimes when they want to con a man they may appear as a very attractive woman, whereas a t some other times they also roam about as a naked woman. If an unfortunate child gets entrapped by them, they force them to obey their commands and if they child does not pay heed to them, they inflict upon him or her severe diseases. Since they are invisible to human beings, people do not know about their abodes or their paths of traveling. This leads to conflicts at times if, for example, a person spits or urinates somewhere and they happen to be resting there, so they become a sworn enemy of such a person oblivious of the fact that they are not visible to humans.


1 A dark shadow always follows the victim which is visible if the victim turns back.
2 If the victim cups his eyes with his hands and concentrates, he or she may be able to see a dark shadow lurking inside.
3 A feeling of heaviness in the body and also in the breathe.
4 Difficulty in breathing.


1 The victim should try listening to azan 11 times each during morning, noon and in the night. This is because these evil shadows hate the azan ant they immediately surrender and escape from the victim’s side. One can hear listen the recording of the azan from an audio cassette or a CD
2 Read Ya Allaho 500 times each after every namaz till 11 days, with 11 times durud shareef in the beginning and in the end. This evil shadows can not stand the name of Allah as they hate Allah ,so the victim can get rid of them very quickly
3 Read Surah Jin 11 times at any convenient time till 11 days. Inshallah these evil shadows may get relinquished.


If various types of shadows appear before the victim or many such shadows appear one by them, or else if a number of them come to attack the victim, it means that these evil shadows have been sent to harm the victim by a magician. Once the magician understands that the victim is using some amal as an antidote, he puts a barriers on that amal thereby rendering it useless. In such a case, a good amil should be hired to do the needful.

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samina said...


Amel Soname Sahib. My name is Samina. I live in Jeddah, K.S.A. From 10 years I am suffering from a hair problem, I feel my head heavy and heat comes out of my head and then I start pulling my hairs from my own hands. This process takes such a long time and suddenly the skin of my head is swelled. This process is painful even now. All my body is also effected. And I feel that any kind of shadow is around me, and sometimes I can see that shadow and fear spreads in the whole house. And sometimes our things are also lost. My family is also having many kinds of problems. When we plan something to do, it doesn't happen. The opposite happens and we suffer from loss. We tried many medical check-ups and Islamic treatments, the Islamic way O'lama told that 'someone has done some kind of magic and you do some Islamic treatment', and I have done the treatments but till now we no change has come. It's very hard to read the Holy Quran and Namaz. I often used to see dreams that my things are buried in graveyard, I and my two brothers take out those things but it don't happen in real.Now also almost half of my head is free of hairs and my hand is moving too fast. There are many physical problems of my husband and obstacles are also there in there job. Please break Black magic. Please reply us fast.

Asim said...

Assalm wa likum;
Can you tell us what is the differnce between Zahiri and Batni Hamzad.?


farah said...

Dear brother

I am much disturbed and I do not know what to do. I got married nearly two years ago....before this, I lived inmy parents house where I used to experience much phenomenon...I was very much different to my sisters, they would sit in the next room watching tv and I would sit in the other alone reading namaz and praying....I have experienced alot of supernatural things.....I used to always notice two blak cats that would sit outside my house whenever I came in and would disapear whenever I went out.....they would sit watching the house..... when I got married...early days I started experiencing unusual mother in law found eggs buried in the garden.....this was quite unusual and I noticed at night, in our bedroom..the tv would come on by itself around midnight or so or around 2ish......then one night i was asleep wih my husband and I had such a strong feeling of being watched, I opened my eyes and I saw a big black shadow in the shape of a bif muscular man standing at the foot of my bed watching us....I screamed and woke up, did wazu and read fajars namaz.....since then we hear cuttley falling all the time in the kitchen and I have the strong sensation that someting is always with me, around me, especially in the bedroom. What do I do, who do I turn to....?

Please gime ur advice

Anonymous said...

