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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
After the death of a person his soul sometimes visits its relatives in their dreams. Sometimes the soul is also visible when the relative is an awake. At times, the relatives may only hear the voice of the deceased person but since this is a supernatural phenomenon, they are unable to comprehend it.
Those people who die an unnatural death like getting killed in an accident or getting murdered etc plead before Allah that they he should destroy the life of their murderers just like he or she had destroyed their life. Some of these evil spirits return to the place of their death with vengeance. They try to scare their murderers in different ways. Sometimes the enemies of such vindictive evil souls hear frightening sounds while sleeping like the sound of someone’s crying or breaking of buttons or pelting of stones. In other words their lives become hell.
Research has confirmed that the souls of the people who get buried after death without the namaz at the funeral, wander in this world. The souls of such people who commit suicide or were murdered and the souls of the illegitimate children of some women, whom she may bury furtively, to save herself from ignominy etc, do not get a decent funeral with the compulsory namaz. Such souls can cause trouble to the people around and make their lives miserable. The magicians try to use such souls for their own selfish motives by capturing them from deserted places or graveyards by chanting some mantras.

One may have a feeling as though someone is following a person or a white shadow is trailing behind a person.
In some cases such a person who is being targeted by such evil souls feels unwell and has a headache almost constantly.
The victim keeps getting negative and evil thoughts all the time.
The brain does not function normally and one may see a white apparition which disappears all of a sudden.
Sometimes the victim feels as if he has seen something but when he gazes at it intently, he sees nothing.
The victim may feel at times as though someone has called him but actually no one may have called him at all.
The victim may feel petrified at times

In such case it is advisable to hire a proficient amil so that even if the evil soul becomes more vicious, the victim or his family remains unaffected since the amil may be better equipped to deal with such an evil soul but the victim may not be able to understand what is happening to him at all. So it is better to pay a little amount to an amil and hire him to do this task so that even if the evil soul gets agitated, it may try to take revenge upon the amil and not the victim.
If an amil is not available then the following amal should be followed:

Till 21 days the victim should read Ayatal Kursi 111 times in the morning and in the evening.Surah Naas should also be read 111 times both in the morning and the evening. Before retiring at night the victim should read the four Quls and Ayatal Kursi 11 times each. Inshallah, the evil spirit may be compelled to leave the victim by the power of this amal.
This verse should be written or printed and after reading it 111 times, the air should be blown over it and it should be worn around the neck as a taweez.

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razia said...

Assalaam wah laikum...

I was on the computer looking into some remedies to help me as I possibly suspect there is some black magic around me and my relationship.. I 100% feel something evil has been casted to me and my fiance.

Zeinab said...

Asalamu A'alukum,

I have read through your website and posts and I would like your advice and help in my situation. I was in a relationship 2 years ago and we did not have any problems we were so in love and we were getting ready to get married. However, all of a sudden he started ignoring me and he backed away from me he would not even see me to talk about things he would not even talk to me. I really loved him and I have not moved on because I just could not let him go. But he is back with his ex girl and she is not someone who he would normally wish to be with. His family does not want her she is a shame to our religion. Her mother is known to work with black magic. I am afraid that she has done something to keep him away from me and keep other men away from me too. I keep having a dream every month of him. In the dream he is a child about 12 years old and we are in a dungeon but he cant see me I can see everything though. He opens the door and there is this very bright blue fire and a ghost or a jinn comes out and the jinn is screaming at him in a weird language but I understood that he is not to look or talk to me or he will die it was all threatening. Then the child comes to my bedroom and wakes me up and is begging me to help him. He tells me that he is not allowed to look at me or his eyes will burn in fire. I was hesitant to help him but I decide to help him and he takes me to this house and through the window I can see a female dressed in a red and black dress singing and playing with the fire of the candles all around her and there is another man inside but he is helpless like a robot he was listening to whatever she told him to do. Then I woke up from my dream. I dont know what that dream means and why I keep having that dream. It scares me though.

I dont know what to do. Are you able to advice me on what to do?

rizwan said...

