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Thursday, November 5, 2009


As salamu allaiqum,
If a person has been possessed by a jinn and faces certain problems due to this, then in such a case he may head out straight for some amil. But sometimes it so happens that the jinn cunningly leaved the body of the victim ,when he consults an amil. So the amil denies the presence of any jinn in the victim’s body. Then the victim takes the second route and starts visiting doctors ,ending up wasting his time ,money and energy. So in such situations when jinns hide themselves and don’t come out in front of amils ,I am telling you the procedure of dealing with such jinns. This amal is meant only for the muslims.
Read Durud shareef (any one)11 times, then Surah Naas 11 times and then 11 times durud shareef again after every namaz. Inshallah the jinns will be compelled to leave the victim. Since these evil powers have a tendency to return again ana gain, so it is advisable to continue the amal even after the problem gets cured for say a period of six months, then see whether you are facing any symptom of being possessed by jinns. If not then you may discontinue the amal. This amal is totally safe. If the jinn does not hide, then an amil can be consulted. But if he hides in a cunning way, to avoid getting expelled by the amils, then in such a case, this amal is the best solution. If the victim reads Ayatal kursi too along with the amal, then it would yield better results.

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tanveer ahmed said...

my name is tanveer ahmed i am doing job in hyderabad since many days i am facing some problem like pain in my naaf and some thing running inside my legs and i see small particles infront of my eyes i have shown to many doctors but they are unable to find it i am felling that i am loosing my whole power i want to gain it back give me best quran ayath by reading it i can see proerly and become very stong plz help me out may Allah blessing sprinkles up on us

hariharan b said...


I have seen your posts my friend has stepped on to a removal of someone's black magic and suffering
the consequences severely. it seems something is inside him and controlling him badly.Can you help me with verses in English which
can protect him from the sufferings..i shall be grateful if this is done for our relief

THanks in advance
hariharan b

Kassam said...


I pray you are well
I really need your help - I recently got married (April 2010). My
wife and I live with my mum and my younger brother.
My mum is insisting that my wife is doing Jadu on us - trying to kill my mum.
Since being married my mum has been in hospital 2 times.
At present my wife and I are separated - she is at her sisters house.
My mum doesnt want her to come back.
My sister (lives with her husband) phoned a place in Birmingham who
said that my mum is in danger and that a bad Jinn has been put into me
but they wont tell us who has done this. If it is my wife then I need
to end this marriage but if it is not then i need my mum to let her
come back home.
Is there any Islamic way to find out who is doing this Jadu?
I am really desperate - please help
many thanks and KH

basheer said...

asalamu alakum
i am living in australia and my friend went to pakistan in 2000 and apparently got possesed by a jinn.
until today theyre not sure whether its still in there. but he feels chest pains as ifit is grabbing. does anyone know how to help?
and will the amal work on him?
jazakum allah

Anonymous said...

how can one get rid of jinn that vists a person and later leave and later come back?

amina said...

asalam laykum

im muslim suni

i get problems when i get married

i feel that im not normal at all i had no relax in my mariage

iget maried since 2005 up to know i lost three babys

when i get pregnant . start dreaming bad dreams after dat

pain at my stomach , and then loos the baby,

last night i was not feeling good my husnad read on me the koran

then a jinn spoke upon me and said

he was sent and there is a sihir in her stomach so that is the

reason she loss baby im afrad there is sihir in my stomach

plz help me

allah may bless you

jamil said...

I am under possession of endless number of Jinns for last 6 months. From last four months I have started dedicating 2-3 hours for reciting qyaran and various verses from quaran that may help me to safeguard and ultimately get rid of it. I do pray salah. I went to One Mufti who tried but it was not his cup of tea. One Amil in India tried t help me but the person trying to keep contact between me and that Amel died 3 weeks back in India.

I kept my AZZO-E-KHAS wrapped with tape and pointed wire just not to allow them to have sex with me. It seems they are progrmmed to have sex 7/24. My defense system is working so far but I can prevent them sucking my tounge which becomes solid fluidless rock when I get up. I need help and would be highly thankfull if you can show me a light at the end of dark tunnel. Let me tell you that I am not afraid of this creature and has bestowed 100 percent faith on Allah asking his guidance and protection all the time.

One thing you may need to know that my wife died of cancer on 31st of August 2010. The phenomena started 5-6 months before her death (which we ignored) and took serious turn after her death. I am 50 and have three daughters 28, 26 & 21. My mother starts living with me after death of my wife.

I think above illustration and the experience you have will bring you to some conclusion with regards to my spritual treatment. Please let me know if you can help me.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

In my house I heard my mother crying after her death, then babby crying, sound weired type, even my wife kids get too scared. Still its been going on off and on. Then I have to keep urinating, my belly is like a preganant women swollen tried many exercises won't work. Then extreme laziness and I postponed things and it stay same for year or more same way. Then financially I start getting little settle than something comes and mess up and been going on many years. I feel sometime pain in heart, mostly constipated, depressed, angry... almost every day take pain medicines...because body has pains, then cannot sleep at night must have to take sleeping pills.....mentally cannot focuss, forget stuff daily basis, cannot remember most things... and feel too much hungry... after one or two hours again and again eat something... start Quran sometime then stop forever than start than stop... namaz too lazy to pray but pray five times but mostly late... this is my total situation

Anonymous said...

sir for past 10 years I been affected and torchered by women evil spirits . when I was 17 years during sleeping at night some unknown power will come and press me and after few minutes it will go when I keep on saying some god name om anchaneya and omNarasimha it been continued .after some days we have moved to one new house for rent ,where I have got separate room for my study and I will sleeping in that room, From this house I faced real problem of the evil spirits ,I been fighting with my own parents and used bad words to scold them. Dailey it will come in the night during my deep sleep ,it press me ,it will force me to huge ,if I refuse it will hardly press me on the chest ,it will lie down on the top of my body and force me as doing sex and my sperm will come out .some times it will comes us my mother with out dress ,like my relatives ,some move heroines with dress and even as children. it will go as it and finally I will be doing with some person sex. It will come as I will be in top of the building suddenly I will be falling down from the building and at that time I will suddenly wake up from sleep with freighted. In normal morning when I walk in the road sudden accident will happen near to me it also makes me freight.