Asalam walycom
Brother in Islam i am writing to you because my daughter is obseesed with a Jinn.
She talks to herself all day, crys to herself laughs and smilesto herself.
She says that a teacher and 5 children are in her head and telling her bad things.
She is getting medical treatment but she is not getting well and is getting worse everyday.
The people in her head some to increass eveyday and she is also shouting at them everyday.
Please can you help as your urgent help is needed.

patel said...

hi assalamalikum sir,

i would like to know that there are some kind of formation of shadows like web in my both the eyes when ever i pray to god or sit in wafia and resite duas and this shadows keeps on changing every time when i reciete new duas daily during daily and the formation is simmillar as to what i am sitting in position or what so ever posture is in position as i am doing my reciting of duas; i will be grateful to you if you can shred light on my problem and explain this and some times light is also coming from this which shines some time.

please show me the correct way and guide me properly as i am now jobless and staying in abudhabi for 6 months and trying hard for job.
i did not reccieve any job uptill now.

kindly help me as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Salam aleykom

My husband went to different sheiks and they beat him and he vomit a lot.. The sheicks sayed he has lots of jinns kafir.. Now the jinn control his brain so he runs from his family hidding and he is afraid to go to sheik.. Several times i talked with the jinn when i try to call my husband.. The jinn says that he will not leave unless the magician tells him to leave and his job is to destroy my husband to not have work and to hate me.. I have to say that my husband doesnt have work since 5 years and no money even to eat, no income.. Even now my husband start hating me.. The jinn hates me coz when my husband was still at home i was make him drink quranic water and put olive oil on his body but now my husband since 2 months left the home and he doesnt makes ruqia as he says he doesnt have any magic.. He start forgetting that he went to sheik and a lot of things from his life.. Pls tell me how can i force him to make ruqia or what i should do to can defeat this jinns.. I pray tahajiud daily and fast Monday and Thursday.. I will make anything to stop the jinns affecting his brain

kosar said...


For years now i see things more like shadows although its calmed down now and hear whispers but i am at the point where i am tired of it, my family had my hisaab done and have been told things are done on me , i saw some of your posts years ago but didnt know whether i was suffering from magic or not. i pray Alhamdulillah and believe that my prayer has helped me a lot but i have come to the point where i want to know IF someone is doing magic then Who is it i just want to know and protect myself its been going on for over 20 years!! Can u help with this issue and could you explain what your background is are u a sister? Arab? May God have mercy

riaz said...

salaams brother sisiter whoever

I am in desperate need of help there are 4 jinn on the loose iffrit palis khabith 2 of them and a pinchy jinn on my right they need to be killed I am dying brain disease soul disease body everything I am dying help me weak souls have these jinns I am blessed from surah kahf this is going on for 12 months please now brother do something let me meet you in person

majima said...


I came across your website and I need some help. I feel like I am being interfered by Jinn, in my room I hear noises and feel forces and have had weird dreams, this has been going on for some time. Also on the outside I feel people are using Jinns/something to read others' minds, have you ever come across this before/heard about this? I feel quite sure people are reading my mind through the help of something in which I think is Jinns. This is disturbing me very much and I want to put a stop to it, they are violating me and others. Please provide what help/advice you can and in the mean time I will keep on researching and doing what I can to put an end to Jinn interference. Those that are using Jinns/something to violate others must be stopped. I look forward to your reply. I understand you have a lot of info on your website and I am looking through that too, thank you.

Mumeet said...

Salam Sir,

Sir i have a dirty jinn and people are reading my mind i dont know how im typing this to you still people are reading my mind

I have read ayatul kursi and innallah sayubtiriruhu with majhe tumbhihi minasseher innallah sayubtubiruhu. Abdul sattar posted this in the video in fb i followed his words and it was described that if anything is in the body it will die in the name of allah but nothing happened i also red surah baqarah but still nothing happened

I guess this type of jinn are bad jinn coz im smelling bad strong attar

I dont feel like talking to anyone most of the time im angry and also im having wet dreams sometimes

Sir please help me since everyone are reading my mind when i fart no sound comes but they know when i fart

Sir please advise me what to do since now im only reading ayatul kursi and blowing on water and drinking it.....

Khuda Hafiz