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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
Paret is also a kind of devil which may cause a lot of trouble to people. Like some of the other devils, it is adept in doing black magic and does it on its victims on the orders of the magician. It flies like an eagle and at a very high speed.
The magicians bring them under their control by chanting blasphemous mantras and use their powers to do all kinds of evil.
When the magicians order these parets to cast a black magic spell on the victims, these devils rush to the spot and on reaching the terrace of the victims, they make a loud thump like the noise created when a boulder falls on the ground. The magician uses their fast traveling or rather flying speeds to their own advantage by making them cause accidents of motor cyclists etc. whenever the may want to.
The magicians also send them to enquire about the state of their victims to see how much the magic has worked on them.


1 since these parets attack at night ,there may be a loud thumping sound on the terrace as if someone has jumped or a brick etc has fallen.
2 There is a sound of someone’s running to and fro on the terrace
3 When the paret casts a magic spell, the victim falls sick
4 The vitim can see an apparition of a creature with feathers.
5 If the paret does not leave the side of its victim, then the victim has a feeling as if he is being followed by someone constantly.


1 The victim should recite ‘ aao zubil lahe minush shaitan nir rajim Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem pareen
2 The victim should read surah al jinn verse no 1 500 times after fajar namaz
3 Read surah al jinn verse no 5 500 times after zohar namaz
4 Read surah al jinn verse no 6 300 times after asar namaz
5 Read surah nas verse no 6 500 times after isha namaz

Inshallah ,the paret devil may get compelled to leave the victim.

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Syed Arifuddin said...

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

Brother Amel Soname, this is Syed Arifuddin, i would like to know some details about a person, if he is affected with magic or any jinn. What will be the signs displayed in him? If a person is affected with magic what the signs will be and if a person is affected by a jinn what will be the signs? please let me know. Also i would like to become a raaqi. Because the place where i come from has all kinds of magicians. There is no one who shows the proper islamic way of treatment for this kinds of diseases.

Please help me in this regard....

Best Regards,

Syed Arifuddin



information on your website and to be honest i was and amm very impressed with the knowledge you have in destroying evil

please can you kindly tell me if u are willing to help a brother , i need guidence i know what evil are carring out on me and what evil as been done which as already effected me

the evil done are of the following nature magic done with numbers, magic done using ones own shadow asw ell as having jinns and other spirits to carryout reversal spell every 24 hrs

and magic using astrology in which ones stars/planets are placed in there incorrect houses

if u where to look at my case and be honest and tell me what u can do for me in order to break this inshallah i will reward u within my capabilities and i know u have the special skills to find out if i am telling the truth u will also know that at this moment in tiome i have consulted over 12 vedic birth chart analyis from india who r looking at my case

i really need some one will tell me exacly what zikr to carryout at the moment i am doing the zikr BISMLLAH

can you forward me a zikr which i can recite in order to keep all my 9 planets linked with me in there correct houses

where are u based

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,i have read your article online,and i am very impressed with your writings about jinns and other evil.And the way you explain by Quran examples.I have recently got married to my cousin.I want to share my wife's experience with you.About 10-12 years ago,her father bought a transportation vehicle togather with his uncle.After a little while the business didn't work,and what ever money came,uncle kept it all.My uncle(my wife's father),asked his uncle not to do that,since this is joint vehicle and they both get to share the profit since they both paid half and half to purchase the vehicle.Finally one day my uncle locked the vehicle in garadge and told his uncle if he doesn't give him his share,he will sold the vehicle and divide the money between him and uncle.His uncle who is a greedy person(everyone knows that in a whole family),brought police and arrested my uncle for stelling vehicle.Finally,my uncle came out from the prison,and forgot about everything(since it was a family matter and everyone told my uncle to forgive his uncle).The family of my uncle started to do fine with their lives.My cousins were going to school,colleges,and doing very good.On the other hand the family of my uncle's uncle was not doing very well.Evil thought came in that person's mind and few members of his family contacted some christian black majic peson.they started doing black majic on my wife(my cousin at that time).She was the only daughter(very good looking and very intelligent) of my uncle and rest all sons.Things started to get ugly for my uncle and his cousins were getting to fights with each other,my unlce's business was ruined and my aunt was getting weak and helpless.Any how,my cousin(wife) has seen dreams during that time,in which she saw noble people(pious men of Allah),they all said to her"daughter,dont worry this is your exam and you shall succeed in this",once she saw her self sitting on top of Khanna Khabah and very old man with white hairs and beard came close to her(some walli Allah or Bazurgh),and said to her "daughter some one has done evil jadoo on you,but dont be afraid,i wont let them hurt you".And there are other dreams she told me about after our marriage.She has seen in her dreams my uncle's uncle family members consulting with christian black majician.I trust what she say's because i know her since our childhood. When relatives started to know about her situation,some suggested to my uncle to take her to this alam or that majician.She kept one thing,that she will never bow to any non-muslim no matter what.She always said to her family,if someone who can cure her by Quran or Dam darood in islamic way,then she will go.finally,they found one person after 11 years,who is known to ward-off black majic and has many jinns under his control.he cures people by Dua from Quran,after seeing him,my wife started to get better and better .2 weeks before my marrige,she got all well,and Shah Gee who treated her,said to her father,that she is all right now,and her marrige shouldn't trouble anyone.Every thing went well during marrige(no problems).About a week ago,she got same condition comming back to her and her family consulted Shah Gee again.He said he got 4 out of 5 jinns from her and the 5th one(the strongest one) ran to another country and has came back now.But he said he will burn him to death.I love my wife because she has been through alot and never compromissed her faith in Allah and Prophet(PBUH).I love her family,because they are always there for us in times of happiness and sadness.I just want your openion in this matter.

raja said...


I need some advice, my brother has a very big problem his possessed by jinn and has sehr .

We’ve took him to few sheikhs for performs ruqyah the jinn leaves then after a few days or weeks

It comes back. We not too sure if it is the same jinn as when we chat to it its gives different names and stuff

Is there any good rakis in the south African region or can be contact someone to help us perform ruqyah on him

Even if we have to do it ourselves its fine.

Is there any treatment you can give me for my brother to do to get rid of the problem of his.


Kamran said...

hope u r fine. my name is Kamran Saleem Can u please tell me honestly through istikhara that there is any black magic or Asaib on me. because i m facing lot of problems since 15 years. i cant find any solution to resolve my life issues. i have visited your site. it gives same information as i m feeling now a days. i hope u will be reply soon. Allah apko or mujhe har pareshani se door rakhey