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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum

When the evil jinns get into the bodies of any person and start controlling his thought process, then the person is said to be ‘possessed’ by devils/jinns.
In some cases the devils enter into the human beings due to some attraction like human beings have amongst both the sexes. However mostly it happens when the devils become vindictive. This may happen when a human being causes them some trouble unintentionally.
For example, if a man urinates on a heap of rubbish where some devil might be taking rest, so the devil feels that the man has purposely caused him trouble and so he takes revenge by entering his body.
The jinns are quite cruel and ignorant by nature and sometimes just like some mischief mongers amongst humans, the jinns too behave in a mischievous way and enter human beings to give them trouble.
If such devils try talking with the person then they should be politely requested to leave. In case the devils are attracted towards the particular person in whose body they land up, they should be reminded that they are doing a great sin (gunahe kabira). Even if there is a mutual agreement amongst both the jinss and the human being, then too this is considered to be vulgar and is a sin for both the parties.
If the jinn has entered the body to take revenge, then he should be told that the person did not do any thing intentionally and he has the right to behave in any particular way in his own house. Since the jinns themselves trespass into some other person’s property ,so that person cannot be held responsible for any harm he has caused to him, mainly because the jinns are not visible to the human eye.

This amal can be followed in both the above mentioned cases. Read verse no.4 Surah Yusuf 500 times daily and verse no.33 Surah Rehman 500 times daily.
Write verse no.102 Surah Baqarah on 7 china plates with rose or saffron and drink the water from 1 plate daily till 7 days at Read this verse 7 times each on 7 roses and blow on it and rub each rose daily till 7 days. You can later on throw the roses in flowing water bodies like a river or stream. Lastly,make a naqsh out of this verse and hang it around your neck. Inshallah, all the devilish powers may leave the body.

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Anonymous said...

Asalmao alaikom wa Rahmatullah
dear bro Fillah

I did recite Suran Bagra Alhamdulillah and , I felt and hear them the Jins , VAmpires one left , and I saw blood spots in the house as well,
I found meat in a plate , so Now I don't know what to do with the meat we found in our Kitech, it is kinda Strange meat , with Blood in a plate.
Please let me know what should I do with it.

Inshlalah hope you are in best health and iMaan and JazakAllahu Khair for whatever you do for sake of Allah for people .

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

assalam O alaikum

hamari badi bhen ko bhot takleef h,aur pura badan dukhta h,aur hamesha pareshan rehti h.wo shaadi k liye bhi mana karti h.aur unpe upri asar bhi hai.
to us wajah se wo hamesha bimar rehti hai.

in sha allah hum aapke jawaab ka intezaar karenge.
allah hafiz.


Anonymous said...

Meri 2month ki baby neend mai bohut zyada dar jati hai what should i do

Unknown said...

assalam o alaikum

hamari beti jis ka nam saima parveen maan ka nam sultana yasmeen hai.
istakhara se pata chala ke us par kisi ne aaseb kar dia hai jis ke wajah kar har trah ki bimari ghabrahat main rahti hai bahut presan hai karib
3 mahine se aur shadi ke ristey main bhi rokawat ho rahi hai 3 saal se

in sha allah hum aapke jawab ka intezaar karenge.
allah hafiz

email id;

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir.

My Sister is living in Lahore Paksitan
She was well educated and married before 16-year has 3 son 1 daughter.
Before 6-year her husband job became finish and she start to prayer too much and any one said her to read quran or some Dua’s she read day and night.
They face last six month financial problem too much and her husband did not do job since that time even he went three country but came back to Pakistan.
her mind was not her control and she was hearing some voices and watches some faces her body became burning.
She said some one is beating her and one or two hour she became sence less and feel too much week and tayerd.
Now a days we are checking her some cicatrices’ doctor they are giving her medicine to sleep only.

Anonymous said...

dear sir salaam .sir my brother have a problem some time mostly at night time his body make jammed and some jinnat have treat him hardly .some time he wound themselves like some one wound him by a blade .and her whole body make wounded. some time he kicked him hardly and same time he eat meet and sand and more thing plz help to me protect him from these bad action

Mushtaque said...

Hi Ameel,
My name is Mushtaque , I live in Canada.
I came across your website and really like your post.
I need some help with this kind of situation related to jinn.
Could you give me you phone number that I can contact you?
Thank you so much and I really appreciate your reply.

Paresh said...

I had two jinns in my house last year. I had a priest come and remove them. I am hearing noises in my house and the priest is scare to come check my house. I need help in removing the jinns. Can you please let me know if you can help. I live in california.

Alisa said...

Hello. I am worried that I may have negative energy towards me. Would you please check and see if anything bad around me and if you can help me please

Alisa Nuri

Saira said...

Dear Islamic Brother,

I'm going to say something strange but very true. The day on which I took print of attached taweez for very first time & wrote behind that as advised on your page with the intension to burn it after fajar prayer, on that night before upcoming Fajar Prayer, I felt something going very strange with me, that has never been happened to me ever in my life.
I felt, something is making me to stay awake whole night by knocking things in room. I stayed awake all night but i just ignored as I thought that may be an anxiety problem with me that happens to everyone off and on.

After that i offered fajar prayer & burnt taweez. After doing that, when I lay down again in bed, i felt something I may call them (JIN) because as muslim, I believe in them, touched my hand & brought it upto the shoulder from back side with a force. After few mins, I felt the same touch on my front side like something has huged me tight & has dropped its all weight on me. I got up with a loud scream. On second night, I felt the same thing as somebody is snatching my pillow & I got up again with loud screams & today is the fifth day, I stay awake in whole night due to fears of that thing.

