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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
The khabees is a kind of a jinn/devil. Sometimes this khabees tries to lead people astray on his own .His lives in the toilets and if any person happens to enter his toilet without reading the specific prayer, then the khabees gets a chance to enter the body of the person and then tries to mislead him by filthy thoughts. At other times these devils are brought under control of the magicians because these wizards read some blasphemous mantras in the toilet and also indulge in some obscenities which make these devils very happy and so they agree to obey the magician. Moreover both the magicians and these devils are alike in their nature in the sense that they both like inflicting human beings. So they both gel well with each other and their partnership is quite successful because of their being like- minded. These devils are very smelly as they live in a filthy place. Since they live in toilet, they are capable of doing the dirtiest type of black magic as the blood of the women who have menses, urine and the faeces etc are easily available to him. So he performs a very terrible magic on it which is so intricate that it becomes very difficult to decide about how to break the spell


1 The victim may feel unwell.
2 He or she may develop repulsion from Allah, his Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and namaz.
3 One can not stand the quranic tilawat, whether it is reading it or listening to it.
4 There is a stream of obscene and evil thoughts in the victim’s mind
5.The victim may always have the thoughts of sex on his mind, whether it is actually having it or just watching it.
6 If the victim is a girl, then she may have obscene thoughts of the vital organs of a male and she may fantasize about making out with him and it is just the opposite if the victim happens to be a man. He may imagine a nude female with whom he may imagine having sex with. These are the satanic thoughts which are deliberately put in the person’s mind to mislead him into doing evil.
7 Extreme restlessness.
8 A panicky feeling and a feeling of heavy- heartedness.
9 The victim always smells or urine and excreta
10 dream of bathroom dirty places , shit , urine sewerage water
11 victim may feel stomach tight , hard and pain


1 Since the khabees is used to living in a dirty environment full of repulsive odours, he can not stand good smells. So the victim should always use pure ittar (perfume) with a fresh fragrance. Just like human beings cannot tolerate bad smells, this devil cannot tolerate good smells.
2 Since the khabees is always filthy, so as an antidote, the victim should always remain clean. They should wear clean clothes always.
3 Ya Allahu Ya Raheemu should be read as much as you can.
4 Surah Yaseen should be read 11 times each in the morning, noon and in the night.
5 Try to wear white clothes
6 On a white sheet of paper, write Allah’s name in a big size and gaze at it for 15 minutes. Since the khabees hates Allah and everything related to it, he suffers a lot of pain when the victim gazes at Allah’s name.
7 Read the specific prayer which is meant to be read before entering the toilet.

The khabees belongs to the group of amil devils who are well versed with all kinds of amalyaat. So he can create a blockage on the amal which the victim might be doing to protect oneself. If the victim finds that there is no relief even after doing the amal, he should hire a good amil

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Maaz hussain said...

salam i read your article on some site about hamzad . . i wanted to know can you tell the amal for hamzad or how to contact jinns . . . ? i have been serching for these amals throughout my life once i had a parhai of conjuring jinn and was gifted to me by a person but at that time i was only 14 masshallahh i offer prayers all time but i have a shook to conjour jinn or hamzad . . . i think you can help me that is why i am writing you this email i will be waiting for your reply/feedback

Anonymous said...

mashallah wonderful article brothar! them jinns stand no chance against an alert and wise brothar! thanku for sharing your knowledge about this vile creature brothar

Anonymous said...

Muze ye nhi pata ki mere Dost ki sister ko Jinn pareshan kar rha hai ya khabees ? Aaj tak nizat pane k Liye jisko bhi bulaya,ve Ulta uski mang poori krte Chale gaye.Kya Nizat pane ka koi tareeqa nhi ?

kishore said...

Dear sir, as per article of khabis,same thing is happening in our life from past 10 years.we are really in trouble,please help us. Pls share the Contact number and address to meet you personally.

Aqib said...

As salamu alaikum
amel sahab i m Aqib . I was
suffering from khabees since 2008 i was diagnosed by a maulana but he
says he does not know how to tackle them he did some amal and i got
temporary relief but when after few days my symptoms came back . These
symptoms are irregular bowel , stomach pain , lack of concentration ,
no memory at all . Bad luck , health problems faced by whole house ,
no barkat in money , get shocked while sleeping , wierd dreams such as
being chased by an anaconda serpent .

