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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Assalam oalyqum,
This a kind of an evil jin. He is a preferred by the king of the devils. Usually the king of devils does not send this tiger moakkil for fighting and neither does he provide the magicians with this moakkil. It is only when the magician enters into a fight with an amil who starts killing the devils, then in such cases the tiger moakkil is send. He is clearly visible when he attacks the victim. On the orders of the king or the magician, he casts a spell as he knows how to do black magic, therby bringing misfortune on the victim.

1 The victim does not maintain hygiene.
2 The victim is always ill.
3 The body seems to be burning at times.
4 The victim may dream of this tiger or he may see him on closing his eyes.
5 Sometimes this tiger can be seen roaming about in the victim’s house.


1 The best remedy of getting this tiger moakkil off one’s back is to read Surah Baqarah after fajar namaz. The recitation of this surah inflicts n unbearable pain on this moakkil, as a result of which he leaves the victim and also pleads before the magician not to send him back to harm the victim.
2 Read the last 3 verses of Surah Hashar 100 times after each namaz.
3 Wear a self prepared or a ready made ayatal kursi taweez/locket and blow over it after reading ayatal kursi 150 times before going to sleep, for protection.

Inshallah this moakkil may not be able to harm the victim and may flee.

Amel soname contact

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Anonymous said...


Please can you help me to interpret a dream I had last night. I had dream at around 11:30pm. I dreamt there was a medium sized tiger in the room with me and I was scared of it. It was very calmly moving around and did not say anything to me. There was a woman in the background but I could not get her attention. She was the owner of the tiger.

Then in my dream I was lying in bed and the tiger was lying across my legs. I couldn't move at all. One of the tigers claws was in my leg and I was scared to move incase the tiger attacked me. The tiger slowly got up and walked away.

Then I saw from my bed that there was a man and a boy of about 12 who were standing by my pillow. I tried to call my husband but felt paralysed and could not move or scream. I started praying surah fateha in dream but could not get the words out. I tried to grab the boy but he disappeared and only the material of his shirt was left. The man smiled at me to say that whatever I did he was still here. I tried so hard to pray surah fateha and it was impossible. Then my husband woke me up in real life.

Could this mean the tiger was protecting me from the 2 people or 2 types of black magic have been done on me?

I have been looking at your info on muawkilat and as you are very knowledgeable about Islamic spirituality and jinnat and jadu I thought you maybe able to guilde me. Any help or advice according to the Quran and sunnah would be most welcome please.

I look forward to your kind response.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you replied back brother ,I too had the same dream