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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
These evil witches belong to the group of jinns.
These are very dreadful, stinking and abhorable creatures whose aim is to target innocent people, especially children or young people .These creatures lead people to destruction, sexually assault innocent people and by using their evil methods, they suck the blood from the bodies of their victims, thereby killing them.
These witches are very much in demand amongst the determined magicians and other black magic practitioners because with the help of these witches, the magicians are able to fulfill their desires and ambitions very easily and in a much more gratifying manner as compared to other evil creatures such as evil souls, hanuman, evil devils etc
These witches savor human heart and kidneys and it they do not leave anything in the body except for bones and pieces of skin
They do not come under the hegemony of the magicians easily but once they do, they make him fulfill their sinful demands. The magicians are compelled to kill kids and offer their blood, heart and kidneys to appease them. They continuously make such cruel demands and the magicians also try to fulfill them in order to keep them under their control .


1 Such witches attack their victims at night due to which they feel suffocated.
2 There is difficulty in breathing at night and the victim can feels someone’s nails pricking him.
3 Sometimes the victim feels as if he/she has been held in a tight grip by a woman.
4 The victim feels heaviness in his body and his shoulders all the time.
5 Pain in the body


1 Read Ayatal Kursi 500 times for protection before sleeping since these witches attack at night
2 After reading the Ayatak kursi 500 times ,blow it over a locket of Ayatal kursi which is available in the market or as an alternative write Ayatal Kursi with Saffron on a white paper and make a taweez with it and wear it.
3 Try reading Surah Baqarah in the morning because these witches feel tormented by the holy Quran and leave the victim.
4 Listen to the recording of the azan 11 times each in the morning and in the night.
5 When the witch is visible, the victim should read La hola wala quata illa billa hil ali ul azim or Ayatal kursi and blow on her face. She may scream due to fright and run away.
6 Use a good quality and fresh fragrance itar and keep yourself clean 24 hours.

Amel soname contact

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Assalam o Alaikum!

AlhamdoLILLAH I'v come across with your blogspot on above topic. A few days ago I left a comments on one of the post. As today no reply/comments posted I'm taking the freedom to contact you directly on your e-mail, hope this'll not mean in any inconvenience for you.

The reason I want to contact with you is an affliction from magic which I'v been going through for the last 13-14 years. It's not only magic but I feel also some kind of jinn, not to the extent of possession, but suffering from an invisible entity's control over all my acts, more specifically on all related to my duties as a muslim, like prayers, recitation of Holy Quran, daily awrad, dua, etc. For this purpose I'v already started one of the wazeefa mentioned in your blog with Surah An-naas x11 with Darud pak before/after x11 after each prayer.

I'll be much grateful if you could kindly let me know if possible to contact you on the phone, if so pls adv the number and convenient time to call.

JazakALLAH for your kind response in advance.

Anonymous said...


Please can you do isthikhara for my sister. People are saying she has jinn's inside her and has black magic on her.

Can you Plz check if this is true

Girls age: 17-18

Thank you

leonora said...

I have suffering about 14 years with my brother since he come to live in uk he got everything wrong . He can't find a job or if he does next day will leave no any papers. He likes to stay home all day alone to not entrapped by anyone and we fight a lot when I am out is ok but at home like third war started even with my parents he doesn't want to speak or know. Has no friends at all is very lazy and doesn't like to stay clean. I been to imams but for short term it worked. Even to me things going wrong but I push myself very hard to reach something and my life is destroyed as well .Please help what can I do

Anonymous said...

My dear brother in Islam Asalamu Alakum.

My question is about the vampires. I have been experiencing 1- Recurring though of sex. 2- An abnormal sex drive with an uncontrollable desire of sex. 3- normal functioning of my brain getting blocked. 4- Thoughts of the sexual part of the opposite sex even while offering salaah....Brother I need your help because I am suffering I even dropped out of school and I'm very smart person but I just don't want to go to school but in my heart I do want to finish school and my education. Brother am I being affected. Help me if I'm been affected brother please.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am a Muslim female residing in Trinidad & Tobago and recently came across your article on the internet "Get rid of evil jinn with Quran" and I was hoping you may be able to shed some light on a matter, if you can, please.

My sister's business has been experiencing a downturn for some time - this started last year and it has reached a point where there are no customers calling, coming in etc. and she is unable to pay her rent, expenses and so on.

She visited 3 different muftis and they all told her the same thing - which was that witchcraft was done on her many years ago, aimed at destroying her financially, spiritually and reduce her to a state of vagrancy. The spells were said to have been cast by different persons and are now taking effect.

These muftis recited some prayers for her, they told her to bathe in water which contained different herbs etc, and use some salt sprinkled in water around the house and so on. She has seen improvement physically, in that she no longer has bad dreams where she falls out of bed, she can breathe easier, her lower back pain is gone, and the snakes / roaches which she would find in the house where she rents have mostly gone.

Her financial situation however is still the same. She has 2 months business rent to pay, as well as bills, and house rent to pay.

What prayer can she recite, and what prayer can I recite for her, and how long does it take to work? She has been visiting with these muftis a few months and while there is change physically - for which we are very grateful - she still cannot seem to earn a living... can you please advise?

Thanks in advance for your help.

stephen said...


i am in need of good & honest help

over the past two weeks i have had an djinn/ entity attached to the back of my body, by my indian neighbour , i am at a very low point in my life due to family passing & this person has been relentless in destroying my life

& now i can’t walk the djinn entity has compressed my spine so badly & my head hurts & i have my anger levels want to increase

i need help