I m a student i need to concentrate on studies but i cant , please
guide me i know for sure that these khabees come and harm us then hide
somewhere ,

And please tell me an amal by the help of which i could know that
whether these khabees are present or hidden or gone .

I have been facing health problems but medical reports are normal .

More over i was a pretty face but now i have become very ugly . Pimple
and acne all over my face and back , lost weight and now i m under
weight , i get frequent urge to masturbate , i know it is a sin but
these khabees have devastating effect on me , my house people and my
father's bussiness
please i beg you in the name and sake of Allah please help me and
guide me . Please !

Anonymous said...

Hello i am facing a problem in my relation as i was engaged from.last four years we both were in love with each other and last month our family decided to fix a date for our marriege every thing got fixed girl was too.much happy and suddenly after two days girl wanted to reject the marriege and she wants a breakup without any reason.As my nikkah was fixed on coming month of ramadan on the holy night of 27 th of ramadan and now girl is not willing to maary me .... Can you please tell me some wazifa to bring her back

Samy said...

I m suffering the problem

Samy said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks bro its working main bhi bahut problem me hoon meri sister per black magic kiya hua hai bhut dino se thi but ignore karte gya tha phir finally abhi katchaucha sharif,uttar pradesh,india me hai waha aaya phir sab shaitaano ki haazari khuli aur sab beyan hua or in sab cheezo se shaitaan ko bhut farak pada ab wo paaki se bilkut ghabrata hai thori to tention door hui hai but abhi bhi sab shaitano ke beech phansa hua hoon.. or haa agar koi bhi merey bhai in sab parishaniyon me hai to bejhijhak (kachaucha sharif) aa jayen yahan allah ke wali ka dargah hai wahi sabko thik kartey hai... and i guranteed you koi bhi molvi maulana isey thik nhi kar sakta agar thik hoga to yahin or unlimited dua darood namaz quran se yahan aana zaroori hai main apna reveiw de diya aagey aaplogon ki marzi hai or haan jitna bhi waqt badhta chala jyega utna shaitaan ki taaqut badhta jyega..
agar koi sawaal hai to mujhe messege krey

samad said...

Assalaamoalaykum... I am inspired by your PRACTICEs...
I tried Rukya on poor Indian mother of two and relative of my friend...
Alhamdolillah I succeeded to some extent as she was possessed by 45 jinns.
Brother, I want to know how we can block further jinns to enter her BODY as she got possessed again and the black magician named by those jinns keep on sending to hurt her and kill her...
Please Brother, requesting you to advise what to do...
Also, when trying Ruqya how could I have control over the needy and hold him/her by not running away and be stable in one place... Is it possible and how...
Jazaakallahu khair for your help and advice in advance...

Requesting you to DUA for my success and to get proper job, as I lost job earlier from UAE and suffered from Court case for false allegations by that Employer, but I won the case and came clear... Alhamdolillah...

Also, please let me know how to make use of the jinns and how to get them to work with us to help people...

Anonymous said...

Maulana says my husband is attacked by jadu did some tod but in vain going through lots of problems no barkat money problems pls help

Anonymous said...

Assalato o allaikum pls give your contact number I need help

Anonymous said...

Asalam O Alaikum
I am a student of university interesting in all fields but before 2 years I lost all my good thoughts and gradually away from studies and sit in my room day and night.
My problems are
I am away from Namaz and Quran and when I start it, I have too bad thoughts about Islam during it.
I feel sadness and loneliness even in bunch of friends
1st I was too thin now okay
All friends show sadness and boring towards me.
I am always thinking something even I criticize myself on over thinking.
I feel worried too much and sometime feel that something is behind me.
Recently I change my hostel when I go to previous one I feel my shoulders heavy and freely legs and fear like something going to happening with me bad.
I see situation is going worst but I only watch no body movement to control.
I feel less hunger and when wakeup from sleep I too much hungry that I can wait upto 5 to 10 mints.
I not care about myself as like past.
Pain in stomach. Sometime in head and body always and also red dots all over body which bleeds.
Not like entertainment or going to any place.
When I start study I feel pain like someone beat me through sticks.
Sudden money shortage.
Always forget what I have to do on time.
I feeling worry when talk with someone.
My situation is worst day by day.
Kindly answer me is that related to black magic or something else.

Anonymous said...