Sir ,
I visited some aamils for taveez to pay my debts back and some taveez for marriage buti ended up in a state where there is some movement in my foreheadand head. Things from my home get mis placed. I some times found meat or garbage thrown by unknown in my home. Some body speaking in my head and anger. I might would have used some taveezs which were supposed tobe burnt and drank them. taveez which i was told to wear, i drank it and like that. i also tried my hand at capturing moakills /jinn but in vain, what should i do to reverse the affects of all taveezs i used ? What should i do to ward off all bad affects of all wazaifs/amaliat/amal taskheer? Howcan i protect myself and my family/home from rijjat/bandish /black or white magic and jinns in future?? Please reply soon i will be waiting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend
Hoping you are fine.Thank you very much for some very valuable information imparted by you. I am very disturbed as my young daughter married 6 months before,lived very happily in dubai but after her first visit to Islamabad, her husband sent her divorce for no reasons. I came to know that her khala who got interested in getting her own daughter married to him did black magic from India.Can you plz help me in sending some top contacts to undo this evil act for which I shall be grateful to you all my life,but they should be reliable and expert as soon as possible.

Samina said...

Assalamo aleykum,
My name is Samina I was going through your article on jinns and i came across the below mentioned situation-
How to vanquish evil vampires with the help of Quran shariff,
For this you have mentioned few symptoms out of which two i have been experiencing two, however hard i try, i am unable to divert my mind-
1. Recurring thoughts of Sex in ones mind and
2. Thoughts of sexual parts of opposite sex while offering namaz

One year back, i had bad experiences in the night where somebody got complete control on my body during night for few minutes and was not allowing me to move , two times it happened that it kept one of my leg held in air, the second time,i became little stronger and didnt allow it to hold my other leg and when i opened my eyes immediately after the incident, i saw a white flash in air that travelled quickly in air and disappeared. In such situation, automatically,my mind used to start reciting Aye tal Qursi.
Later than, every day i used to get up mid night around 2.30 to 4 am and used to feel that someone is very close to my while sleeping. I also use to feel that some air is trying to enter me through my ears. Not just me, my brother who is 8 years younger was also experiencing the same.
Later, my dad, started reading surah Baqarah for 40 days and things settled.
However, since last few days, I have again started getting up around 3.30 am that too with a realisation that its the time to get up because of this same thing.
To share with you,my father is also possessed by a bad devil since his childhood. My father consulted many amils but none could help him to get rid of it.

Please help me understand, what exactly am I and my brother going through.
What both of us should be doing to get rid of this problem. Is it the devil on my father who has started troubling us now or is it something else. Please help us.

Allah hafiz.

khadija said...

As salamualykum
I am khadija. I am a computer engineer. I am suffering serious black magic 10 years and many jinn’s problem that sent by magic by step grandmother. She is biggest witch and she learned it India’s my whole family and my uncle is maulana is black magician and also 2 aunt. These people works together for destroy my family. These person always come my home but my family don’t know their real intention. My family does not believe black magic but they do but too late.
They took my scarf, nail, hair, sweat dress & they made 5 voodoos doll by my sweat cloth of me and feed magic. To 2008, I went aunt house and they took me to a Indian magician, he took blood 3times cutting from my left hand’s small finger and after adding something + water in it magician give this blood drink for 14days and magician also done something with my left and right hand line from then my hand’s line have been fully changed and my life fully hell.
That magician give me with that blood many rapist devil Hindu jinn for 24hr sex, pushing sorcery & transfer information and these jinn’s remain all time inside my body even my prayer and recitation of Quran and my family know everything to this years. I know my all good luck is transferred to uncle’s daughter by that magician. She is my classmate.
I love ones for marry 2008 but my enemy took that person their daughter by magic and then I chose another for marry 2013 they took this person their same daughter. They also create bad relation between me and my parents. From then Parent’s behavior for me like step parents then my parents done much black magic on me by that magician’s. I went first of my varsity, my varsity authority offer for cse lecturer post to me but now no response.
They made me emotionless and useless and now my brain problem, now my life obstacles full. I saw dream every night is very strange. Now I suffering huge problems& feel pain in my body’s major parts such as full heart areas. They have done sorcery on my hair that my hair turns white color.
No one can treat me because my enemies group very powerful and they have limitless powerful bad jinn. Some day before a maulana treat me and kill 6 jinn from me but my step grandma and uncle sent more powerful devil 5 jinn they do all-time sex with me & feed sorcery me. Now I am very sick I can’t breathe properly cause of pain because they done on my heart, liver for die &always feel very heat with my body and around my body.
No one want to treat my problem because very powerful magic & my powerful enemy and powerful devil jinn’s. These jinn’s give all information time to time to my enemies. They kill my one sister before one year but symptoms similar with me.
Now I suffering serious genitals and anal aching even whole body but from childhood I never feeling sick .and these problem my out of imagine. All do not get well as long as sorcery blood with me. If someone helps me, then my enemies harm them.
They feed me in my dream everyday as alive blood sucking wom living in water and wet place and raw and rotten food and meat and menstrual bleeding cow dung and with dog’s food, menstrual blood& many others. I saw in dream: black 5 black dogs, black cat, fish, toilet, biggest snake, baby, fell down from high & my aunts & some stranger people sorcery on me.
No quranic verse work on me. All-time jinn remain inside me. All maulana give up me. My belly bloating and pain and crawling something in my whole body but I don’t know. Many maulana said it has no cure because magicians feeding & I went medical test my blood and full body but there are no problem..
Please help me and do a dua for me and please tell me what can I do now?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