Dear Brother, You have more knowlege than me as I saw your website on different issues. It is my humble request to please help me to get out of this thing, if it is because of that tawaeez, or even if it is because of something else. Im a layman, I just shared, what has happened to me. If you feel good to advise me on call, please tell me. I really need your help. I'm very tensed. I have hopes from you.

It is worth to mention here that, I have been living in this room from last 4 months & another girl is also living in same room for a year. But no starange thing happened to anyone before that.

clara said...

Dear Amel I have. Big big problem I hope you can help me, I'm in big hole, I can not get ride of bad spirit and demonic attack and some problems that a wired guys did that to me

kenny said...

Salam brother I have read your site and I am very please that I have find the solutions to my problem .now talking about the method of buying the jinn at in a lamp . I will need your help to this .my house House is upside down the jinns my father is a very dangerous man .my mother is demonic too I have been battle with witchcraft for. Long time .my father and bothers and sisters are all demonic .my whole life has been a failing .my story is to long .but now I need to cut it short .now I know that with out there joins or demon they are noting I need you to help me .if you can kindly arrives me on how to go about this method .because I do not learn Arabic I know some surah but most of it I red in English I do pray my five daily prayers and some times ago they send on me spirit of insanity I catch up quickly and I cast it out in the name of Jesus .but they are still tying to harm because I leave them and turn my back now it has Ben even wars than before .I need to fight it and I know god is on my side please help me

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

Salamu Alaikum, I actually don't know your name, so just called you brother. I have come to know you through the website that you're an expert against the dark stuff with the mercy of Almighty Allah, I am from Bangladesh, I have been suffering of the Jinn's attack for the last 6/7 years. They try to enter by body under/through my feet. Now I recite the holy Qu'an and pray to Allah when i have my free times and it improves the condition a lot. But the thing is i work in the field of garments marketing, need to visit many places and work with different people. Some times i fail to offer Salah due to the travel, or get myself impure for going to dirty bathroom's to different places. Mostly their attack starts at night time when i go to sleep, And i've felt this many times they work in a group. After praying to Allah and reciting His verses they fail to enter boy body through my feet and when they fail they start hurting me and doing horrible things. I am 33 years old now. I don't know even if it is magic spell or anything. I remember one day when i sleep they whisper in my ear and saying "praying to Allah will do no good" And i replied "Allah is only my way no matter how hard you try to hurt me", Please help me share your knowledge how i can get rid of those evil jinns. And please make dua to Allah for me so He can save me from the devils.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother

My problem is that, someone my relatives did the black magic on me and
my family.

There are some ghost and other different kind voices comes on my ear.

This problem I am facing from Last 3 weeks and still continue but they
are still talked with me and try to be scared to me.

What should I do ? plz tell me.!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I hear tapping of stick noise in my room and I have seen a black mantrik carrying bone weapon when I suddenly woke up. I hear three distinct stick noise at three places in my room.
I pray regularly. The problem is becoming serious so whether I should immediately leave this house or fight back as I have been doing. I see bubbles in my eye sight which I think black magic done so I don't want to stay in this house. Please advice. I have spent so much money by going to healers to resolve this. Please advice as to I should leave the house immediately and shift in hostel.

soni said...

Hi ,

I hear tapping of stick noise in my room and I have seen a black mantrik carrying bone weapon when I suddenly woke up. I hear three distinct stick noise at three places in my room.
I pray regularly. The problem is becoming serious so whether I should immediately leave this house or fight back as I have been doing. I see bubbles in my eye sight which I think black magic done so I don't want to stay in this house. Please advice. I have spent so much money by going to healers to resolve this. Please advice as to I should leave the house immediately and shift in hostel.

haris said...



Anonymous said...


How are your brother ? Regard to black magic I saw your article in website .

By the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH it was very useful.

I have been suffering with jinn and black magic since many years. I went to 2 amil and they remove from my inside bu still i am having problem with bad dreams and pressure in chest. Difficult to sleep . and particularly on Thursday and Friday night they hold my neck and i am not able to sleep whole night and every time I went to mosque with good intention to please my creator but mind go somewhere else.when I intend to say daroud to my beloved messenger ahuzubillahi min shaytan nirajeem, one shaitan come with ugly picture that I don’t want to write. Lakhs and crores salat and salam to my beloved prophet. i have loss may many precious years with such difficulties , its decree from ALLLAH but as human beings some time bad thoughts comes in my mind. They destroyed my education carrier, they destroy my jobs and money, they try to bring hindrances in my normal life. I would be glad to hear from you and help me by the will of ALLAH to get out this problem

I want to be close with my Creator, but I am facing difficulties from them . My ALLAH is always kind with me and helps me in every time. I want to fulfill obligation to please ALMIGHTY ALLAH as a normal muslim.

mandeel said...

Dear sheikh salam how are you hope doing well inshallah sheikh I have problem of my wife there is jeinnat in her and in my house as well but nobody could cure what shell
Regards to you and your family

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum. Kia black magic k baray mein prhny se asar hota hai black magic ka?

Anonymous said...


I am a girl of 24 years. These days my parents are searching a guy for me. Everytime this happens that guy's family comes to my home though they like for some o the other reason the proposal gets rejected. We then consulted one Amil who confirmed that an evil vampire has acquired my body from the time I got matured and is not letting me to get married. I had never faced any abnormal thins. Never felt tht someone has acquired my body. Please help me on this.

Jazakallahu khair.

Namira said...

I need help plz contact plzz

Anonymous said...

Slmz my something's bothering my son hr has no interest in studies or school when he Go school he get sick pls help

Anonymous said...

Plzzzz help me aseeb ki wajeh se mein concieve nahi kar paa rahi