Shaitan see nijaat pana mushkil hota h but kichhauchha Sharif Jane se bahut madad milti h . Wahan Jo chirag pani aur kajal milta h use bataye Gaye Amal se use kare aur waha ke talab me nahaye. Uske baad dheere dheere shaitan ke khilaf madad milni shuru ho jayegi aur ek baat yaad rakhni hai ki jis shakhs pe shaitan ho use jyada paak saaf rahna h Roz nahana h. Namaz padhe quran padhe jitna ho sake. Surah bakar Ghar me tez awaj me Roz sune. Aur toilet jate waqt ek dua padh kar Jaye
Allahumma inni awu ju bika Minal khubsi Wal khabaish
Ye padhe. Pani me ayatal kursi dam karke sote waqt piye. Aur sote waqt sone se pahle padhi Jane wali dua bhi padhe. Allah per bharosa rakhe. Apni pareshani see nijaat ke liye dua karen. Raat ko sone se pahle wuju kar le ye bahut kaam ata h protect karta h. Din me baar baar wuju banaye. Ghar me achhi khushbu Wala room freshner ya loban ka dhua de. Kisi achhe amil ko bhi dikhaye agar marz purana h to.apne pet ko saaf rakhne wali dawa le pet me gas aur kabj na banne de. Dimag me depression rokne wali dawa le. Ye shaitan in organs me bimari ki shakl me bhi Ghar banate h.
Allah sabhi mareezo ko jald shifa at karen Ameen

Almas said...

Agar kisi ladki ya aurat per khabbis ka saya h to use ye precaution lene chahiye.. us ladki ko ye samjhna hoga ki ek ganda admi har waqt uske kareeb Hai..
1- ladki ko poore dhake kapde pahnaye aur seene per poora dupatta odhe agar sar bhi dhake to zyada achha hai..
2- ladki nahate waqt aur kapde badlte samay is tarah kare jaise kisi insan ke maujudgi me agar wah kapde badle ya nahaye to kis tarah parde me karegi.. maslan nahate waqt koi kapda dheela pahne rahe. Jism kabhi bhi khula na dikhe to behtar Hai.
3- ladki ko akele kamre me na chhode koi aurat ya Ghar ka shakhs Sath rahe ya ladki khud logo ke beech jyada rahne ki koshish kare.. kyunki agar ladki jyada waqt tanha h to samjhiye ek bure admi ke Sath Hai Jo use bahkayega.

4- sote waqt sar aur seena dhak kar soye isse khabbis ko chid h kyunki ye nek aurat ki nishani Hai.

5- ladki agar kunwari Hai to use kisi bhi love relationship me nahi involve hona chahiye kyunki ye khabbis is jariye usko bahkayega hi.
Ladki ko aise me sadgi ka jeevan jeena Hai Allah ki panah me rahe Yun ki usko bas Allah ke raham me rahna Hai nek bande ki tarah. Isse khabbis aag babula ho jayega kyunki usko ladki ke Dil pe kabza karne ka mauka Chala jayega.
Khabbis organs per kabza karta Hai jaise aankhon se gande photo picture tanhai me dekhne ko bahkana.
Juban se gali aur gandi baate bulwana..
Dimag me suicide ka khayal dalna ya badkari ki taraf ruju karna
Apko isse bhi bachna Hai thoda muskil Hai ye lekin agar apko pahle se pata Hai to aap hoshiyari se Bach sakte Hai.
Khabbis ko jab aisa lagega ki ye ladki ya ye admi to kewal Allah ka naam leta Hai nek rah pe chalta Hai koi buri cheez ki taraf jata nahi to wo us admi ya aurat ke paas jyada din tik nahi sakta
Use hi pareshani ane lagegi uske Sath rahne me.. ye ek tarah ki fight Hai Jo us shakhs ko apne ander ladni Hai..
Allah ruhani ilaaz me sab mareezo ko sifa ata farmaye..

Unknown said...

Salam brother I rili need ur help we r in trouble ders no way sister is possessed by khabees pls I request u to help us out..nothing worked...I'll be grateful to u throughout my life .

Digits said...

The khabees is also known as a goblin (elf) or "duende".
The khavees ( khavis) can shapeshift & turn invisible faster than a eye blink. They also follow the victim. Purity is an utmost priority & stay away from sin.

Anonymous said...

Please let me know is there really any way to remove khabees from body, tried all possible ways. Tried, sick of it, then again trying. But it's not going off. Is there any permanent way to remove it? 8 years it has occupied the body and continuing. Please let me know, thanks