My mother (60+) is caught by continuous black magic. She has been treated by so called several fakir here locally with no permanent result. someone said

The Jiin is too strong to drive away from my mother.

How can we save our mother? Mother condition is very serious.

shaheen said...

Salaam brother my name is shaheen i have been told by my healer that someone sent a jinn to me. He tild me this about three weeks ago. The jinn cut pieces of my hair and took a used clothing of mine. But my healer has gone away on holiday for a few months. So Can u plz check to see if the jinn is still on me or if something else is on me. Is there anyway u can help. Can u send me any taweez to drink for my situation or something to burn

Rose said...

Greetings Mr. Amel:

My name is Rose and I just read your on-line webpage relating to symptoms of evil spirits.
I have had the blue marks and scratches on my body since I was a teenager. Now as an adult, I feel the psychic attacks of people who do black magic. I feel extreme heat and I begin to sweat.I also feel the physical symptoms of evil eye and recently I have been feeling a weird sensation that started at my feet and now I feel it rise up to my knees. I think its a possession that is increasing over the years.I believe it is a lack of protection on my part that allows these attacks to physically touch my body. Most of the time I know who is sending the psychic attack to me, from my inner knowing and also because I feel the symptoms when I am around a person, but I do not know how to stop them and cure myself and protect myself from these things, spirits and people. I believe these things started happening to me because of a jealous family friend who open my energy up to such negativity and when I get around a certain type of people their psychic attack me. I am not sure if its because of holes in my energy, or energy markings or just my aura is weak. Can you help me cure this problem so I may live the life Allah (Bless his name) created me to live, if so please let me know what I must do and the cost.

Highest blessing be upon you and you family

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
I am from india,I am contiously harmed by jinn.I have tried many use at all..i tried many..they are contiously troubling me..i need a solution for this..i went to hindu treater..he took many poison from is the second time i am taking poison..i need solution..please help me..i want to kill the jinn..

i need a solution..

amin said...

acm brother i am affected by jinn and black magic, i am in a warr whit them and it keeps attacking more and more and there is a lot of magic sens ho train to attack me people a round me pleas tel me what to do am been fighting for 2 yers now. and it gos worrs and worrs.

hameed said...

Assalamualaikum my name is hameed and my sister she is effected with evil effect from last 3years she is suffering a lot its a very bad and big evil wenever any amil comes they runoff and that shaitan sends many other shaitan to harm us everyday a new one we want to finish the biggest one please help me please please guide me please help me khuda hafiz

Aniruddha said...

Dear Soname ji,

It has been a long time since I am suffering from an evil magic.I have consulted many pandits and
astrologers over the last 10 months but unfortunately I have not been cured yet.

I came across your site suddenly and I often read your articles.Once I was reading such an article when
I found that my symptoms were exactly as described by you in the case of'Napak jinn'.I have recited
'Ayatul kursi' as described in the site and got some relief.

Kindly help me and guide me.Thank You.

Abdal said...

Dear Sir

Please i have been recently seeing snakes and am getting weak every day, please give me advice as i am growing weak help.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how to find the exact location of the treasure hidden inside the earth, and if i find the exact location how do i remove it, i have heard the treasures are been guarded by evil or good jins.

I ask this question because i have heard my mother saying there is treasure hidden some were in our house. And my mother says that it is guarded by good jin and it is also protecting Our family, and my mother also says that my father elder brother and his family using “ black magic” to destroy us and our family. And also they are trying to occupy that “ hidden treasure” . And everyday they are using black magic to get that treasure. And they are sending devils to our house, and its creating problems like shortage of money, health problem etc. So please help me and show me the right path “ In the name of almighty Allah”

Please for give my ignorance and assist me.

Allah Hafiz.