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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum

Hackel is a kind of a devil who can be brought under control by only a few powerful magicians and not the ordinary ones. He is excessively powerful and can also take a person on a ride on the air. He can transport people from one place to another and can fetch certain things from quite distant places.
Mostly the sorceresses bring them under their control to take their help. They ask them to bring people from afar by lifting them. They perform magic on the victims and then have sex with them. After they are done with, they order these devils to leave them at their place. Similarly, the magicians also order them to bring girls from their houses, while they are sleeping at night and they also have sex with them and then send them back with these powerful devils.


1 To see oneself flying in ones dream
2 To see oneself traveling across deserts, mountains and forests in ones dreams
3 To see oneself in uninhabited forests in one’s dreams at night
4 To dream of oneself in desolate places like remnants of buildings etc


1 The victim should close ones eyes and pretend to sleep. When the victim feels that the devil has come and is trying to lift him/her, then he should read surah rehman verse no 33, 7 times and blow it on the face of the devil. The devil may Inshallah escape. The same remedy should be repeated the next day also.
2 For protection one should read aiytul kurse 3 times and the 4 QULS thrice and blow on ones body. This Hisaar or protection shall be beneficial too
3 This pray should be learnt by heart and read as soon as one feels that the hackle devil is on prowl. This prayer is so powerful that it sorts of paralyzes the devil who starts shivering with fear ad then runs away and does not aatack again

Amel soname contact

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Anonymous said...

Dear brother,you forgot to mention which pray..please help us..

Abida said...

Asalamolaikum bahi saab I need help. Please I'm dying. Jinn have sex with me and ruin my marriage. Please I need help. I have 4 boys and my husband hates me. My husband is also married to someone in Pakistan I didn't know. I'm from uk. Please help me for the sake of Allah swt give you reward