When in the morning it affects me in my job,I will work in the company for just two to three months only after that I will come out from the company or they will send me from the job .for past 7 years it is happening like this. most time I don’t even get the salary .i just alone and with suffer, some told if i have direct body contact with women the evil will go. so due to that I got married on Feb. 25th 2010.then also the evil spirits have not gone ,but my wife started as a problem she was fighting with me ,she is very aragent. she is torches me for money. she will be with me for one or two week with me after we will be fighting the she will go to here mother house, it happening like this often.

Now I an using Jesus cross on my body still the evil spirit comes ,I keep bible and sleep it comes and I use some Hindu god chanting names in night when I am sleep even then it comes.

I have went to many person for curing the evil spirit but there is no good result.

Some says it is affected when I was in my child ,some says it is black magic done by my relative for our family, some says it is an ACHINEY it is evil spirit it affected me when I have crossed some thing in road side during my child age. But till these time no have cured the evil spirit.

I have lost my job, my health ,my friends ,my relative now we are alone .

pleas help me to live normal life with my wife and with my parents with good job.

Guruji,Ples Help me .I beck for my life by touching your foot .

Anonymous said...

pls help the victems who's suffering from all different kinds of things. if you help others Allah will help you. also I want to ask all the victems to read Ya Rahmanu, Ya Rahimu as many times you can and always remember Allah will be with you where ever you go.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel
I hope you are well. My mother in law has cast black majic through jinns on my wife to get us separated and now we live separately but I want to get my wife back. I want to get rid of the jinns on her and want to cut all the majic done on her through quran. Please tell me what can I do to get her back. Her mother is a bad lady and may Allah punish her for good. Please kindly suggest what can I do to get her well and back soon. Islam

Gaurav said...

It is stated that some relatives has done wrong things (Jin) at the time of my wedding and the Jin has been doing intercourse with my wife since last 2 years. and with the effect this wrong thing, my wife is not conceiving baby. We have been getting treatment by Peer Baba ji in Ferozpur. Please tell us remedy so that can get rid of gin forever.

Please advice me as early aa possible with remedies.

Anonymous said...

hey brothers and sister my name is fida hussain , i m not an allim but i have the company in madrassa , i spend 2,3 hours their every day, and i have some knowlege about some magic victome or any other difficulties in home so note it if any one feel him self tat he is in magic so get this wazifa ..... READ surah baqara 1 time a day for 41 days in shallah vl be cured, and plz plz get this tat start it as soon as possible

depressed said...

thank you fida....

AA said...

For everyone under physical attack: CEDAR repels the evil jinn.
You grind the leaf and mix with just enough ointment to help it adhere to your skin. Apply to skin, or put inside a thin layer gauze and wrap that around your skin if it is a sensitive area. Use as little gauze as possible because the cedar essence needs to emanate to repel them.
Chew a little bit of cedar right before bed to have residue in your mouth that might repel them.

May the Lord bless you and I hope you find relief.

muslimahfm said...

assalaamu alaikum brother amel soname,

I would like to find out if there are any particular amals that can be done to get rid of a male jinn which is love with a woman and tries to break up her marriage and prevents her from having children and also attacks her husband? jazakallah khair. May Almighty ALLAH reward you abundantly, inshallah.

Anonymous said...

Brother I have the Same Problem Go to A Muslim shiek! and you will see your life change little by little may you be at peace amin!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualikum!sir, you are a great person becoz you help people to
get rid of jinnat,magic etc.I was much interested by your posts .Plz.
Send me your contact no.My name is Zubair from J&k.Plz. Reply

saima said...


My is is saima and i have been suffering from very bad dangerous black magic for last two years ,and nothing nobody has been able to cure me ,everyday certain pigeons crows and magpies which are jinns follow me everywhere i go , even to a different country ,they also fly from the top and cast spells on me ,i sleep sometimes and hear sounds of bees wasps in my ears when listen to quran feel something in there,,craving for sex got bad and i lost my job ,my car ,constantly dizzy ,last year had an operation got bitten in a weird place doctors couldnt understand how ,nothing is curing me or removing magic jinns and these birds ,i need your help,i have seen shadows in real ,see things in my eyes and black smoke ,when i rented a flat by myself ,my bed used to shake at nights please im desperate now for help someone who will cure and not just think about money

usman said...

Assalamualaikum w.. w.. Amel Soname,

There are few evil jinns and ginies who are harming me on a daily continuous basis, kindly let me know how to protect myself in front of them.

Also let me know as to why is one asked to utter 'Hosh Hosh' in an open ground.

May Allah s.w.t bless you with his best Rewards.

Do remember me in all your prayers if possible.

Allah haafiz.

Anonymous said...

If d possesed person cannt recite den d other person recite for him

Anonymous said...

I have lust jinn .. can you talk about lust jinn

Anonymous said...

Insha Allah